Securus Technologies to Expand GovNetPay

The government is using GovPayNet for processing debit and credit cards. Everyone has faced those fine from a traffic violation to court fees. As a result, it is used to prepare these payments. It is the leader of an innovation card processing system for government agencies.


The Chief Executive Officer and the President of Securus’ Technology, Robert E. Pickens was thrilled to add GovPayNet to their portfolio of products. Thanks to the addition of GovPayNet they can process over 40 million dollars every year. Through additional capital and investment in people, products, and sales, they plan to have more extensive expansions into other areas of the government agencies.


Over 20 years, GovPayNet has been serving as a secured and dedicated system for the United States government. It was established by a former sheriff around 1997 to help law enforcement agencies in handling cash payments through credit card processing making it easier to pay for fines. Through an expansion of their portfolio, they have increased the organizations they provide services to include payments for restitution, traffic, and criminal penalties, property tax, and child support. It consists of a vast variety of payments to the department of treasury and revenue.


Securus’ Technologies established their home base in Carrollton, Texas. Their vision is to serve and connect to the public by offering quick response, inmate self-service, monitoring services and products and government payments. They dedicate themselves to help their customers with quick solutions to their problems and to make our environment a haven to call home. Securus’ Technologies aims to connect what matters to the people.


Securus’ Technologies serves more than 3,500 law enforcement and public safety agencies, including more than 1,200,000 inmates throughout the United States. From the services that they provide, we can feel safer and secure about our future. Securus’ Technology has come a long way and will continue to grow and develop their service.



Securus Technologies Working at Keeping Criminals in Jail

When my fugitive task force gets the call to find a suspect, chances are this is a very dangerous situation. When violence is involved, you are talking about innocent people who should not have to be subjected to these fugitives, and it is my job to get them off the street as quickly as possible. This week we were on the hunt for a husband and wife team, stealing cars and burglarizing houses. On the last job, they beat an old man within an inch of his life.


The trouble we had right out of the gate was that this couple was not from the area of the last crime, and if they were only passing through, they could be anywhere. Then we had the issue of no one in this area knowing them, so no informants could come forward and help us to put the pieces together.


The local jail is where we headed in the hopes of getting some inmate to be able to identify the couple and help us predict their next move. Luckily for my team, Securus Technologies installed a call monitoring system used to listen in on inmates, and we were going to try and see if our being in the jail got anyone to jump on the phone and talk.


It didn’t take long for us to get a hit, and it was a big one. One of the inmates was recently arrested for fencing stolen property, and as luck would have it for us, he purchased items the couple had stolen. He was on the phone talking about another score they had planned on selling, and he need his brother to take the reigns. We decided to intercept the sale and put those two behind bars before they had the chance to hurt anyone else in the city.


Securus Technologies Highlights and Corrects GTL Inaccuracies

Securus Technologies issued a statement on 9th June 2016 to make corrections to a press release issued by GTL on 7th June 2016. The press release by GTL contained multiple statements that Securus found clearly misleading as well as inaccurate. The corrections to the numerous incorrect claims by GTL include:


GTL – They claimed that they had received a go-ahead to pursue injunctions and damages against Securus Technologies on the pending infringement lawsuits in the Texas Federal Court.

Correction – since the case in Texas Federal Court is now stayed, GTL is not in a position to seek any of the reliefs they claimed they would pursue in the District Court.


GTL – PTAB preserved all the 55 claims of the 816 patent that protects GTL’s technology for monitoring video visitation.

Securus – In as much the PTAB refused to review the claims challenged, GTL only asserted a standalone claim, and another bigger group of the dependent claims linked to the 816 patent in their litigation with Securus. Regarding the single independent claim asserted by GTL, Securus believes that it does not engage in the said “fundamental security feature” disclosed by the independent claim.


GTL – GTL claimed that the PTAB had confirmed that all the innovations were patentable, and as such permitting them to go back to court to protect its technology that enables law enforcement to monitor video visits.

Securus – the PTAB simply concluded that they were not in a position to review the claims. Considering the present request for case rehearing, the go ahead of GTL to move back to court on the patent, is yet to be decided.


GTL – They claimed that they were remaining with a few months to go back to court and prove to the jury the manner in which Securus violates its patent as well as three other GTL patents that were ultimately validated by PTAB.

Securus – The chances of a jury hearing any evidence from either party, this year, is highly unlikely. However, when the time comes, the jury will determine for itself if at all Securus utilises the claimed by GTL, but Securus is confident that it doesn’t.


GTL – GTL is pursuing damages as well as an injunction. If granted, Securus will be required to stop using GTL’s patented technology on its video visitation platforms.

Securus – Securus is not using any GTL’s patented technology, and as such, the case on infringement is unfounded.


Reliable and Loyal Company

Securus Technologies is a information technology company that was built on the idea that every American citizen deserves the right to have the ability to communicate openly with loved ones and feel secure in doing so. Recently it was revealed that Securus was working alongside the Better Business Bureau in order to meet the stiff rubric requirements the Bureau has on meeting the highest level on its rating system. After striving hard to reach these goals the Bureau recently accredited Securus Technologies with the highest rating possible of an A+.


Securus Technologies focuses its attention primarily on providing incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States prison system with their communication needs. This includes the ability to download a free application for wither Apple or Android operating systems that deal with seamless streaming of video chat technology. This can be used for open communication between an inmate and their family members and can be used in any location as long as they have access to a reliable WiFi signal. Products such as this one have been used to develop a loyal customer base within Securus, which is important for these inmates who usually receive very little, if any, outside support. Watch more on


Securus Technologies, with its new Better Business Bureau accreditation, has been able to further build its prestige within the business world, Not only are they being recognized as a company that produces high end products, but also as one that looks towards meeting their customers needs as their main interest. The accreditation of an A+ not only labels Securus Technologies for these reasons, but also recognizes it as an important humanitarian company within the United States and abroad. The company should be looked upon as one that should be followed, and their business model should be used as examples.