Get Value By Choosing The Free Service Plan From FreedomPop

It’s important to explain how the free cell phone plan from FreedomPop works because those who are new to FreedomPop with an interest in the service may not know exactly what they will get with the free service plan. Don’t compare FreedomPop’s free plan to any other service plans that are out there because they are all different. Although many free plans will allow a user to buy additional talk time, text messages, and data, FreedomPop allows this but also has ways for customers to earn free data, which is different from the other free services out there.

Starting up the free service will require that the customer gets an email address or has one available already. They can sign up with their email for the free plan, and anyone who has a GSM phone will need to order a sim card from FreedomPop before they can start using the service on their phone. FreedomPop is a company that allows anyone to bring their own phone, especially if it’s a GSM phone. Those who are previous customers of the Sprint company can also feel free to bring their phones from Sprint to be used on the FreedomPop network.

Once the FreedomPop customer receives their sim card in the mail, they can activate the free service plan. It’s also important that a free plan user knows that there is an automatic top up once the data has been depleted down to 100 MB. There is a way to turn off the automatic top up, so the user won’t be charged for data, especially if they have other ways of getting data on their phone. Those with access to Wi-Fi can use it to get extra data on their cell phone.

Wi-Fi users can also use it to make phone calls over Wi-Fi, which means that they won’t need to use the 200 minutes of talk time they receive unless it’s necessary. Many people have been able to use the FreedomPop free cell phone service on a monthly basis without having to pay anything out of pocket, especially if they are creative. Anyone in need of Wi-Fi service can also look through a FreedomPop review because they have a five-dollar a month Wi-Fi service plan that’s unlimited with over 10 million hotspots to connect to. FreedomPop has availability of free cell phone service and more for their customers.

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