Dick DeVos, Generous Funding to Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

The John F. Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts has exceeded their speculative fundraiser prospects regarding an imminent and approved amplification venture by a staggering $50Million.
This fundraiser began in 2013, with an initial projected objective of $125Million, however during the last three years the architectural development scheme has been altered, and the total estimated cost for design and construction has reached $119.5Million.
The outstanding contribution of $22.5 Million bequeathed by the benevolent and philanthropic Dick and Betsy DeVos is overwhelming.
Dick DeVos a native of Michigan is a renowned businessman and generous philanthropist. His father Richard DeVos is one of the creator’s of Amway in 1959, a multi-level marketing prototype company merchandising various commodities to consumers worldwide. Their main focus is on health, beauty, domestic products and dietary supplements.
Dick DeVos possesses a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University and prestigious accolades with doctorates from Grover City College, Central Michigan University and Northwood University. He also attended Harvard Business School and Wharton School studying executive programs.
In 1974, Dick commenced working at Amway Corporation in various capacities in the departments of research, improvement, manufacturing, marketing and assets. In 1984 he was appointed as Vice President of the company, and under his authority and control new prospering markets were formed and international marketing tripled and even surpassed domestic transactions.

In 1991 he purchased the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic and was named President and Chief Executive Officer of the team. In 1993 Dick DeVos returned to Amway.
In 2000, he supervised a dramatic overhaul of the company’s structure that created Alticor, the new holding company of antecedent Amway Corporation.
Dick pensioned off in 2002 from Alticor and became President of Windquest Group, a private expenditure firm with interests in technology, production and other interests.
The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, founded in 1990 donates liberal funds to American Education Reform Council, Choices For Children, Children First America and also appropriations to Christian Schools in West Michigan. There are also ongoing contributions to civic, artistic, educational, community, and promoting free enterprise and economic organizations.
In 2012, Forbes Magazine portrayed Dick DeVos as the 67th wealthiest individual in the United States, with a net worth of $5.1Billion.

Feed Your Dog With The Best of Beneful Dog Food Varieties

Beneful is among the most popular dog food brand by Nestle Purinastore in today’s market. The brand offers wet dog food, dry dog food and dog treats. Here are five different Beneful dog food varieties.

Beneful Originals
The baneful originals food variety includes few recipes,
• With real beef – offers good ingredients with real beef recipe. It contains a blend of real farm-raised beef with whole grains and accents of vegetables. It is best for adult dogs.
• With real chicken – its main ingredients are a blend of real farm raised chicken, with whole grains and accents of vegetables. Also suitable for adult dogs.
• With real salmon – a blend or real salmon with whole grains and accents of vegetables. These product got a 5 star Amazon customer rating.

Beneful playful life
It is a protein rich food that helps maintain strong muscles. It is very suitable for highly active dogs. It is a blend of purposefully selected blends with main ingredients being real beef and eggs. It is part of Beneful’s Purposeful Recipe’s line. This protein rich nutrition provides the taste every dog loves.
Beneful IncrediBites
Small dogs are very different from other dogs and at Beneful, we understand that for small dogs to be excited about dry food, it must be great.
Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies
This is a calcium rich nutrition that supports teeth and bones development. It also contains DHA, which is great for brain and vision development. Its nutrition formula is just meant for puppies.
Beneful Healthy Weight
It is a reduced-calorie dog food that helps keep dogs healthy with 10% fewer calories that the Beneful Originals.
At Beneful, we guarantee bowls full of healthy, happiness and joy. We offer dog food varieties made with good-for-you ingredients to provide your dog with tons of taste and texture that are highly nutritious. Our dog foods are 100% complete and balanced. We offer different varieties of dry dog food, wet dog food [https://www.beneful.com/products/wet-dog-food/], and healthy dog treats.


Maduro Trades Fuel For Food

President Maduro flew from Venezuela to the Caribbean this week to broker deals with Prime Minister Keith Rowley in Trinidad and Tabago regarding natural oil, trade, and safety. The deal consists of Venezuela exporting gas to the region of Trinidad and Tobago for use in opening a commercial route to the eastern half of the country.
PM Rowley was in agreement of a joint natural gas initiative to sell natural gas internationally as a manner to increase profits for both countries. A deal was also brokered in the area of commerce according to expert David Osio. Both countries are agreeable to increased trade amongst each other and PM Rowley has indicated that his countries’ trade would consist of “manufactured goods”.

