Aloha Construction’s Focus on repairing damaged Homes.

The state of the weather is usually very unpredictable, and it can be very harsh at times. Floods can lead to the destruction of home sidings while root tops can be damaged by heavy storms. It is not easy for anyone to prevent wear and tear of properties. Aloha Construction is a firm that is highly trusted for offering outstanding home repair solutions. It is a family business and currently serves clients in Wisconsin and northwest of Chicago, Illinois. The company was started by Dave Farbaky who is a renowned philanthropist. He runs a charity organization that is called the Dave Farbaky Foundation (DFF).


Dave Farbaky is a humble individual who has committed himself to helping people more than generating profits. He is focused on offering young people values that cannot be purchased with money. People who have been served by Aloha Construction appreciate it for its excellent services. Its customers have given it positive reviews. The firm has currently done over 18,000 projects, and it has a craftsmanship warranty that lasts for one decade. Its services are hired by both home owners and real estate development contractors. The customer service of the company stands out, and it was rated A+ by BBB.


Aloha Construction has hired professionals who are highly skilled. It makes sure that all its employees are well trained before they are allowed to take any tasks. The firm responds to the calls of its clients in time, and this has enabled it to be considered as a reliable contractor. Aloha Construction’s expertise is in dealing with siding contracts, roof installation and repair, fitting gutters, as well as replacement of the doors and any other parts that can wear. Dave Farbaky gives back to the community in different ways. He makes sure that everyone understands the importance of charity.

Dick DeVos the Philanthropist

Dick DeVos is widely recognized for his title as President of the Windquest Group, as well as his substantial political donations and for his politically active wife Betsy DeVos. Less known to me, was that he and the rest of the DeVos family are also substantially active philanthropists, donating almost 139 million dollars throughout their lifetimes. Former President of Amway and past CEO of Orlando Magic, Dick DeVos, along with his wife, gave almost 11.6 million dollars of charitable donations in the year 2015. I have also discovered that when they donate, they are specific in how it will be used in order to bring about the greatest positive impact.


The greatest percentage of Dick’s philanthropy, at 26%, is given to education and another 3% to groups striving for education reform. This is due largely to help achieve his ideal of an education system that uniformly provides a quality education without the quality depending on the location. With this in mind, DeVos launched the first aviation-themed charter school a little over 5 years ago. This school focuses its teaching on STEM, aeronautical engineering, and robotics to give students profitable and sought after skills. The charter collects students from 7 surrounding counties, 40% of whom are minorities, a third of whom are considered economically disadvantaged by current standards. The success of this school, I believe, is in part displayed by its 86% graduation rate, which DeVos is proud of but is more concerned that the students are receiving a positive experience and that it is satisfying the parents’ high expectations.


Dick and Betsy together also donated a whopping 22 million towards the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland to further the efforts of Michael Kaiser’s purpose to strengthen the business side of the arts. Both Kaiser and the DeVos believing that the future of the diverse global arts community depends on having quality arts management, to which I must agree. DeVos also made a monetary gift to the Spectrum Health Foundation, to obtain a top physician and researcher in childhood cancers for the Helen DeVos’ Children’s Hospital. This led to a dramatic increase in the survival rate of those treated there for childhood brain cancer. It is clear to see that DeVos is not only a philanthropist but one that plays an active role in seeing that his giving makes a positive difference.


Dick DeVos, Generous Funding to Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

The John F. Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts has exceeded their speculative fundraiser prospects regarding an imminent and approved amplification venture by a staggering $50Million.
This fundraiser began in 2013, with an initial projected objective of $125Million, however during the last three years the architectural development scheme has been altered, and the total estimated cost for design and construction has reached $119.5Million.
The outstanding contribution of $22.5 Million bequeathed by the benevolent and philanthropic Dick and Betsy DeVos is overwhelming.
Dick DeVos a native of Michigan is a renowned businessman and generous philanthropist. His father Richard DeVos is one of the creator’s of Amway in 1959, a multi-level marketing prototype company merchandising various commodities to consumers worldwide. Their main focus is on health, beauty, domestic products and dietary supplements.
Dick DeVos possesses a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University and prestigious accolades with doctorates from Grover City College, Central Michigan University and Northwood University. He also attended Harvard Business School and Wharton School studying executive programs.
In 1974, Dick commenced working at Amway Corporation in various capacities in the departments of research, improvement, manufacturing, marketing and assets. In 1984 he was appointed as Vice President of the company, and under his authority and control new prospering markets were formed and international marketing tripled and even surpassed domestic transactions.

In 1991 he purchased the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic and was named President and Chief Executive Officer of the team. In 1993 Dick DeVos returned to Amway.
In 2000, he supervised a dramatic overhaul of the company’s structure that created Alticor, the new holding company of antecedent Amway Corporation.
Dick pensioned off in 2002 from Alticor and became President of Windquest Group, a private expenditure firm with interests in technology, production and other interests.
The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, founded in 1990 donates liberal funds to American Education Reform Council, Choices For Children, Children First America and also appropriations to Christian Schools in West Michigan. There are also ongoing contributions to civic, artistic, educational, community, and promoting free enterprise and economic organizations.
In 2012, Forbes Magazine portrayed Dick DeVos as the 67th wealthiest individual in the United States, with a net worth of $5.1Billion.