Building a career the Peter Briger way.

When Peter Briger was announced as the new Co- CEO of the fortress investment group in 2017 it marked one of the happiest days of his life. For a man who grew up in finance having begun his career as an entry-level banker at Goldman Sachs and now helping oversee assets worth more than 40 billion dollars, this was a dream come true. Despite him attending the Princeton University and the prestigious Wharton school of business, he would have never predicted this despite him working hard every day to advance his career and accord himself new opportunities every day. The Fortress investment group had tapped him from Goldman Sachs and tasked him with establishing a new department within the group that would cater for the credit side of the business. This was a task Peter Briger was well capable of having come from managing various credit facilities at Goldman Sachs. His greatest challenge, however, at the time was that financially the group was not yet a par with Goldman Sachs and he was thus expected to use fewer financial resources to achieve numbers similar to those he was achieving at Goldman. It did not take long for Peter Briger to put together one of the strongest teams in the entire organization. Today the team is composed of more than five hundred employees and is responsible for overseeing investments in more than fifteen different locations. Peter Briger has been able to transfer the skills he learned at Goldman Sachs over his 15-year career to Fortress and see them work at every level. His passion for supporting entrepreneurs has been another important factor in his life. This commitment was reflected when he accepted to become one of the three pioneering contributors to the Princeton Alumni fund. The fund is today responsible for financing a number of successful young entrepreneurs to the tune of one hundred thousand plus mentorship from other successful entrepreneurs. He is still a very committed Alumni of Princeton and continues to encourage others who went through the school to contribute towards the actualization of the Princeton entrepreneur’s dream which hopes to make it the country’s hub of high achieving entrepreneurs. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Michael Burwell Is The Relentlessly Positive New Chief Financial Officer Of Wilson Tower Watson

Michael Burwell is the Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson, and he believes that one of the best things that people can do to in life is to listen intently to others. He works his hardest at being present, in the moment, when he is communicating with people and feels this is the best way to truly get to know someone. When someone in his company has what could be the next great idea, he works to ensure that it gets looked at so it doesn’t simply vanish without ever of having the chance to see the light of day.


Michael Burwell has always worked with companies to get more from less, and he is a believer of technology and how it can help people to become more productive. Coming from this place, he always shares apps with others that he has found useful in his life, and he also tries to find out what apps they use to help them out. When it comes to finding success, Michael Burwell believes that being relentless and positive are two important traits that always help.


During the month of August in 2017, Willis Towers Watson made an announcement that Michael Burwell would be taking over its Chief Financial Officer. With more than three decades of experience in the financial services industry, he took over for the former Chief Financial Officer of the company, Roger Millay, who voluntarily retired. Burwell has served the companies he has worked for over the years in different roles, and many of them have been financial roles where he has taken up a leadership position. Burwell also has worked as an auditor as well as a transaction services advisor who has worked with valuation and pre-merger due diligence.


Michael Burwell studied at Michigan State University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration. He is also a certified public accountant and was given the title of Alumnus of the year in 2010 by Michigan State University. He worked with Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. (PwC) for many years and served the company as a business advisor. In the late 1990’s, he took over in a leadership role for the company’s central U.S. transaction business, and he became its Chief Financial Officer in 2009 as well its Chief Operating Officer in the United States. Before his current role as Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson, he served as the Vice Chairman Global and U.S. Transformation for PwC. Visit This Page to learn more.





Louis Chenevert as the Dynamic Leader of United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is one of the most successful businessmen and pioneers in the aerospace and technology industries. His work at United Technologies Corporation, combined with his experience with General Motors and Pratt & Whitney, reveals that he is the kind of executive who is able to lead corporations in both profitable and speculative times.


During his time with United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert has been able to combine vision and focus to lead a company optimistically and passionately. He was appointed CEO in 2008 and led the company to profit despite the onslaught of the subprime mortgage recession. By focusing on both the aerospace and technologies industries with United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert managed to wield a dynamic company that could switch focus in production based on the demands of the people, further exemplifying his experience in pure leadership.


Louis Chevenert is able to execute on his vision by placing emphasis on the quality of his team, citing that “focus on operational talent and engineering was extremely important to delivering ideas that would produce results.” By integrating small teams that focused on developing products with an energized operations team, Louis Chevenert led a synergized enterprise capable of instilling optimism and reliability in its customers.