It appears that President Maduro has made a trade for food, which has been a scarcity in Venezuela. Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon, the Trinidad Trade Minister, confirmed to the press that Venezuela will give her a list of “eight priority items” to be shipped when ready. Chief among these as Osio adds, seems to be chicken, beans, and ketchup.

Also discussed was collaborated efforts against gangs and narcotics and keeping their borders free from both.

Maduro also stopped in Jamaica to meet with PM Andrew Hollness. Maduro reiterated his commitment to the oil program, and trade.


Infiltration: A Big Failure in Enter Soros’ OSF

Listen as James O’Keefe “trips over his own shoelaces” in a clumsy attempt to infiltrate the Open Society Foundations. An attempt to infiltrate George Soros. The full reasons behind these criminal acts haven’t been fully disclosed. Yet, as you’ll come to understand in a bit, the person attempting the act tells on himself.

It’s a story worthy of telling.

The results are inevitable though: utter failure. James O’Keefe completely sabotages an undercover effort to “get into” this group. If you didn’t know, Open Society Foundations is an organization funded by the self made billionaire, George Soros. A name that is recognized world wide for sound insight in the financial industries.

But here’s a little more about James O’Keefe: He’s a conservative activist and filmmaker. The person posing in this failed operation. His most notable achievement was in exposing the ACORN company by posing as a pimp and using a hidden camera. His films are seen on NPR. His organization is called Project Veritas.

From political targets to businessmen, James exposes illegal acts in places no one can. But success isn’t all James O’Keefe is known for. Sadly. A 2010 case saw James plead guilty to entering federal grounds in false pretense.

His accusations for tampering with his videos in a way to mislead has also been highly criticized. Likely accurate also considering his track record. This is the same individual recently caught on audio tape describing the plot of how he would heist the Open Society Foundations. To get to George Soros himself.

The foundation provides international grants. The group’s mission is to advance independent media, education, justice and public health. It was started in 1993 by George Soros and has a current endowment of $1,590,570,302. You did read that figure correctly. This company has offices in over 35 countries and ongoing success.

In his failed attempt at infiltration, Jame O’Keefe called this foundation under the guise of “Victor Kesh.” He was forced to leave a message on http://www.rawstory.com/2016/05/busted-conservative-prankster-james-okeefe-exposes-his-own-sting-on-george-soros-group/, but while speaking to someone with him, he then forgets to hang up the phone. This is when Mr. O’Keefe was captured in the act of detailing his plans in a clear recording.

That was a 10 minute stint where James, believing things to be clear, elaborates on his intentions. Stating that he would use the contact he reached to get into the Soros brand. That didn’t work of course, and now James is the center of ridicule as we speak. It’s all across the media.

As for the billionaire, George Soros was not effected by the undertaking. Soros is known world wide for his status in today’s society. It all started with a lowly education in the London School of Economics.

George will always be known for his success. Today, James O’Keefe is know for his acute failure.

Learn more about his profile at Forbes.com.

Fresh Farm Themed Party: 23 Layers

Farms and farm animals are popular among little girls and boys. They love the bright reds and the lively animals. Something about the rustic way of life attracts these young children. Twenty Three Layers, an event planning company in New York City, recently planned a tasteful and fun farm themed birthday party that was truly a work of art.

They started with the farm basics: apples, reds, crates, and straw. Each little person sat an old style picnic table with a mason jar cup and they were surrounded by barrels of fresh apples. The dessert table, whimsically labeled “Teddy’s farm,” had mini apple pies, candied apples, picnic table cupcakes, and other farm themed desserts. Little strawberry cheesecakes were filled into jars with wooden ice cream spoons. Perfect little desserts for little hands. Fresh fruit filled wooden crates, like strawberries and cherries, perfect size for the little ones.

