Traveling Vineyard Can Take You To The Next Level!

Traveling Vineyard started over fifteen years ago back in the year 2001 with one simple idea coming to the mind of one man. He didn’t intend to build a renowned business, but that’s just what happened when he decided that it was time to take wine tastings out of the stuffy, impersonal basements and bring them to the forefront of people’s real lives with personal, cozy at home wine tastings where people of like minds could come together in a stress free environment under the shared state of mind of wanting solely to tuck into a calming bottle of wine together.

This simple idea of bringing individuals together and bringing wine tastings into the homes of the individuals interested in engaging in a friendly environment with good people, great vibes, and delicious wine quickly took off and today it has taken hold of an entire generation who share the dream of tasting and buying the best wines available from the safety and comfort of their own living room or dining hall in their home. Since this awesome idea was made into a dedication for growing great connections and enjoying wine together, Traveling Vineyard has since managed to start off hundreds of Wine Guides into an exceptional work at home type career that they can be happy and proud to be a part of.

With a tremendous team of individuals like Rick Libby who holds place as the Chief Grape Stomper and Head Cheerleader of the company alongside Michele Franco who takes up the role of Chief Grape Counter and everybody in between, Traveling Vineyard is moving mountains and making a big deal about it! With every delicious sip of outstanding wines that you taste across your tongue at one of these homely and engaging events, more people are being brought into the light of how simple making money can be for the otherwise stay at home parent as well as finding new wine loves for you to keep in your collection and introduce to others at your own future dinner parties. If you’re interested in becoming a wine guide or hosting your own tasting and joining in on the familial fun of the team, don’t just read about it, get out there and make it your own! Call (877) 340-9869 or contact them directly through their website at where you can obtain more specific information on the company today.