Doe Deere Sees The World In Vivid Color

Doe Deere Ideamensch
Color is something that surrounds most of the people of the world. The world is not black and white in any sense. Instead. it is something often saturated with intense hues ranging from the nearly black purple sunset to red so deep that it can feel like being in a pool teeming with life. This is a place that Doe Deere, one of the world’s foremost makeup artists, sees all around her at all times. She sees the world as it is to her where color takes center stage. In founding her makeup company, Lime Crime, she aims to help bring it to vivid life via the use of makeup. She knows that makeup isn’t just about using neutrals but also about using shades that are full of life. Her own line of makeup and her own devotion to the world of makeup have taken center stage in her life, allowing her to craft a plan that allows her to show off why makeup is something that people can love.

Opening Up The Color Box

Deere isn’t content to merely show off the ordinary. Instead, she knows that the world can be made anew and made better. This is why she offers a vision that is about being able to see the world in a different way. She wants color not to be an afterthought. Instead, she wants color to take center stage and allow the world to come to life. Her life means that she dresses and thinks the part. She comes to her workplace thinking about how she can transform plain spaces and ideas and bring them to life. She knows that there is something within all of humanity that really craves color. People are drawn to flowers that are intensively colored. They are also drawn to shades that allow them to feel happy like a candy colored shade of tangerine or violet. This is where she knows that her makeup at Lime Crime can not only help people look good but can also help them feel great as well. A spark of color can be just the thing to make the day better.

Always Looking Forward

Doe Deere sees the future and sees that it is full of bright happiness. She also sees the future and knows that it will be all about using color in unexpected places. This is one of her mottoes. She knows that drab spaces can benefit from a quick and unexpected paint job. She knows that the same is true for makeup. A quick bit of bright red applies to the lips can be just the right thing to make any dull day feel like summer sunshine. A dash of vivid blue put across the eyelids can be the best way to take an ordinary outfit and make it stand out. When it all comes together, the result is something that she knows her fans will find pleasing. She hopes to continue to offer amazing makeup to all her fans each day.

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Doe Deere Brings Color to the World of Makeup

You probably know Doe Deere from her posts online. She is the creator of Lime Crime, that offers lip sticks and makeup that come un bright hues rarely offered. She is a business woman and an artist who was recently featured in Self-Made magazine, as one of the Top Female Entrepreneurs.

She claims to have been an artsy child from early on. She always had a paint brush nearby. She says she was always a colorful child, dressing in bright colors and makeup. Lime Crime is just her method of expressing herself as an adult. Doe claims that she was actually not very good at makeup until she was in her 20’s. After that, she says nothing was off limits. She used glitter, rhinestones and anything else that she could think of for makeup.

When Doe first launched her website and brand in 2008, it exploded. She was not the only one interested in explosive color and designs for makeup. The name Lime Crime was just a name she thought of for her eBay store in 2004, so she kept it for her brand name. She claims that one of the benefits of being so Internet-based is that you get immediate feedback from customers. The downside is handling the unfair rumors posted online anonymously. The way she deals with naysayers is to ignore them. She focuses on the good comments.

Deere refers to her fans as Unicorns, because unicorns were born different, and proud of it. She claims it takes a different person to wear the shades she produces. She is motivated by people who are true visionaries and not afraid to go against the trend. She hopes she can serve as a role model for other women interested in starting their own businesses.

Doe Deere was born in Russia and grew up in New York City. She was unable to fine bright enough makeup to match the colorful clothes she was making herself and selling on eBay. So Lime Crime’s makeup line was born, offering never before seen lip color. In 2012 she introduced the first Velvetines and later liquid to mate lipstick. All products are made cruelty free, and some are also vegan.