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While many people think of going to court when they think of litigation, that is not always the case. Litigation means that you and another person or company are arguing over a legal right.

Hire a Lawyer to Investigate Your Case

The first step that a person usually takes is to hire a lawyer. After meeting with the client, the lawyer usually first investigates the case to determine if damages occurred. Assuming that they did, the lawyer then determines what the law says about compensation. Usually the lawyer writes a letter asking that their client be fairly compensated.

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Put an Experienced Negotiator on Your Side

The two parties often negotiate a settlement. If the two parties cannot agree, then the case often goes to alternative dispute resolution. At this time, each person presents their argument to an independent person who decides what they think is fair. Both parties usually have a set time to decide if they want to proceed further. Some contracts are written so that the parties must accept the decision.

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File a Lawsuit

If the two parties still cannot agree, then the next step is to file a formal lawsuit with the court. The other party receives a copy through a method prescribed by law. The person being sued is then required to give an answer to the court by a certain date.

Understand Your Rights During Deposition

Assuming that the person is still not willing to settle, then a formal deposition takes place where the lawyers trade information. Often a person will be put under oath, and they are required to answer a series of questions while their answers are recorded in writing.

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Go to Court

Finally, a case may go to court where a jury or a judge will make a final decision. The litigation, however, is not over until the money is paid.

Except in very simple cases, you need a great lawyer if you are going to file a lawsuit. One of the best is Karl Heideck in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has many years of experience walking clients through legal matters. Put his expertise to work for you today.