Make Money with Reviews

When it comes to managing a business his reputation or online presence, it is very important that the person in charge of handling this responsibility truly under stands just how important it is to not only project a positive image and wonder if it is cohesive with the company’s brand, but also that they understand the way that they handle something like a negative review for criticism is a huge reflection on the business and the business’ overall image. It is impossible for a company to please 100% of its customers all of the time. It is absolutely understandable that some people, despite getting great service or enjoying a great product, or simply unhappy at the end of the day no matter what you do. Often these are the types of people that will also take out the time from their day to go online and leave a negative review. The way that a company response to these negative reviews is a huge reflection upon them. Therefore you should understand exactly how to handle this situation when it comes up.
Many business owners or managers are offended when they see negative reviews left by a customer online. Although, this is very understandable, it is important not to lash back at the customer. Remember that other potential customers or current customers are likely to see not just the negative review, but also how you respond to it.

For example, if you run a restaurant and a disgruntled customer leaves a review saying something like The service was slow, you could respond with something like this:
“dear Sir or Madam, I am so sorry to hear that you were unhappy with your experience in our restaurant. Please be sure that this is not how we prefer to do business nor is it a representation of how we want our service to run. Therefore, we would like you to come back and see how it is that we really do things. Please except our invitation to return to our restaurant and enjoy a meal on us. Also, be sure to let me know when you plan to come in because I would love to meet you in person and make sure that your next meal is everything you hoped it would be”

However, it is understandable that constantly keeping up with reviews, whether they be positive or negative, can be a very demanding job. Again, that is why it is highly recommended that you enlist to the expertise of a professional marketing, branding, public relations, or online reputation is firm. They are best equipped to keep up with all of these matters in real time. They can also offer a very valuable advice as to how you can continue to grow your business in a positive way.


Tips on How to Enhance Your Reputation Online

Every company or individual wants a good and positive reputation online. A bad reputation online can ruin your business and also your personal relationship with your close friends and relatives. With the change in technology, companies sell their products online. Millions of people worldwide have online platforms and websites. Thus, negative reviews on your site can completely ruin your reputation.

It takes years to build a good reputation but it can only take a few seconds to ruin the reputation if one is not keen. Therefore, individuals and companies should have clear strategies on how to push bad and negative articles down in the search results. A company with a good reputation will win more clients and forever maintain the current customer base. It is crucial to the well-being of every business.

To push down negative and harmful articles, you should create and manage your profile. Your profile should be personal and therefore, you should not allow people to manage it for you. If you do this, you can control everything happening in your profile. It will enable you to suppress negative articles and push them down.

Always be positive in what you post. It is good that you post good and non-offensive comments on your online platform. It will grow your reputation positively and minimize webmasters from giving your website bad, harmful and unwanted reviews. Your search result will, in turn, display a positive image about yourself or your company.

Avoid negative keywords. The keyword you should use for your business should always be active. The keyword helps in minimizing bad results when someone searches you or your firm by use of those keywords. Therefore, it is advisable to take down negative keywords and replace them with positive ones.

Bury bad articles is an online reputation manager who helps companies to push down bad articles down the search engine. They believe the bad press, negative reviews, and damaging awful feedback can play a huge role in destroying any company’s customer base. They offer services to make your reputation clean and positive. Bury bad articles are reliable their services are exceptional. If you have problems with a bad reputation, these are the experts to consult.

Enemies and competitors will always be happy when your reputation is at stake. Thus, it is important to ensure that those bad articles do not destroy your image. That keeps your reputation clean and positive.