His delicate red barn cake finished the dessert table array designed with common farm animals and vibrant hues. Every birthday party has a cute take home bag. 23 layers designed a adorable farm themed gift, including a mini crate with straw housing an apple shaped cookie and a popular kid’s book “Big Red Barn” wrapped in twine. An adorable keepsake from a memorable party.

Twenty Three Layers is a New York based full service event planning and design firm. They partner with other businesses to cater certain events. Jessica Boskoff has a definite delicate taste and puts these events together with a certain flair. They plan and cater personal events and corporate events. This firm works to make sure that the event is unforgettable and well put together to make memories for years to come.

Read original article here: http://www.100layercakelet.com/2014/01/27/teddys-farm-themed-first-birthday-by-twenty-three-layers/

Write an article about Event Planning

Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of struggles, stress and uncertainty. You will be laboring until the late night, all the while wondering if the business is even going to take off. It takes somebody of true skill to launch a business. If you are launching a business related to art, that is even more stressful and comes with more stress. You may worry that your art is no

Having a perfect event or party with all things planned to go as expected is one of the best feelings one can have after preparing for an occasion. However, it is sometimes hard to plan for a party all by yourself, because it is tiring and the many factors involved in planning for the best occasion.
One such company dedicated to giving you the ultimate game satisfaction is Jessica Boskoff’s Twenty Three Layers, which specializes in events such as corporate events, family occasions, and wedding parties to give the perfect and memorable, once in a live experience. Her love and liking for bright colors make her one of the recognized individuals in event planning in NYC. The designers in the company are also people who are color and design lovers at heart and love what they do hence provide the best service available.
The New York-based planning firm covers all sorts of events from weddings to charity functions and weddings. They offer first quality services from the best-known vendors in the nation. They also offer production, lighting, printing, photography, event insurance and budget management. To Jessica Boskoff, being able to plan the best event will require you to have a love and passion for planning, designing, and creativity to discover new things and do something different each time. Her team of designers and event planners and organizers all work with full passion, dedication, and love of what they do to ensure the complete results.
Jessica Boskoff insists that detail is important in every event planning, and satisfaction of the client is the motivation. It inspires her to encourage others and to see them happy gives her the motivation to do more and better designs and be more creative. In doing anything, it is vital to have a full dedication and love to ensure that all love the result. The company, Twenty Three Layers is one so company that has a very likely prosperous future ahead.

t very good after all, that you will never get any customers or that you should give up and enter into the corporate rat race. But in this interview, Jessica Boskoff pointed out that with the launching of her company Twenty Three Layers, she was able to overcome all of that stress and uncertainty with creative methods.

Inspiration is what drives many of us. It is the foundation of ideas, and ideas are the foundation of society. So, that is why Ms. Boskoff said in the linked interview that she loves to inspire and to be inspired. Inspiration is what has helped her to launch her company and to work through adversity. Further, the designs that she employs are often a source of inspiration for others. People see that they can think outside of the box and use their creativity in the same way that Twenty Three Layers has.

Planning A Party?
Parties are a great way to mark a special occasion, relieve stress, or bring friends and family together for a lovely evening. But what sort of atmosphere do you way to set? When people enter the party, what feeling should emerge and what expectations should they have? That falls precisely under the expertise of Twenty Three Layers. They know how to arrange a locale in such a way that it will produce the atmosphere that you have in mind.

A business person is somebody who is interested in making money. However, an artist is somebody who wants to express themselves in a number of different outlets. Jessica Boskoff is an artist, and her design team at Twenty Three Layers is a team of artists.

Lustrous Hair with Wen by Chaz

A woman’s hair is a key part of her style and allure, which is why having a lovely head of hair is so important. Unfortunately, some women have a harder time keeping their hair looking good than others, which is why even the topic of hair can lead to screams of frustration from women with hard to manage locks. This topic was addressed in a recent article on bustle.com, when a young woman decided to take charge of her hair frustration by trying a new product line, namely, WEN hair.
Wen by Chaz was created by Los Angeles stylist Chaz Dean in response to the frustration he was seeing in his clients who had hard to manage hair. He felt that if they had a natural product line that could help cleanse hair and restore shine and bounce, it would be a boon for them.

