Kim Dao

In the video titled “Wearing Kimonos in ASAKUSA.”, Kim Dao and her friend Sunny took a trip to Asakusa so they could walk around wearing Kimonos. They explored the Sensoji Temple and also visited the Ikebukuro.


Kim Dao and her friend Sunny kicked off their journey at the Asakusa. This is a business that has a selection of Kimonos for you to choose from. After you select which one you would like to wear, the women there put the kimono on you. Since there are so many layers, this process takes around an hour. After choosing your outfit, there is a selection of hairstyles to pick from so you can have your hair styled to match your Kimono. In the video, Kim Dao mentioned that other places don’t do that, so it was a very nice experience.


After all of the preparation was done, the two ladies went to walk around. The first destination was Ikebukuro and was a fun place to stay for lunch. After they were finished with their meal, they headed over to the Sensoji temple. Kim Dao explained how everything worked. She got a fortune that told her that she was going to have bad luck. She stated that if you get a fortune that’s bad luck, you tie it up. Then Kim Dao went to an area that had a smoker and let the smoke hit her skin. It was designed to have a nice cleansing effect.


After they finished up, they went a fountain to wash their faces. They also went to the Pokemon Center and captured a lot of cute stuffed Pokemon.


At the end of the video, Kim Dao discusses how tired she has been from working so much, and that she was going to edit and post the video. Not a bad day’s work!