Marc Sparks: Entrepreneur, Businessman And Long-time Philanthropist

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, philanthropist and author. Sparks is the perfect example of someone that was not a great student but had the drive, the will and the vision to make a name for himself in the businesses.

Marc Sparks has founded and invested in a number of companies in a variety of industries. While the Dallas, Texas resident maintains multiple portfolio companies, one of his newest projects is the financial services company Timber Creek Capital.

The success of this relatively new company is due to Sparks’ leadership skills as he currently services as head of the company.

With his natural ability to identify business opportunities and take full advantage of them, Marc Sparks has founded, owned and operated a number of very successful businesses. They include business solutions, real estate and venture investing. One industry in which Sparks is heavily invested is telecommunication.

Mark Sparks has been involved in a number of telecommunications companies. He has made a major investment or played a significant role in the development of telecommunications companies like Blue Jay Wireless, Splash Media and Cardinal Telecom. These companies have helped to make Marc Sparks a very wealthy man.

But Marc Sparks is a caring person that is interested in a lot more than just making money. For over two decades he has been involved in a number of philanthropic activities in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding area. One of the first philanthropic efforts with which he became involved was the Dallas area homeless shelter called the Samaritan Inn. Since the late 980s, Marc Sparks has supported many of the programs the shelter offers.

They include health, education and employment services in addition to feeding hundreds of people every day. Marc Sparks also supports the American Can! Academy, a Dallas area high school magnet program. He has also helped to build countless homes for Habitat for Humanity.

Sparks finds giving back to the community so rewarding, he recently chose another way to help people overcome obstacles and become successful. He wrote a book detailing his life from being a ‘C’ student in high school to becoming a multimillionaire.

The book is called ‘They Can’t Eat You‘ and in it Sparks talks about how he overcame hardships and took advantage of opportunities. His goal for writing the book is to help people see they too can overcome tough times and become successful in business.