How OSI Industries Grew Into Being A Global Firm

OSI Industries is a global supplier of processed food. The food the processed is used in restaurants around the world. They also make the frozen processed food that many grocery stores sell as private label. It’s a company that has been around for many years, being established in 1909 by a German immigrant. The company’s big break came in 1955 when a new company started selling what they called fast food, McDonald’s. OSI Industries (then called Otto & Sons) was selected to be one of the fresh ground beef patty suppliers. They have been growing ever since.

Over the years OSI Industries has acquired several other companies. In 2016 they acquired two food processing company in Europe for example, Baho Foods (a Dutch firm) and Flagship Europe (a United Kingdom firm). They have a number of other subsidiaries they have acquired such as Amick Farms LLC, K&K Foods Ltd., Fair Oaks Farms LLC, and Select Ready Foods among others. All of the companies are managed by the headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, just outside of Chicago.

In 2016 Tyson Foods decided to close down one of their food processing facilities in Chicago. They issued layoff notices to the employees and prepared to shut operations down. With a growing need for more processing facilities, OSI International acquired the facility for $7.4 million. The employees were very happy because they were all offered jobs with OSI International with most of them taking up the offer. The facility is 200,000 square feet and plays a big role in the economy of the area in which it is situated.

At this former Tyson facility, their other facilities worldwide, and their offices, OSI International food company has many employees. In order to hire new employees they have a job section on their site and also post job openings on ZipRecruiter. There is a wide variety of positions available including regulatory specialist, corporate quality assurance vice president, administrative assistant, cash accountant, and maintenance mechanic. They offer competitive salaries and most people that start working at OSI Group end up spending the rest of their career at the company because of how well they are treated.

Being a privately held company, OSI Industries has been very successful at what they do. In 2016 the company had $6.1 billion in revenues. Forbes rated OSI Industries as the #58 largest private company in America. With a focus on selling food all around the world their success will likely continue.

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Roberto Santiago-Making Manaira a Better Place

Sometimes shopping can be very tiresome and time-consuming. In some cases, we have to schedule different days to go for shopping before completing it. This is because of the many places we have to go to get the items we need.

Roberto Santiago saw this problem and decided to solve it for his community. Fortunately, the Santiago people are beneficiaries of Santiago’s project. With the presence of The Roberto Santiago Manaira people, it is possible to have everything you need under one roof.

Many times, people do not get a chance to relax even when they need time to recharge their mind. The whole idea of a weekend is to have a break from tedious work and report fresh to work. This is not possible because many people use this time in doing their shopping. With the Roberto Santiago mall, the Manaira people can multi task. You can have both the fun and shopping at the same time. There is nothing to worry about because everything you need is under one roof.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall is a home of entertainment. However, this is not the only part that it plays to the manaira people. The mall has brought along, a lot of positivity to the people.

For example, the Roberto Manaira mall has attracted many investors in the area. This means additional amenities, good infrastructure. The Manaira people are also having a variety of goods and services to choose from when doing their shopping. The manufacturers in the area, have no choice but produce quality and unique products. This competition has improved the products they receive.

The other beneficial factor that the manaira people have got is the employment opportunities. Unemployment is a global challenge. The employment opportunity is, therefore, a big boost to the society. The increase of the job opportunities has increased the living standards of the manaira people. This has improved the Manaira economy.

Other people have moved to the Manaira individuals in search of employment. This has, in turn, provided the investors with labor. Labor is a significant factor of production. The employees are the backbone of every company. The investors are therefore lucky to have that environment.

Final Verdict

The Roberto Manaira Mall is an investment that has set the level of its economy to another level. Everyone is a beneficiary of this scheme. The investors can have adequate labor, and the community enjoys the availability of labor.

The Roberto Santiago mall has also allowed the people of manaira to enjoy the real meaning of weekends. This is because the manaira has given the people a chance to shop and have fun at the same time.

Other entrepreneurs should follow the footsteps of Roberto Santiago and develop their communities. At the end of the day, everyone is happy.


Huffpost Contributor Is Also Its Marketing Expert

In addition to being a contributor to Huffpost since 2016 (back when it was the Huffington Post), Bob Reina is also the CEO and founder of a video marketing company that has helped re-brand the publication ( His contributions relate to subjects such as entrepreneurship, marketing trends, lifestyle, skillful selling, and self-development. So it’s no real surprise that his marketing skills proved useful. Based out of Florida, the company called Talk Fusion has aided what was once the Huffington Post in their efforts to refocus on their mission to “tell the stories of people who have been left out of the conversation” while trying to re-establish their presence as a publication. Learn more:


Talk Fusion is a marketing company that offers a range of multi-media services aimed at helping its customers device marketing solutions that are both engaging and persuasive. By providing services such as video email, newsletters, video chats and live meetings, this innovative company helps bring marketing into the 21st century. Which is no surprise considering that Talk Fusion’s founder has such a dedication to innovation. Reina was even quoted saying, “As a leader and a philanthropist, my goal is always to set people up to succeed, no matter where they are in the world or what their backstory may be.” This is an attitude he brings to both his writing and his marketing business, and it certainly shows.


