Skout Establishes Itself As A Top Social Media App

Making connections and meeting new friends no longer has any limits. The arrival of the Skout app removes a host of barriers. Today, people are able to use the app on their smartphone and access a fun and engaging platform filled with people from all walks of life.

Skout is an iOS app that is fairly easy to acquire. The iTunes App Store offers a free download. Once the app has been downloaded, using the Skout app to connect with others is very easy.

Skout is known for having value as a dating site. Some have started new relationships thanks to being part of Skout. People also sign up for Skout for friendship and interest-related connections. The varied nature of the social network gives it broad appeal.

Interestingly, Skout has many features that enhance the ways people interact with others. A point system allows for accessing different functions. Special winks are sure to help with getting noticed. Once again, none of these features are too difficult to access and utilize.

A great deal of promotional work has been done with the iOS Facebook app, and this has helped draw more attention to the Skout community.  Right now, Skout is emerging as one of the top mobile-social networks in available for smartphones and other devices.

Once someone signs up for the Skout community, the profiles of others become visible on a clear and easy to navigate grid. Contacting other members takes very little effort. Overall, the Skout landscape is designed to maximize the experience for all members.

AdWeek has published an excellent overview covering many details about Skout. Read the entire article to learn more.

A Majority Of People Have Exclusively Online Friends

Earlier this month, it was international online friendship day, a day to recognize friendships that have been fostered by the internet. Prior to this day, a website that helps people meet others online did a study. This study examined the online friendships of people throughout the country. The survey was also a very large one that involved more than 20 thousand people. The study found some incredible results. Online friendships are no longer a rare phenomenon. In fact, it has swung very far the other way. Those who do not have online friendships are in the minority! Actually, they are in a significant minority. More than three quarters of people are friends with someone exclusively online, without in person contact or any history of in person contact. However, according to the study, most people are interested in meeting those they are friends with through the internet. Also, online friends come from a very large range of locations. Often times, online friends can be located overseas rather than within the United States.

The company that did the study has a long track record of helping people to find compatible friends through the internet. Actually, Skout formed nearly 700 million connections between people since it’s founding! Also, one can use the services of Skout in an amazing variety of different places. If you don’t speak english, that’s not a problem. There are fifteen other languages that you can access the site in. If you would like to access the site away from home, through a mobile device, you can easily do that.

Skout can foster a variety of different types of connections between people. Skout can foster long term friendships in the area that you live. It can also foster connections with people through cyberspace, and these connections can be with people thousands of miles away. These connections can often be between people in different areas of the world. Additionally, Skout is incredibly useful for travelers. Getting in touch with people wherever you are vacationing is easy with Skout. You can also meet people that are interested in whatever things you are interested in. Furthermore, Skout is useful for a wide age range of people. There is a section of Skout that is made for teens. Inappropriate content is kept out of this section, and there are measures to protect the safety of teens.

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