Due to his experience working at General Motors and as president of Pratt & Whitney, Louis Chenevert’s particular expertise comes with maintaining a positive atmosphere within United Technologies Corporation. Louis Chenevert states that “when you tackle any issue upfront, you allow for people to win. People love to be associated with winners.” He understands that problems should be dealt with right away to minimize difficulty and that minimizing internal politics and energy draining attitudes leaves plenty of room to follow a productive and successful agenda.


If there’s any trend that really inspires Louis Chenevert to keep running his widely acclaimed company, it’s that technology is always changing, enabling United Technologies Corporation to continue to pioneer into the future. Because Louis Chenevert is a determined and diligent entrepreneur, his long-lasting leadership will lead his company to profit for many years to come.

Sheldon Lavin from Chicago Banking to Global Food Executive

Sheldon Lavin wandered into the meat business around 43 years back. He has been both the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, from that point forward and changed it to an overall sustenance items’ provider having its quality in 16 nations and working more than 55 offices.Sheldon Lavin increased the portion of the voting control of OSI Group in the mid-1980s and 100% control 13 years after the fact. At 81 years, Lavin is as yet endeavoring to grow this organization. OSI Group has gotten numerous honors since Lavin assumed control as the CEO. There incorporate honors for wellbeing administration, ecological administration, and dangers. A portion of the celebrations includes the 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council granted to OSI Food Solutions UK for its methodologies in hazard administration. OSI Group was additionally regarded on 25 November 2016 by a real honor.

India’s Vision World Academy granted the Global Visionary Award to Sheldon Lavin on February 20, 2016. Worldwide Visionary Award generally is given to visionaries in different fields who have figured out how to change over their fantasies to wind up reality through steadiness to accomplish their objectives. This honor has given throughout the previous five years. For more than fifteen years, Mr. Lavin had his own particular money related counseling firm, Sheldon Lavin and Associates, Inc. in downtown Chicago. Mr. Lavin still leads OSI’s development, particularly in Europe and Asia. He likewise keeps on driving OSI’s advancement. He sees growth and expansion to be critical to OSI’s future development, alongside keeping up its family-like culture.

Concerning. Sheldon instructive foundation he has a degree in back in bookkeeping. He has been granted a few wards from the non-benefit and some business exercises. He so included with regards to philanthropies. The most apparent philanthropies that he has partaken in is the inner city establishment, Jewish United assets, and numerous others.

As a result of his administrative ability, he has possessed the capacity to offer the general public with the best group of representatives that are worried about the general strength of the purchasers. The organization has put resources into stores that should deal with the natural practices of the general public. One can discover OSI Group in more than 60 different nations now. He has done marvels in helping the blasting accomplishment of the organization. Lavin has been a piece of the OSI Group since 1970 when he was initially working at Otto and Sons, and he doesn’t anticipate leaving at any point shortly.

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Success Journey Of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello has a fantastic story that led to his success and significant achievements in his career life. However, it is imperative to understand that the lifetime of Tony has not been that smooth since he has faced lots of fateful moments in life. He has been able to stand strong and endure the challenges since some affect him directly.

Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of the global Oil Company Nabors that is leading in the industry. Most of the achievement s and success of Tony Petrello has been due to the hard work, passion and commitments in his endeavors.

Tony Petrello is a creative thinker the skills that were with him since his early stages while he was a student in the high school where he formed Math equations and solved them all. He attended Yale University and earned his both bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. However, he did not venture into business as the expectations of many but enrolled to a law career in Harvard Law School. Thereafter, he joined the American law firm known as Baker & McKenzie and handled business law. While working at Bakers, he offered his services to Nabors, and after some year he was hired to help the company as an executive member.

It is remarkable that the joining of Tony Petrello to Nabors Company was of benefit. The firm started to have tremendous growth and development to the extent that it made a partnership with renowned companies such as C&J Energy to have a rationalized production flow. Since Nabors was a drilling company, it had deals led by Tony with KazMunayGas that is found in Kazakhstan. This was a golden opportunity for Nabors since it ended up having more fields to make drills. Through this, more revenues were generated for its long and short-term goals.

Therefore, it is significant that Tony Petrello has made the Nabors Company to achieve a lot in the gas and oil industry. Besides his career life, Tony is a great philanthropist that channel lots of funds towards Neurological Research Institute. His daughter Carena had a challenge based on the neurological condition that impacted her life negatively. Besides he serves on the board of trustees that are responsible for carrying out research for the kids suffering from neurological diseases. The efforts and contributions of Tony Petrello can go unnoticed since people can give their testimonies of his giving back to the community.