Bob Reina was reportedly in enthusiastic favor of the publications re-branding choice, both as a contributor and as a business man. Public reinvention, along with a newly measured focus on topics such as culture and fulfillment, has helped tremendously to engage Huffpost’s readership audience in a modern way. Learn more:


How People Can Meet Their Needs With Richard Blair

The financial aspect of life is very hard for most people. For one thing, people are stuck in a rat race where they are trying to break free of any financial issues they are having. One thing that makes it worse is that there are a lot of occurrences that could occur which has people chasing their tail. The truth is a lot of people get themselves in debt trying to get a good career off the ground. Then they have to spend a lot of their career paying off their debt so that they can finally be free. The only thing is that life will always throw a lot of obstacles in the way.


The best thing to do is look for financial advice in order to get help with moving forward. One of the sources of financial advice is Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. He has a lot of experience and insight in this area. He is able to offer workable advice to people no matter what income bracket they are in. He can help give people advice on how to save money whether they are working a full time office job or are working part time at a fast food restaurant.


Richard Blair has a lot of fun advice and steps that people could take which will not only help them save money. He can show people a lot of different activities that they can get involved in that will help them bring in extra income so that they can actually pay off more of their debt at once. One of the best feelings that Richard Blair knows is being financially independent. When one is finally debt free, there is this sense of freedom that makes life a lot easier. Richard wants to help people achieve that.


At the same time, Richard is also aware of all of the unexpected occurrences that could make life a little bit harder for people. Therefore, he teaches people the importance of putting together an emergency fund. This emergency fund will help pay all of the unexpected expenses that could occur.


Stephen Murray’s Contribution to CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray was born in August 1962. He studied at the Boston College of Columbia Business School where he obtained a degree in economics in 1984. Later in 1989, he graduated with a master’s degree in business administration from the same university. He was a distinguished private equity investor and notable philanthropist.

Murray held the position of President and Chief Executive Officer at a private equity firm known as CCMP Capital. His company focused on buyout and growth equity transactions. Back in 1984 after graduating with his first degree, he joined Manufacturers Hanover Corporation where he undertook a credit analyst trainer program.

In 2005, Stephen Murray was appointed head of buyout business at the prestigious JP Morgan Partners. In August of 2006, Murray founded CCMP Capital, an offshoot of JP Morgan Chase on The following year, he became the company’s CEO. He also served as board member at different companies including Pinnacle Foods, Generac Power Systems and Warner Chillcot.

His philanthropic works spread across various organizations in the United States. Murray supported the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Metro New York’s Make-A-Wish Foundation, Columbia Business School and Stamford Museum. At Boston College, he served as Vice Chairman of the board of trustees.

Read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

Since 1989, Stephen Murray worked with CCMP and other firms that preceded the company. At one time, J.P Morgan acquired Chase Capital Partners and its name changed to JPMorgan Partners. It was then one of the largest private equity firms in the world. In 2007, Murray replaced Jeff Walker as the company’s CEO.

In February 2015, it was announced that Murray left CCMP Capital, ending an illustrious 16-year career. There was little information on the reasons why Murray left and where he was heading to. Some sources indicated ill-health as his reason. Later, reports indicated that CCMP Capital’s chairman, Greg Brenneman would succeed Murray as CEO.

Many people described Steve as a terrific deal maker and investor. Just before leaving his capacity as CEO, Murray served at the boards of several companies. Examples are Octagon Credit Investors, LHP Hospital Group, Infogroup Inc, Crestcom International, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and Jetro JMDH Holdings.

In March 2015, just a month after Murray left his position of President and CEO of CCMP Capital, it was announced that he passed on. He was aged 52. Brenneman, his successor, stated that the company was saddened to learn of Murray’s passing. On behalf of the company, he sent condolences to Murray’s family. He left behind a wife and two sons.

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A Guide towards Choosing a Suitable Medicare Advantage Scheme

Medicare Advantage plan is a healthcare insurance program that is provided by a private Medicare Advantage plan organization. Medicare Advantage plans include Preferred Provider Organizations, Private Fee-for-Service, Special Needs Plans, Provider Sponsored Organizations, and Medicare Medical Savings Accounts. All plans differ on cost and coverage restrictions on Zoom Info.