Wen hair is a full line of haircare products that is made with all natural ingredients, with no harsh chemicals. The shampoo conditioning product is a big seller, and includes scents like Lavender, Tea Tree and Sephora’s best-seller Sweet Almond Mint. Yes, they smell wonderful and after a week of use, women report great results from using Wen by Chaz products.

Is it any wonder Wen by Chaz is becoming the talk of the hair care industry? If your hair is flat and unmanageable, there is a cure. Try Wen hair products on Amazon.com today.

Access the FAQ page by visiting http://www.wen.com/faq.html.



The Success of Venezuelan Sportsmen

The Venezuelan sportsmen have achieved considerable success owing to the large number that has qualified to play in the Rio Olympics Games. This has caused excitement for sports analyst Jose Manuel Gonzalez and other fans in the country. Venezuelan wrestler Pedro Ceballos beat Lyubomir Sgaliuk from Ukraine twelve points to four in the men’s eighty six kg freestyle semifinal games and qualified for the Rio Olympic Games. To add to the success in wrestling for the people of Venezuela was female wrestler Maria Costa who also beat Yauheniya Andreichykava from Belarus six points by four during the semifinals and qualified for the Rio Olympics.
To add on the win by the sportsmen and women of Venezuela was female wrestler Maria Acosta who also beat Yauheniya Andreichykava from Belarus six points to zero during the semifinals clinching a ticket to Ulaanbaatar. She celebrated the win by posting photos of her victory on her Facebook page.

There are other great sportsmen from Venezuela who have also made Venezuela proud having qualified for the Rio Olympics. They include notable cyclists Angie Gonzalez, Hersony Canelon, Angel Pulgar and Cesar Marcano. They all qualified at the Cycling Track World Championship that was held in London in the United Kingdom.

In the swimming category, swimmers Andreina Pinto, Cristian Quintero, Carlos Claverie and Albert Subirats, Robert Paez and Jesus Liranzo also qualified.

Skout Establishes Itself As A Top Social Media App

Making connections and meeting new friends no longer has any limits. The arrival of the Skout app removes a host of barriers. Today, people are able to use the app on their smartphone and access a fun and engaging platform filled with people from all walks of life.

Skout is an iOS app that is fairly easy to acquire. The iTunes App Store offers a free download. Once the app has been downloaded, using the Skout app to connect with others is very easy.

Skout is known for having value as a dating site. Some have started new relationships thanks to being part of Skout. People also sign up for Skout for friendship and interest-related connections. The varied nature of the social network gives it broad appeal.

Interestingly, Skout has many features that enhance the ways people interact with others. A point system allows for accessing different functions. Special winks are sure to help with getting noticed. Once again, none of these features are too difficult to access and utilize.

A great deal of promotional work has been done with the iOS Facebook app, and this has helped draw more attention to the Skout community.  Right now, Skout is emerging as one of the top mobile-social networks in available for smartphones and other devices.

Once someone signs up for the Skout community, the profiles of others become visible on a clear and easy to navigate grid. Contacting other members takes very little effort. Overall, the Skout landscape is designed to maximize the experience for all members.

AdWeek has published an excellent overview covering many details about Skout. Read the entire article to learn more.

Venezuela Parliament Puts Forth Recall Referendum Agenda

The political landscape in Venezuela is shaking up a bit. In Congress, the opposition party is putting forth new rules designed for a referendum agenda. The country is currently struggling amidst serious economic woes. The current makeup of parliament is comprised of many who oppose the policies of President Nicolas Maduro. Such opposition comes, in great part, from a large portion of the population of Venezuela.
Specifically, the referendum which was discussed in an about.me post is not only on the policies of Maduro. Parliament is working on a recall referendum. In Venezuela, it is possible to recall a politician who has served a set number of time in his/her term. Maduro meets the criteria and steps are being taken to remove him.

Maduro was picked as the successor to the late Hugo Chavez. During Maduro’s reign, various economic and other problems in Venezuela got worse and worse. Now, “things are at a crisis level” says Osio. A massive drought combined with the collapse of the oil market greatly exacerbated troubles in Venezuela.

Whether or not the recall referendum helps the situation is going to depend on who replaces Madura.

No matter what parliament does, the situation is going to be a difficult one.