IAP Worldwide Services Helps Organizations Manage Logistics and Develop Infrastructure

IAP Worldwide Services is a major company that specializes in providing government and private sector organizations with facilities management and logistics services. For nearly three decades, IAP Worldwide Services has worked with the United States government and military by helping them establish a base of operations in various locations worldwide. With the help of IAP Worldwide Services, the government and military is able to get a number of things done more efficiently such as developing roads and building facilities. As well as these two things, IAP Worldwide also develops and manages energy systems, communications systems and also technology resources. Therefore, IAP Worldwide Services provides comprehensive assistance to government organizations that are looking to establish a stable presence in remote locations in the world.

This history of this company spans three decades when it was originally called IAP. At the beginning stages of its existence, IAP specialized in logistics and procurement services. During this time, the company would transport a number of supplies to its customers. By the early 1990’s, IAP Worldwide would begin working with the United States Army during Operation Desert Storm. When this military conflict was taking place, IAP would help out by transporting supplies such as generators. This proved to be very helpful to the military and would help the company become a trusted partner for years to come. For the next decade, IAP would continue to assist the military accomplish its tasks during both times of war and peace.

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In the mid 2000’s, IAP would look to expand its services to better help its government clients. The company would acquire Johnson Controls Worldwide Services and then become known as IAP Worldwide Services. By acquiring Johnson Controls, IAP Worldwide Services would begin offering other services such as construction, engineering, energy services and technical services. With this expanded line of services, IAP Worldwide Services would help establish itself as the leading logistics and facilities management company in the world. Recently, IAP Worldwide Services acquired another company from Britain to continue its expansion. With its years of success, IAP Worldwide Services has been able to acquire over $300 million in government contracts.

There are a number of job opportunities available at IAP Worldwide Services. Individuals can take advantage of opportunities as an air traffic controller in order to help direct flights. The company offers positions as a finance analyst which consists of managing the finances of the company. IAP Worldwide Services also offers positions as a contract administrator and information technology administrator. As a result, a number of people can seek and attain employment with IAP Worldwide Services.

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