How Clay Siegall has Advanced Cancer Treatment

Seattle Genetics is an American firm that is recognized due to its commitment to the development of targeted cancer therapies. The company has made significant accomplishments, and it is managed by Clay Siegall who is also its co-founder. Siegall worked with various scientists in establishing the firm in 1998, and he was appointed as the chairman of its board. He has led the company in making significant scientific inventions that are dedicated to saving the lives of people who have cancer. Seattle Genetics has managed to develop antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), which serve as safe and effective cures for cancer.

Seattle Genetics has developed drugs such as AbbVie, Roche, Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline by using the ADC technology, and they are all FDA-approved. Clay worked for different institutions before establishing Seattle Genetics. He served as a researcher in organizations such as the National Cancer Institute, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, and National Institute of Health. Clay has been appointed to sit on the management boards of private pharmaceutical companies such as Ultragenyx, Mirna, Therapeutics, and BioPharmaceuticals. He completed his undergraduate education in zoology from the University of Maryland and was also awarded a Ph.D. atGeorge Washington University.

The research work of Seattle Genetics has significantly bettered cancer treatment, and this has made Siegall be highly respected in the pharmaceuticals industry. In 2013, Mirna Therapeutics appointed him to act as its outside board member. He has been guiding the company on the development of micro-RNA-based therapeutics. According to Clay, therapeutics that are created from micro-RNA play a great role in cancer treatment. He has been working with professional at Mirna Therapeutics, and he believes that they are highly productive. Siegall has made several discoveries while at Seattle Genetics, and he currently holds 15 patents. He has also written several research books.

Seattle Genetics has grown over the years, and it currently sells its ADC drugs in the international markets. More the 21 drugs have been developed from the ADC technology that it discovered. To date, the company has generated more than $675 million from selling its products. Its researchers are working to establish personalized treatments for patients.