Some of the factors you should inquire from a service provider before selecting a scheme are;
1. The plans healthcare providers in their network. You can consider if your doctor is on the network. Good programs have an in-network of numerous service providers.

2. Most plans require that you use their in-network healthcare service providers. But in case you need to see a specialist; you have to be referred by a Primary Care physician. It is crucial to ask your service provider on who you can choose as your PCP.

3. Ask if the plan will cover for outpatient drug prescriptions and the types of drugs that are in a plan’s list of covered drugs.

4. Inquire on the cost of a plan’s monthly premiums, copayments, deductible and the annual out of pocket spending. Ask for the plans regulations concerning the expenses.

5. Inquire on the service areas where the program works and if the scheme takes effect when you travel out of the service area.

For this reason, it is vital that you get a service provider with affordable Medicare Advantage plans that suit your health needs. For Clients living in Puerto Rico, InnovaCare is the ideal service provider.

At InnovaCare Health, clients will receive healthcare models that are specially designed by their management team to cater for all needs of a patient at a cost friendly price. Their Chief Executive Officer, Richard Shinto, and Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides, have worked in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years. Their combined capabilities and leadership experiences work to boost the credibility of InnovaCare Health a provider of medical solutions to the diverse needs of their clients.

Moreover, InnovaCare Health runs two dedicated subsidiaries that provide Medicare Advantage plans that benefit an estimated 27,000 clients. The clients are able to benefit from the Advantage Plans through an in-network of 7500 service providers. InnovaCare has maintained a commitment to providing exceptional services that have been designed specifically to respond to the needs of their diverse communities according to Rick Shinto, CEO of InnovaCare. As a result of making this their culture, they have been honored severally as the best Medicare Advantage plan provider in the region.

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Mike Baur Supports Entrepreneurs with Opportunities from the Swiss Start-Up Factory

Mike Baur is a Swiss based businessman and entrepreneur. Mr. Baur holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Rochester New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. His business background includes working in the banking industry for most of 20 years. Even as a teen, he found the banking and finance industry fascinating and followed that passion and interest to a career. Baur began at the bottom of the banking ladder beginning as an apprentice and continuing the climb to executive board member of a large private Swiss bank.

With a variety of banking experience under his belt, Baur took off on the entrepreneurial path and co-founded the SSUF (Swiss Start-Up Factory) in 2014. The entity is an independent start up accelerator in Switzerland and focuses on helping energetic and thriving start-ups in the digital industry. SSUF is financed privately and offers start-ups exciting opportunities through their strong Swiss network and around the world.

Baur is responsible for fundraising and financing rounds at SSUF. He also works as a mentor to the Swiss youth entrepreneurship programs, as well as supports a variety of Swiss Start-ups financially. Baur is proud of his role with the SSUF and believes providing support opportunities to young entrepreneurs will strengthen the business world as well as the economy, as the start-ups continue to deliver better products and services.

The SSUF is also partnering with Geneva based fintech accelerator called Fusion. The philosophy of the company is to provide greater opportunities and widen the reach of the SSUF. Such start-ups will be evaluated and those with potential will be allowed growth opportunities including financing and mentoring support.

Baur and the Factory will offer mentoring, coaching and office space in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland in a three month long program. Start-ups will also have access to an entrepreneurial network with those that have similar goals and ambitions. The Factory will also partner potential start-ups with appropriate investors and continually evaluate their progress to make sure the start-ups stay on track and continue to move their companies forward and headed for success.

The Career of Adam Goldenberg

At the age of 13, Adam Goldenberg found his first successful entrepreneurial endover through an unusual source, this was through using his Bar Mitzvah money. With this money, Adam Goldenberg began an online bulletin board service, and after a couple years he turned this service into a gaming website, known as the Gamer’s Alliance. Through this website, the attention was caught of the intermix president and founder Brett Brewer, who would acquire the website in 1997, not realizing at the time that the founder was just 17 years old. After dealing with some deliberation, Brewer hired Adam Goldenberg, and at 19, he was promoted to the position of COO for Intermix, this making him the youngest COO for a public company. After a year, Intermix went on to acquire, which was a fitness and health start up, with Don Ressler as it’s founder. In 2005, when intermix was acquired by News Corp, it was then that Goldenberg and Ressler found themselves to be watching the successful and profitable company that they had built being ignored by media conglomerate. As they were not bound to the company and were becoming increasingly frustrated that all their work was being ignored, they left in pursuit of exploring new opportunities. With knowledge that they had the skills needed in starting and excelling in the field of online performance advertising, they created a brand building that they would execute autonomously. With a group former Alena team members, they would hold their first brainstorming session in the living room of Adam Goldenberg’s home. And two weeks after this, Brand Ideas, which later became Intelligent Beauty was born. And In 2010, Intelligent Beauty launched it’s third company, which was the subscription ecommerced fashion retailer known as JustFab. By the end of 2013, JustFab had over 3 million members all around Europe, and in August of 2014, JustFab had closed an $85 million dollar round of funding that would be led by the Passport Special Opportunity Fund.

