Get Great Hair With Wen by Chaz

With all the commercials and advertisements on QVC for shampoos and conditioners it is difficult to tell which will work for you. There are so many hair types all of which need specific care. The only way to know if something will truly work for you is to try it out. In a recent article from Bustle an author from their fashion and beauty team decided to take a popular hair care product for a spin to see how it worked on her fine hair. (Original article can be found here,

WEN has been making headlines for its unique formula and innovative take on what hair care actually means. Instead of selling separate shampoos, conditioners and styling products, this company offers it all in one bottle. The cleansing conditioner line makes showering and styling less time consuming and much more convenient. The blends of herbs, oils and extracts cleanse hair and leave it looking shiny and healthy.

The writer from Bustle, Emily McClure, used Wen for seven days and tracked her results to let her readers know how this product works on real hair. She was impressed with how much body and volume her normally thin hair had after showering and blow drying.

WEN is a great product for getting beautiful, healthy hair. Gorgeous models showing off their perfectly styled hair are nice to look at, buy often difficult to trust. The proof that this product works lies in use by actual people who show real results. Check out Wen on and give it a try today, your hair will thank you.