Twenty Three Layers Wins the Party Throwing Competition; Lauren Conrad Ditches the Runway for the Party

Parties are celebrations, so they should be over the top in terms of the theme, decorations, and the venue. However, not everybody knows which elements pair nicely together nor does everybody have access to impressive venues, which further validates the need for event planners in NYC. Twenty Three Layers is a company that dominates the industry when it comes to adding spunk and flair to every event that they service.

Twenty Three Layers: One Cup of NYC Attitude with Equal Parts Vivacity

Celebrity contacts fuel the driven fire of this company as they strive to compete against themselves as a means to improve, and their access to otherwise highly exclusive venues ensures that a client’s party will be memorable and, undoubtedly, notable.

Despite the company’s entry to some of the most esteemed venues in the city, their talents guarantee that even a person’s living room can be transformed into everything from a sunny farm to a posh concert hall. With Twenty Three Layers, it is all about one hundred layers of detail and they never fail to include aspects never thought possible into every event. In combination with contemporary fads, this event planning company never forgets the vintage aspects that people desire to have at their functions, ultimately making for a party that emanates originality and prestige.

Delving Deeper into Party Planning: Tips from Lauren Conrad

When she is not creating gorgeous fashion, Lauren is planning parties with her husband, William. Although she admits party planning is fairly stressful, she wants people to know that it does not have to be. Of her most urged words of advice include:

  • Never stress when throwing a party! Special events are supposed to be fun and about the guests, so make the food, pour the drinks, and have a blast.
  • Pick an easy theme because, though fun, outrageous ideas make it hard for guests to find attire that matches the setting. Leave space to the astronauts, please.
  • Make sure that your guests are comfortable by having food that people will actually enjoy.
  • Have fun with your guests. After all, this function is for you or a loved one, so it is important to make memories rather than to just push through to the finish.

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Tarallucci e Vino Crowns NY Restaurants With Personal Rooms

Restaurants With Great Private Rooms

Private restaurant event spaces are well kept secrets among upscale NY clientele, who become self-presumptive over great private rooms where you host uniquely special events like birthdays, an anniversary, wedding rehearsal dinner, or even the wedding itself. The following have one common thread: The food is great, with chefs par excellence, themes and ambiance gift wrap the occasion, and the excellent service means you can sit back and enjoy yourself while someone else does the rest.

Gramercy Tavern
42 E. 20th St., Gramercy Park

Two decades have seen this awesome Danny Meyer restaurant continually packed, thanks to the deliciously prepared local American cuisine, currently stewarded by chef Michael Anthony. The dining room has a Robert Kushner mural and a woodsy atmosphere. Their private room is classic for confidential get togethers. The Gramercy has always been a great spot for a private event or dinner.

The Nomad
1170 Broadway,

Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park runs a menu here that is as incredibly delicious as it is elegant. Jacques Garcia designed the luxurious surroundings. Guests can choose clubby parlour velvet seats and Persian rugs, or in the alternative vein dine in the shimmering and exotic Atrium under a massive skylight. The Nomad offers several private rooms available of unique size and ambiance. I suggest guests opt for the rooftop dining, if possible. I actually scored a small table in the hotel’s iconic cupola!

Tarallucci e Vino
Union Square, see map

Tarallucci e Vin, situated on 18th Street at Union Square, was named perfectly, taking the colloquial expression of “small talk/biscuits and wine”. I first experienced The Mezzanine at a private Rehearsal Dinner the night before the wedding of Contessa Luciana Rosa d’Ville to Dr. Geoffrey Allen, cardiothoractic surgeon to New York’s celebrity circuit. The dinner party was beautifully served in the Mezzanine”s intimate ambiance. Everyone was comfortable and felt at home due to the staff’s excellent service. Afterward, the guests socialized within the large bar and lounge area. The decor was awesome with brick tables custom-built, antique mirrors, cabinetry and art. The host advised that the restaurant has a well-stocked wine cellar with special vintage collections I should see some future time.

The following day was the wedding, held upstairs in the elegant and huge 6th Floor Loft. That is the actual name of the wedding site! The enormous facility had been transformed into a coastline villa of Tuscany, the bride’s European home. When I expressed surprise at first sight of the accommodations, my usher said the area can be equipped for business, birthdays, or any type of special event, holding up to 120 guests at any time. The 6th Floor Loft also has its own bar, lounge,and spectacular antique mirrors and breathtaking chandeliers.

