Louis Chenevert as the Dynamic Leader of United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is one of the most successful businessmen and pioneers in the aerospace and technology industries. His work at United Technologies Corporation, combined with his experience with General Motors and Pratt & Whitney, reveals that he is the kind of executive who is able to lead corporations in both profitable and speculative times.


During his time with United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert has been able to combine vision and focus to lead a company optimistically and passionately. He was appointed CEO in 2008 and led the company to profit despite the onslaught of the subprime mortgage recession. By focusing on both the aerospace and technologies industries with United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert managed to wield a dynamic company that could switch focus in production based on the demands of the people, further exemplifying his experience in pure leadership.


Louis Chevenert is able to execute on his vision by placing emphasis on the quality of his team, citing that “focus on operational talent and engineering was extremely important to delivering ideas that would produce results.” By integrating small teams that focused on developing products with an energized operations team, Louis Chevenert led a synergized enterprise capable of instilling optimism and reliability in its customers.


Due to his experience working at General Motors and as president of Pratt & Whitney, Louis Chenevert’s particular expertise comes with maintaining a positive atmosphere within United Technologies Corporation. Louis Chenevert states that “when you tackle any issue upfront, you allow for people to win. People love to be associated with winners.” He understands that problems should be dealt with right away to minimize difficulty and that minimizing internal politics and energy draining attitudes leaves plenty of room to follow a productive and successful agenda.


If there’s any trend that really inspires Louis Chenevert to keep running his widely acclaimed company, it’s that technology is always changing, enabling United Technologies Corporation to continue to pioneer into the future. Because Louis Chenevert is a determined and diligent entrepreneur, his long-lasting leadership will lead his company to profit for many years to come.



Success Journey Of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello has a fantastic story that led to his success and significant achievements in his career life. However, it is imperative to understand that the lifetime of Tony has not been that smooth since he has faced lots of fateful moments in life. He has been able to stand strong and endure the challenges since some affect him directly.

Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of the global Oil Company Nabors that is leading in the industry. Most of the achievement s and success of Tony Petrello has been due to the hard work, passion and commitments in his endeavors.

Tony Petrello is a creative thinker the skills that were with him since his early stages while he was a student in the high school where he formed Math equations and solved them all. He attended Yale University and earned his both bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. However, he did not venture into business as the expectations of many but enrolled to a law career in Harvard Law School. Thereafter, he joined the American law firm known as Baker & McKenzie and handled business law. While working at Bakers, he offered his services to Nabors, and after some year he was hired to help the company as an executive member.

It is remarkable that the joining of Tony Petrello to Nabors Company was of benefit. The firm started to have tremendous growth and development to the extent that it made a partnership with renowned companies such as C&J Energy to have a rationalized production flow. Since Nabors was a drilling company, it had deals led by Tony with KazMunayGas that is found in Kazakhstan. This was a golden opportunity for Nabors since it ended up having more fields to make drills. Through this, more revenues were generated for its long and short-term goals.

Therefore, it is significant that Tony Petrello has made the Nabors Company to achieve a lot in the gas and oil industry. Besides his career life, Tony is a great philanthropist that channel lots of funds towards Neurological Research Institute. His daughter Carena had a challenge based on the neurological condition that impacted her life negatively. Besides he serves on the board of trustees that are responsible for carrying out research for the kids suffering from neurological diseases. The efforts and contributions of Tony Petrello can go unnoticed since people can give their testimonies of his giving back to the community.

Understanding Todd Lubar

A serial entrepreneur who is very successful and established, Todd Lubar joined the industry of real estate in 1995. Throughout the years, the real estate expert has been able to accumulate a lot of experience and expertise. Part of the reason why Todd Lubar enjoys his current success is due to his extensive education background as well as his experience and expertise. He is known as a very passionate, skilled, and committed and discipline entrepreneur. Todd Lubar is also a great team player and this has helped him when it comes to making great business relationships with other businessmen and also his co-workers. Todd Lubar comes from a family of humble beginnings but was able to hard very hard to become one of the most successful and respected personalities in the real estate industry.

The first position that Todd Lubar held after graduating was as a loan litigator where he worked at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. It was at this company where he was able to acquire his first experience I in the real estate industry since he learned a lot when it comes to the mortgage banking concept. Majority of Todd Lubar’s time is normally spent on creating unique relationships with financial planners, agents in the real estate, insurance agents and CPA’s who form his source of referral business. After working at Crestar Mortgage for nearly four years, Todd Lubar decided to acquire an equity position in a company that is known as the Legacy Financial Group. Through this acquisition, Todd Lubar managed to expand his lending capabilities and was a huge milestone for the company. Check out angel.co to see more.

Todd Lubar made the decision to start his own independent company in 2002 which was called the Legendary Properties. This company was a residential development company that serves all types of consumers. This was also a huge milestone in the career of Todd Lubar since it led to rapid rehabilitation, purchasing progression selling and profiting of over 200 transactions. After launching Legendary Properties, Todd Lubar was able to establish a number of relations with certain leading banking institutions in the company which also led to the growth and success of the company. You can visit toddlubar.com

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Todd Lubar investment in the real industry

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures. He is also the current Vice President of Legendary Investments. Before his current job positions, he worked for other two companies namely Legacy Financial Group and Crestar Mortgage. One of Todd Lubar’s most remarkable achievements at the Legacy Financial Group is that he helped its Maryland office become a production unit of over $100 dollar annually in loan volume. He has also served as the senior vice president of the Charter Funding. Todd Lubar is a graduate of the Syracuse University in Speech Communication. He graduated in 1995.

