Lifeline Screening Provides Peace of Mind for People and Their State of Health

Lifeline Screening provides medical screenings and test to the general public at large without having to be referred of go through a medical procedure to get the test. These tests and screenings are the same as provided through hospitals and medical testing facilities, only in a more convenient and inexpensive way.

People are somewhat reluctant to seek these tests and screenings on their own due to the cost factor and because it is expensive to see a doctor and difficult to get an appointment on short notice. With Lifeline Screening people can get results about their general overall health and if any problems are uncovered their doctor can more readily address the issues.

One important screening test is the limited electrocardiograph screening which shows if a person has atrial fibrillation. This is also called A-Fib for short and if present shows that a person’s heartbeat occurring on an irregular basis. This can be very serious because this condition can cause blood clots to form which can cause a stroke. A person’s doctor should be notified right away if A-Fib is present.

Ultrasound is another very important screening. Ultrasound directs sound waves towards certain organs in the body which shows real-time organ functioning. The ultrasound testing is especially helpful in illustration of blood flow. A test for Carotid artery blood flow shows if any blockage is present and this is important as these are the primary source of blood flow to the brain.

Other ultrasound screens involve testing for osteoporosis by measuring the mineral bone content, abdominal aneurysms, and peripheral artery disease using the ankle-brachial technique.

The finger-stick method of obtaining blood produces a tiny drop or two of blood from which an entire lipid panel can be formed. This will show the cholesterol levels of the HDL and the LDL cholesterol in the blood. From this procedure, a doctor can see what to provide in the way of treatment if these levels are out of line according to proscribed medical protocols.

Glucose screening shows the levels of blood sugar which portray whether or not an individual is pre-diabetic or is a full-blown diabetic. The presence of High-Sensitivity C-reactive protein can indicate the presence of cardiovascular disease to learn more about us: click here.

All of these tests are common in the medical community and are non-invasive. The tests are made available to the individual’s doctor so further analysis and treatment can ensue.

Mikhail Blagloskloony: The Future of Cancer Treatment and Anti-Aging Medication

Aging is an increase in one’s probability of death as they age. There is no case of a person dying from health or without any cause. Aging is a continuation of growth. It has no purpose and is an unintended continuation of the body’s development programs that do not go off after development is complete. As a result, aging causes diseases. The anti-aging drug rapamycin has been reported how to cure cancer and increase a patient’s life span. Here is how rapamycin works and Mikahial Blagloskloony’s take on the future of oncology.

The Biology Behind Rapamycin

Cancer is one of the most common aging related diseases. Interventions such as calorie restrictions slow aging and are also known to delay cancer. Rapamycin has a stronger effect than calorie restriction, it prevents MTOR. The initials MTOR stand for “Mammalian Target of Rapamycin”. Aging is dependent on MTOR. This pathway is activated by hormones, growth factors, oxygen, nutrients, and health conditions like obesity. Since rapamycin inhibits MTOR it is capable of extending life span and delaying cancer. Rapamycin delays geroconversion. This is the cellular basis of aging. However, rapamycin is modestly effective in treating cancer and must be used with a combination of other drugs. For rapamycin to be effective in treating cancer, it needs to be started before cancer is initiated. This means if the treatment begins too late in one’s life, its anti-cancer and life prolonging effects will be reduced.

Mikhail’s Plans For Oncology

Mikahil Blagoskloony is renowned as a professor, researcher, and philanthropist. Mikhail is no superman. He is an ordinary person who is striving to ensure individuals worldwide to gain access to the best possible treatment. Mikhail’s specific interest is in themedical research particularly on the cure for cancer and aging. Mikhail has been studying the connection of cancer and aging. He has noted that cancer is common when individuals reach a certain age. Mikhail continues to carry out his research within the field of oncology. Mikhail is not only a researcher; he is very influential in the field of oncology and has inspired his students and peers who want to expand their research in future.Mikhail Blagoskloony’s main goal is to find a way to treat cancer in an effective way that will not be expensive and excruciating for the average person. Mikhail hopes he will find a way of eliminating cancerous cells without destroying normal cells which are important for recovering the body and mind after months of cancer therapy.

Jim Tananbaum Talks about his Journey in Business

Jim Tananbaum can be referred to as a man with a vision for the entrepreneurial skills that he possesses. In the business field, Jim Tananbaum is the current chief executive officer and founder of an enterprise known as Foresite Capital. This is a firm that he engineered from nothing and focuses on healthcare services. Among the services that the firm specializes with include looking for new leaders in the field of healthcare. The firm, therefore, participates in supplying information, networks as well as capital. However, this is not the first company that Jim Tananbaum has founded. He has been involved with other firms in the past. He is the founder of GelTex Pharmaceuticals and Renal. These are firms that have been associated with producing high profile drugs thus earning him substantial revenue. With the first firm, Jim Tananbaum made a profit of $1.6 billion while the second made him over $ 200 million. As of today, it’s estimated that the market capitalization of these two firms is over $3.2 billion.

Jim Tananbaum says that if he was given a chance to start all over again, the only thing that he would do is change the business model he employs. He says that he would do what was ideal for his business. Jim Tananbaum is a man who loves to read. He is currently reading a book by Pearl, Glymour and Jewel known as the Casual Inference in Statistics. To keep in touch with his customers, Jim Tananbaum has maintained his presence in social media. Accounts under his name can be found on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Jim Tananbaum greatest failure came in 2008 when he had opportunities to invest in businesses he knew very well. He was unable to request for funds from his friends and other rich people who would have financed his plans. Tananbaum calls himself a risk taker. However, before he can embark on any mission, he says that he must conduct his due diligence to ensure that everything is okay and there is no room for failure. He also says that if he was given another chance to start all over again, he would start believing in himself more. More details can be found on LinkedIn.