Of all the Special Event Hideaways I have explored, Tarallucci e Vino holds first place in my heart for its warmth, friendliness, and intimate persuasions for large or small events.

Fresh Farm Themed Party: 23 Layers

Farms and farm animals are popular among little girls and boys. They love the bright reds and the lively animals. Something about the rustic way of life attracts these young children. Twenty Three Layers, an event planning company in New York City, recently planned a tasteful and fun farm themed birthday party that was truly a work of art.

They started with the farm basics: apples, reds, crates, and straw. Each little person sat an old style picnic table with a mason jar cup and they were surrounded by barrels of fresh apples. The dessert table, whimsically labeled “Teddy’s farm,” had mini apple pies, candied apples, picnic table cupcakes, and other farm themed desserts. Little strawberry cheesecakes were filled into jars with wooden ice cream spoons. Perfect little desserts for little hands. Fresh fruit filled wooden crates, like strawberries and cherries, perfect size for the little ones.

His delicate red barn cake finished the dessert table array designed with common farm animals and vibrant hues. Every birthday party has a cute take home bag. 23 layers designed a adorable farm themed gift, including a mini crate with straw housing an apple shaped cookie and a popular kid’s book “Big Red Barn” wrapped in twine. An adorable keepsake from a memorable party.

Twenty Three Layers is a New York based full service event planning and design firm. They partner with other businesses to cater certain events. Jessica Boskoff has a definite delicate taste and puts these events together with a certain flair. They plan and cater personal events and corporate events. This firm works to make sure that the event is unforgettable and well put together to make memories for years to come.

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Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of struggles, stress and uncertainty. You will be laboring until the late night, all the while wondering if the business is even going to take off. It takes somebody of true skill to launch a business. If you are launching a business related to art, that is even more stressful and comes with more stress. You may worry that your art is no

Having a perfect event or party with all things planned to go as expected is one of the best feelings one can have after preparing for an occasion. However, it is sometimes hard to plan for a party all by yourself, because it is tiring and the many factors involved in planning for the best occasion.
One such company dedicated to giving you the ultimate game satisfaction is Jessica Boskoff’s Twenty Three Layers, which specializes in events such as corporate events, family occasions, and wedding parties to give the perfect and memorable, once in a live experience. Her love and liking for bright colors make her one of the recognized individuals in event planning in NYC. The designers in the company are also people who are color and design lovers at heart and love what they do hence provide the best service available.
The New York-based planning firm covers all sorts of events from weddings to charity functions and weddings. They offer first quality services from the best-known vendors in the nation. They also offer production, lighting, printing, photography, event insurance and budget management. To Jessica Boskoff, being able to plan the best event will require you to have a love and passion for planning, designing, and creativity to discover new things and do something different each time. Her team of designers and event planners and organizers all work with full passion, dedication, and love of what they do to ensure the complete results.
Jessica Boskoff insists that detail is important in every event planning, and satisfaction of the client is the motivation. It inspires her to encourage others and to see them happy gives her the motivation to do more and better designs and be more creative. In doing anything, it is vital to have a full dedication and love to ensure that all love the result. The company, Twenty Three Layers is one so company that has a very likely prosperous future ahead.

t very good after all, that you will never get any customers or that you should give up and enter into the corporate rat race. But in this interview, Jessica Boskoff pointed out that with the launching of her company Twenty Three Layers, she was able to overcome all of that stress and uncertainty with creative methods.

Inspiration is what drives many of us. It is the foundation of ideas, and ideas are the foundation of society. So, that is why Ms. Boskoff said in the linked interview that she loves to inspire and to be inspired. Inspiration is what has helped her to launch her company and to work through adversity. Further, the designs that she employs are often a source of inspiration for others. People see that they can think outside of the box and use their creativity in the same way that Twenty Three Layers has.

Planning A Party?
Parties are a great way to mark a special occasion, relieve stress, or bring friends and family together for a lovely evening. But what sort of atmosphere do you way to set? When people enter the party, what feeling should emerge and what expectations should they have? That falls precisely under the expertise of Twenty Three Layers. They know how to arrange a locale in such a way that it will produce the atmosphere that you have in mind.

A business person is somebody who is interested in making money. However, an artist is somebody who wants to express themselves in a number of different outlets. Jessica Boskoff is an artist, and her design team at Twenty Three Layers is a team of artists.