Since beginning his entrepreneurial career, there have been many lessons that Adam Goldenberg has learned. And through this, within all of the ventures it has made them able to quickly adapt their own business, and while looking at the numbers daily, and even sometimes hourly, if they notice that something is not right, if they are able to catch it right away, then are able to make any changes that are necessary.  And when hiring individuals to work for their company, they look for individuals for passion, while someone may look good on paper, if they don’t have the passion for the brand or what they do then they will not thrive. What makes the company stand out is that most brands spend too much time focusing on how to sell their product rather than on what they are trying to sell. Source:

Dick DeVos, Generous Funding to Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

The John F. Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts has exceeded their speculative fundraiser prospects regarding an imminent and approved amplification venture by a staggering $50Million.
This fundraiser began in 2013, with an initial projected objective of $125Million, however during the last three years the architectural development scheme has been altered, and the total estimated cost for design and construction has reached $119.5Million.
The outstanding contribution of $22.5 Million bequeathed by the benevolent and philanthropic Dick and Betsy DeVos is overwhelming.
Dick DeVos a native of Michigan is a renowned businessman and generous philanthropist. His father Richard DeVos is one of the creator’s of Amway in 1959, a multi-level marketing prototype company merchandising various commodities to consumers worldwide. Their main focus is on health, beauty, domestic products and dietary supplements.
Dick DeVos possesses a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University and prestigious accolades with doctorates from Grover City College, Central Michigan University and Northwood University. He also attended Harvard Business School and Wharton School studying executive programs.
In 1974, Dick commenced working at Amway Corporation in various capacities in the departments of research, improvement, manufacturing, marketing and assets. In 1984 he was appointed as Vice President of the company, and under his authority and control new prospering markets were formed and international marketing tripled and even surpassed domestic transactions.

In 1991 he purchased the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic and was named President and Chief Executive Officer of the team. In 1993 Dick DeVos returned to Amway.
In 2000, he supervised a dramatic overhaul of the company’s structure that created Alticor, the new holding company of antecedent Amway Corporation.
Dick pensioned off in 2002 from Alticor and became President of Windquest Group, a private expenditure firm with interests in technology, production and other interests.
The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, founded in 1990 donates liberal funds to American Education Reform Council, Choices For Children, Children First America and also appropriations to Christian Schools in West Michigan. There are also ongoing contributions to civic, artistic, educational, community, and promoting free enterprise and economic organizations.
In 2012, Forbes Magazine portrayed Dick DeVos as the 67th wealthiest individual in the United States, with a net worth of $5.1Billion.

The Portfolio and CEO of Coriant Operations, Inc

Coriant is a company that deals in the delivery of networking solutions for business customers. It was founded as an amalgamation of Nokia Siemens Networks Optical Networks, Tellabs, and Sycamore Network. With over 35 years of experience in the business of Tier 1 networking products and services, Coriant helps its clients adapt to new technologies. Focus on the cloud, SDN-enabled solutions help in the reduction of operational inefficiencies improving the use of network resources.

Coriant has as clients key network operators worldwide from mobile providers to government agencies. It has a presence in over 100 countries globally and in 6 continents. It has a colorful history with over 1,800 patents in networking innovation.

Coriant Services Portfolio

Coriant offers services that cover every area required to establish a network, they are:

  • Network Planning and Optimization: This is in place to assist providers to plan how their network will be and optimize an existing network.
  • Network Integration and Upgrade: These services help in keeping a network efficient and utilize new solutions to keep up with network demands.
  • Network Management System: This is a support service that assists clients to properly manage, configure, and maintain Coriant systems.
  • Operations Support: This is support offered to help in the management of complex networks.
  • Network Deployment: This involves the actual installation, testing, and commissioning of the network.
  • Care Services: This is the daily support for network operations, it includes servicing of the hardware, software upgrades, and remote support.
  • Training Services: This is support offered to assist clients to work confidently and efficiently with Coriant systems. It is flexible and can be carried out either on-site or online.

CEO Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is the current CEO and Chairman of the Board of Coriant. Over the years, he has worked in different industries, such as technology, financial services, and telecom. In these industries, he has a number of patents to his name. Beginning his career at GTE Corporation, he then moved on to Verizon where he was the Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer. He then became the Chief Operations and Technology Officer at Barclays.

Kheradpir achieved a bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. in engineering from Cornell University. He has previously served on the advisory boards of the Cornell University Engineering Council and the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology.

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