Venezuela Parliament Puts Forth Recall Referendum Agenda

The political landscape in Venezuela is shaking up a bit. In Congress, the opposition party is putting forth new rules designed for a referendum agenda. The country is currently struggling amidst serious economic woes. The current makeup of parliament is comprised of many who oppose the policies of President Nicolas Maduro. Such opposition comes, in great part, from a large portion of the population of Venezuela.
Specifically, the referendum which was discussed in an post is not only on the policies of Maduro. Parliament is working on a recall referendum. In Venezuela, it is possible to recall a politician who has served a set number of time in his/her term. Maduro meets the criteria and steps are being taken to remove him.

Maduro was picked as the successor to the late Hugo Chavez. During Maduro’s reign, various economic and other problems in Venezuela got worse and worse. Now, “things are at a crisis level” says Osio. A massive drought combined with the collapse of the oil market greatly exacerbated troubles in Venezuela.

Whether or not the recall referendum helps the situation is going to depend on who replaces Madura.

No matter what parliament does, the situation is going to be a difficult one.