My Parents Got Their First Home!!!

I went into Nexbank all the time because I had accounts with them, but I never knew that they could make my parents’ dreams come true. The people at Nexbank have this special affordable home program that was made just for people like my parents, and it helps them spend less money on a home loan that they want for their dream home. The dream home that my parents have been looking at was on the market, and the loan was cheap enough to work with the budget my parents were working with.

They actually come over to the same branch that we go to, and they have worked with the manager to get the loan cone as quickly as possible. It was so much easier for them to get their loan application done, and they were also able to get it done quickly enough that they could put an offer in on the house. They are using Nexbank for their pre approval letter, and they also convinced the owner that they could buy the house. Everything went perfectly, and everything was simple so that my parents did not have to worry about the sale.

We have done the same thing shortly after what my parents did, and that is because their affordable home plan works for everyone. There is no one who is left out of the program because it is just for everyone. Nexbank’s program works great because it gives people a loan with a lower interest rate, and it helps people pay less money every month. the monthly payments were very low for my parents, and they actually go into the branch to make their payments. That is why Nexbank works better for them. They get that up front service that is very easy to appreciate when walking into the branch.

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