TJ Cox Gets End Of Citizens United Endorsement For Congress

TJ Cox recently got the endorsement to run for Congress in the 21st Congressional district of California. Cox got this endorsement from End Citizens United (ECU). Cox has shown his commitment to bring drastic reforms to the rigged system that is currently operating in the halls of Washington. Cox announced that he is not going to accept corporate PAC money to fund his campaign for a slot at Capitol Hill. He has also said that he is going to advocate for accountability and transparency. As a sign of his commitment to bring change in the American political system, Cox said that he will support legislation that makes the lobbyers more accountable.

Such legislation includes the Government by People Act together with the DISCLOSE Act. End Citizens United has been encouraging political candidates running for different positions in the forthcoming mid-term elections to reject funds from corporations and special interest groups. ECU has also identified over 100 candidates who have made the sacred commitment to the course. The president of ECU, Tiffany Muller says that million-dollar donors have dominated the US Capitol Hill for a very long time. He added that big corporations and oil companies have a tight grip over too many legislators in Washington.

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Tiffany said that the status quo in the American political arena is leaving too many American families behind by soiling the system. Tiffany added that Cox is determined to sanitize the rigged system by limiting the influence of million-dollar donors from having too much influence in the halls of Washington. The ECU president said that they look forward to assisting TJ Cox to win the Congressional seat and in the remaining campaign period according to Cox said that the biggest threat to American democracy was the influent of the big corporations and American in companies in the US political system. TJ said that he would not be accepting any funds or donations from the corporate giants who he said would be wanting something in return.

He said that the companies would be waiting for payback from their donation-dependent allies in Congress. Cox said that he was extremely proud to stand with ECU. He added that he accepted the endorsement from end Citizens United with great humility and pride. He said that, if elected, he would work to take back control of the US Congress and reverse the disastrous decision taken by Citizens United. TJ said that he would also work consistently to retain the integrity of the American democracy.

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Stopping External Influence In American Politics-the Efforts Of End Citizens United

One of the most puzzling things about last year’s election is the fact that everyone knew for a fact that Hillary was going to win. All the polls seemed to be leaning towards that reality. Then, there was a suspicious reopening of an FBI investigation into her emails, her popularity went down, and the election was lost. While many people would like to believe that Trump won that election reasonably, there is a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that there was a lot of external influence in the process.

There is a lot of evidence which suggests that the Russians may have been involved in the rigging. On the other hand, there is also evidence which shows that besides the Russians, there could be other people who got involved in the process either through funding or other forms of control. Technically, the law does not allow non -Americans to take part in the election, especially in the funding. However, the problem with the law is that it is very hard to implement. It is believed that the 2016 election was the most flawed in the country and that a lot of illegal activities such as funding might have pushed the Republican candidate into the White House.

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Groups such as the End Citizens United are doing something to end the conspiracy of silence that seems to have surrounded the shady way in which the election was conducted and won. The first step they have taken is getting the signatures that are needed to file a petition with the Supreme Court. The aim of the petition is to have the court kick-start the process of amending the Citizens United act. The act allows big corporations to represent the interests of politicians as if they were private individuals. The lawmakers that are affiliated to the right wing have been doing their best to ensure that these underhand methods of winning an election are upheld.

The End Citizens United will collect signatures. Of the 1 million that is needed, they have more than 300 000. They have joined hands with the ‘ready for Hillary movement to try and get more of the signatures that they need to make their dream a reality. While the group knows what a long shot this is, they are confident that even though they won’t win, it will become the basis for great research. This group is determined to leave a legacy.

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Thor Halvorssen Fights For Human Rights

Of the many freedom fighters and human rights supporters, one individual stands out against everyone else for not only his strong passion for providing universal rights to people around the world, but for also exposing even the most closed-off countries. This young individual is Thor Halvorssen, an individual who has a multi-cultural background of both Northern Europe and Latin America. As a fluent Norwegian and Spanish speaker, this young individual has always had a passion for learning about different cultures and for helping people around the world earn the universal rights that they truly deserve. According to an article from The Weekly Standard, Thor Halvorssen, though a young individual, has had generations of human rights activists. The proud background is exactly what inspired Mr. Halvorssen to found the Human Rights Foundation, a foundation that is currently located in New York City. As New York City is the center for international diplomacy, Thor Halvorssen decided this was the perfect place to openly spread peace throughout the world.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded to show the world’s deep commitment what it comes to the promotion of universal liberty. This foundation is a non-profit foundation that has no political agenda. Rather than playing politics, this foundation has a humanitarian foundation to bring universal rights to even the most impoverished regions. This foundation strives to protect the rights of individuals around the world. Thor Halvorssen can even give personal statements of being thrown into jail or being beaten badly on many of his missions. As an activist, Mr. Halvorssen has visited countless oppressed countries and has narrowly escaped many dangerous situations.

As a foundation, Thor Halvorssen and his peers follow the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as their focus of work. With this closely in mind, Mr. Halvorssen will do anything if it means that he can ensure the safety of other individuals around the world. As an human rights activist, Thor’s motivations are truly selfless and brave.

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