Todd Lubar investment in the real industry

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures. He is also the current Vice President of Legendary Investments. Before his current job positions, he worked for other two companies namely Legacy Financial Group and Crestar Mortgage. One of Todd Lubar’s most remarkable achievements at the Legacy Financial Group is that he helped its Maryland office become a production unit of over $100 dollar annually in loan volume. He has also served as the senior vice president of the Charter Funding. Todd Lubar is a graduate of the Syracuse University in Speech Communication. He graduated in 1995.

According to crunchbase, Todd started his career in the real estate career in 1995 when he started working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. It is at this firm that he realized his desire to serve in the real estate sector for the rest of his career. He served as a loan originator for this company. At this firm, he also laid ground of what he would later become in life. Crestar Mortgage Corporation helped him learn the basics of mortgaging business. He learned the conservative mortgage banking model which is a skill that would later prove very helpful when he started his own company. At this corporation, he also had the benefit of interacting the players in the industry who included, CPA’s, insurance agents, financial planners, real estate agents and most importantly his future clients.

In 1999, Todd Lubar took another step towards realizing his goals. He joined the Legacy Financial Group and acquired an equity position with the firm. This added him the benefit of being able to broker loans for outside investors as well as lending as a direct mortgage bank. In 2002 he opened the Legendary Properties LLC, a residential real estate development company. This acquisition helped him to rapidly engage in activities of purchasing, retailing, selling and profiting from hundreds of transactions that he oversaw. He oversaw the sale of single houses as well as twenty-unit multi-purpose houses. He was able to interact and know people who would help him put up housing units in the way that he wanted. He was also able to establish financial links with banking institutions who accorded him credit lines that would go as high as $20 million.