According to crunchbase, Todd started his career in the real estate career in 1995 when he started working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. It is at this firm that he realized his desire to serve in the real estate sector for the rest of his career. He served as a loan originator for this company. At this firm, he also laid ground of what he would later become in life. Crestar Mortgage Corporation helped him learn the basics of mortgaging business. He learned the conservative mortgage banking model which is a skill that would later prove very helpful when he started his own company. At this corporation, he also had the benefit of interacting the players in the industry who included, CPA’s, insurance agents, financial planners, real estate agents and most importantly his future clients.

In 1999, Todd Lubar took another step towards realizing his goals. He joined the Legacy Financial Group and acquired an equity position with the firm. This added him the benefit of being able to broker loans for outside investors as well as lending as a direct mortgage bank. In 2002 he opened the Legendary Properties LLC, a residential real estate development company. This acquisition helped him to rapidly engage in activities of purchasing, retailing, selling and profiting from hundreds of transactions that he oversaw. He oversaw the sale of single houses as well as twenty-unit multi-purpose houses. He was able to interact and know people who would help him put up housing units in the way that he wanted. He was also able to establish financial links with banking institutions who accorded him credit lines that would go as high as $20 million.


How People Can Meet Their Needs With Richard Blair

The financial aspect of life is very hard for most people. For one thing, people are stuck in a rat race where they are trying to break free of any financial issues they are having. One thing that makes it worse is that there are a lot of occurrences that could occur which has people chasing their tail. The truth is a lot of people get themselves in debt trying to get a good career off the ground. Then they have to spend a lot of their career paying off their debt so that they can finally be free. The only thing is that life will always throw a lot of obstacles in the way.


The best thing to do is look for financial advice in order to get help with moving forward. One of the sources of financial advice is Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. He has a lot of experience and insight in this area. He is able to offer workable advice to people no matter what income bracket they are in. He can help give people advice on how to save money whether they are working a full time office job or are working part time at a fast food restaurant.


Richard Blair has a lot of fun advice and steps that people could take which will not only help them save money. He can show people a lot of different activities that they can get involved in that will help them bring in extra income so that they can actually pay off more of their debt at once. One of the best feelings that Richard Blair knows is being financially independent. When one is finally debt free, there is this sense of freedom that makes life a lot easier. Richard wants to help people achieve that.


At the same time, Richard is also aware of all of the unexpected occurrences that could make life a little bit harder for people. Therefore, he teaches people the importance of putting together an emergency fund. This emergency fund will help pay all of the unexpected expenses that could occur.


Tony Petrello; The Man Behind Nabors Industries’ Success

Anthony Petrello is the CEO and President of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is a contract driller and field service company that operates in sites all over the world. Some of the services and products that the firm offers include offshore drilling, rig equipment, land drilling, and drilling software.

The company’s stock price has nearly tripled in a few years with Petrello as CEO. The company’s success led to an increase in his compensation. This resulted in him becoming the highest-paid CEO in 2013.

The shareholders of the company decided to limit the compensation paid to executives at the firm so that it could be re-invested in the business. They did this by limiting severance payment to three times the salary of an executive and by splitting the roles of CEO and chairman. This is the reason why Petrello fell on the list of highest-paid CEOs in the world.

Petrello earned a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree from Yale. He also has a J.D from the Harvard Law School. He started his career at Baker & McKenzie as a lawyer after completing school. His work focused on taxation, compliance, and corporate law. Petrello was appointed the managing director of the New York office in 1986. He served in this role until he retired in 1991.

Tony Petrello was appointed the President and COO of Nabors Industries in 1991. He was also elected to the executive committee of the board and the board of directors in the same year. Petrello was promoted to CEO in 2011. Petrello was appointed the Chairman of the board in mid-2012.

Thor Halvorssen the Human Rights Advocate.

Thor Halvorssen was born as Thor Leonardo Halvossen Mendoza in 9th March 1976.Thor is a human rights activist and film producer. He has been described by the New York Times as a champion of the underdogs and the powerless. A nationality of Venezuela, Thor Halvossen has made contributions in the areas of public policy, interest advocacy, individual rights and civil liberties.

Thor began human rights campaigns at an early age. As an adolescent in 1989 in London, he organized an opposition to the South African apartheid. When his father became a political prisoner in Venezuela, Thor became fully involved in the advocacy of the due process. In 2004, during a political protest his mother was shot, which made Thor start the New York based Human Rights Foundation. The main purpose of this organization is working toward liberating political prisoners and promoting tolerance and democracy in Latin America. Since the Human Right foundation started its operations, it has managed to secure freedom of seven of conscience, submitted amicus briefs in major international human rights cases, given evidence to Truth commissions, and published two books about the responsibility of the state.

Holvorssen, in 2009 founded a global of human rights advocates known as the Oslo Freedom Forum. The conferences have taken place annually since 2009. The Wired Magazine described it as “if the global human-rights movement were to create its own unified representative body, it would look something like this.” This forum has expanded his human rights’ complain scope which originally zeroed on combating left-wing populist authoritarianism in Latin America and now advocating worldwide change.

During these forums, Holvorssen has shown that he is intensely energetic; a characteristic that can be attributed to his personality and that translates well on TV and in front of the crowd. During the opening of the conference he starts by exhorting the crown to attend every speech and show up on time in each of them. The rest of the time he prefers to stay away from the stages, and instead works on their activities and help them network. His works in human right has put him at forefront of liberating the oppressed around the world.