Rodrigo Terpins The Brazilian Rally Driver

Did you know that driving is a sport? Just look at Rodrigo Terpins! He is a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. he has many championships and victories in his driving career. He has earned his position as the 7th position in the 22nd edition Sertoes Rally.


The Brazilians are very familiar with his name. He has gone beyond expectations. His team loves him because he is a great driver on the dirt road. Who could ask for more? He continues his positivity in his career and for the country. Rodrigo Terpins exceptional skills and talents have showed people inspiration and that hard work pays off and it surely shows. In addition, he has accepted to be shown at meetings and competitions to show his dedication to his sport.


If you want to know more about his day to day life, Terpins is on social media. He is just like any of us who has a dream of changing the world and their life. The dedication he gives to his team is unconditional and positive. Also, he makes sure he maintains that positive outlook that he has for his team. The team counts on him to be positive and well mannered. Check out Terra for more.


Overall, taking a chance to strive for the career that you want is possible if you have belief and faith of it happening, dreams will come true. With his dedication and spirit, the car becomes his friend on the road and helps him to show others inspiration and to believe in the good. When you continue to dream your dreams, you become a legend in your country. Your country becomes known for a good thing and ultimately, the history of it all changes the course of the future. Heck, a man driving for sport can really change things for the entire community. His strength and determination shows that anything can be possible. Terpins is a man of the road and his name will be passed down through the centuries to come to inspire people to be inspiring just as he is. Lastly, committing to a career shows your faithfulness to it as well.

The Success of Venezuelan Sportsmen

The Venezuelan sportsmen have achieved considerable success owing to the large number that has qualified to play in the Rio Olympics Games. This has caused excitement for sports analyst Jose Manuel Gonzalez and other fans in the country. Venezuelan wrestler Pedro Ceballos beat Lyubomir Sgaliuk from Ukraine twelve points to four in the men’s eighty six kg freestyle semifinal games and qualified for the Rio Olympic Games. To add to the success in wrestling for the people of Venezuela was female wrestler Maria Costa who also beat Yauheniya Andreichykava from Belarus six points by four during the semifinals and qualified for the Rio Olympics.
To add on the win by the sportsmen and women of Venezuela was female wrestler Maria Acosta who also beat Yauheniya Andreichykava from Belarus six points to zero during the semifinals clinching a ticket to Ulaanbaatar. She celebrated the win by posting photos of her victory on her Facebook page.

There are other great sportsmen from Venezuela who have also made Venezuela proud having qualified for the Rio Olympics. They include notable cyclists Angie Gonzalez, Hersony Canelon, Angel Pulgar and Cesar Marcano. They all qualified at the Cycling Track World Championship that was held in London in the United Kingdom.

In the swimming category, swimmers Andreina Pinto, Cristian Quintero, Carlos Claverie and Albert Subirats, Robert Paez and Jesus Liranzo also qualified.