Thor Halvorssen the Human Rights Advocate.

Thor Halvorssen was born as Thor Leonardo Halvossen Mendoza in 9th March 1976.Thor is a human rights activist and film producer. He has been described by the New York Times as a champion of the underdogs and the powerless. A nationality of Venezuela, Thor Halvossen has made contributions in the areas of public policy, interest advocacy, individual rights and civil liberties.

Thor began human rights campaigns at an early age. As an adolescent in 1989 in London, he organized an opposition to the South African apartheid. When his father became a political prisoner in Venezuela, Thor became fully involved in the advocacy of the due process. In 2004, during a political protest his mother was shot, which made Thor start the New York based Human Rights Foundation. The main purpose of this organization is working toward liberating political prisoners and promoting tolerance and democracy in Latin America. Since the Human Right foundation started its operations, it has managed to secure freedom of seven of conscience, submitted amicus briefs in major international human rights cases, given evidence to Truth commissions, and published two books about the responsibility of the state.

Holvorssen, in 2009 founded a global of human rights advocates known as the Oslo Freedom Forum. The conferences have taken place annually since 2009. The Wired Magazine described it as “if the global human-rights movement were to create its own unified representative body, it would look something like this.” This forum has expanded his human rights’ complain scope which originally zeroed on combating left-wing populist authoritarianism in Latin America and now advocating worldwide change.

During these forums, Holvorssen has shown that he is intensely energetic; a characteristic that can be attributed to his personality and that translates well on TV and in front of the crowd. During the opening of the conference he starts by exhorting the crown to attend every speech and show up on time in each of them. The rest of the time he prefers to stay away from the stages, and instead works on their activities and help them network. His works in human right has put him at forefront of liberating the oppressed around the world.

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Thor Halvorssen Fights For Human Rights

Of the many freedom fighters and human rights supporters, one individual stands out against everyone else for not only his strong passion for providing universal rights to people around the world, but for also exposing even the most closed-off countries. This young individual is Thor Halvorssen, an individual who has a multi-cultural background of both Northern Europe and Latin America. As a fluent Norwegian and Spanish speaker, this young individual has always had a passion for learning about different cultures and for helping people around the world earn the universal rights that they truly deserve. According to an article from The Weekly Standard, Thor Halvorssen, though a young individual, has had generations of human rights activists. The proud background is exactly what inspired Mr. Halvorssen to found the Human Rights Foundation, a foundation that is currently located in New York City. As New York City is the center for international diplomacy, Thor Halvorssen decided this was the perfect place to openly spread peace throughout the world.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded to show the world’s deep commitment what it comes to the promotion of universal liberty. This foundation is a non-profit foundation that has no political agenda. Rather than playing politics, this foundation has a humanitarian foundation to bring universal rights to even the most impoverished regions. This foundation strives to protect the rights of individuals around the world. Thor Halvorssen can even give personal statements of being thrown into jail or being beaten badly on many of his missions. As an activist, Mr. Halvorssen has visited countless oppressed countries and has narrowly escaped many dangerous situations.

As a foundation, Thor Halvorssen and his peers follow the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as their focus of work. With this closely in mind, Mr. Halvorssen will do anything if it means that he can ensure the safety of other individuals around the world. As an human rights activist, Thor’s motivations are truly selfless and brave.

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