OSI Industries Excels In Food Services

OSI Industries; Food Services

The leaders in the food industry have long since been responsible for putting a nutritional meal on the table of millions of families. Based in Aurora, Illinois and established in 1992, the OSI Industries has several years of experience in the food network. They were one of the few food facility plants willing to comply with the tough rules diet by the FDA and international laws without sanctions and fees. They have been able to lead the industry with over 55 facilities in 16 countries. Learn more about the OSI Industries Ltd., food group online.

Secures Acquires Tyson Foods

Tyson foods is a very popular household name for many food and frozen food products. OSI is only willing to partner with the best and they were able to make a successful bid for the Chicago plant estimated to be worth millions. OSI was able to purchase the Chicago plant and save the jobs of hundreds of dislocated workers. They have been able to include them among their successful businesses in the United States. The Asia food market has also been among their successful businesses. Partner with the OSI Industries food group today.

Recent News About OSI Industries

Their CEO and professional business partner, David McDonald, has allowed thousands of people to sustain their families by creating over 3,000 jobs worldwide. McDonald was able to receive the Global Visionary Award for his career initiative. Their stockholders back their efforts with over $65.4 billion in assets. McDonald understood the need to help the impoverished communities they serve. He is invested in the improvement of the socio-economic status worldwide. Get the details on their most recent acquisitions including one with Flagship Europe and Baho Foods in the Dutch food market. They currently process hot dogs, meat patties, frozen poultry, dessert, pie, sandwich fillings, and a signature line of organic vegetables.

You can also find a unique job opportunity with the OSI food group by visiting their web portal to learn how to apply. Join the OSI Industries food group and feed your family and customers a safe diet.

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How Productivity is Helpful Even For Market America Members

Many people have trouble with their work. However, when they try to work for themselves, they are going to find that productivity is more important than ever. Working from home or any other location is going to require getting a lot of work done. Even when it comes to passive income opportunities like Market America, it is important for people to be very productive in the beginning so that they can set up the income. Even when they start making their first dollar, they are going to have to continue working until they make enough to live off of.

In order for people to be productive as a Market America unfranchise owner, they are going to have to look at what they can do. In many cases, people are not going to have all of the hours of the day because they have to work their regular jobs. Fortunately, there is the possibility of using the rest of the day off of work in order to focus on building up the income as a Market America member. This is where productivity comes into play. One good thing is that if people are passionate about the industry they are in, then they are more likely to be productive.

While there are people that have succeeded in building the income needed to take long breaks and work part time, they have managed this after a long time of working and building. After they have built their income stream, then they are able to live the luxurious lifestyle that they have always dreamed of. Perhaps one of the images of an entrepreneur should be that of someone who is hard at work but happy with what he is doing. The successful entrepreneur that everyone sees is basically not as common and immediate as one would like to believe. However, Market America is one of the opportunities that can help people achieve their goals at a quicker rate.

Paul Mampilly Is an Investment Guru

Society never stops moving forward. That’s just a simple fact of life. Changes greatly influence peoples’ lifestyles as well. People nowadays don’t shop in the ways they did in the past. They no longer throw parties like they did before. They no longer participate in the same types of home remodeling projects, either. The public doesn’t have a lengthy attention span. That’s the reason understanding the investment realm can be a hard task for many. Strong investment practices can do so much for people who want to revel in lifestyles that are comfortable and 100 percent devoid of debt. The problem always involves making strong investment decisions, though. It can be extremely complicated to evaluate investment options. It can be even more complicated to make investment decisions that give you confidence, ease and relaxation. There are some investment openings, however, that may be intelligent for people who are searching for glory. Examples of these are the prescription drug, virtual reality entertainment and 3D printing worlds. Paul Mampilly is a person who strongly believes that 3D printing has the ability to reduce costs of upcoming homes.

Paul Mampilly is an investment aficionado who has a strong background in the field. He’s Banyan Hill Publishing’s Senior Editor at the moment. Banyan Hill Publishing runs out of Delray Beach, Florida. Banyan Hill Publishing functions as a reliable online resource for people who want to make use of solid investment methods. Mampilly has other jobs that don’t involve editing for Banyan Hill Publishing, too. He’s in charge of a pair of separate trading services, first of all. He’s responsible for another big job at Banyan Hill Publishing as well. He pens informative columns that cater to the company’s large and constantly growing readership.

Mampilly has enjoyed many achievements in the academic universe. His academic glory has been a big part of his knowledge. He graduated from Fordham University located in New York, New York in 1996. He earned an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from the highly respected Big Apple institution of higher learning. He’s an investment powerhouse who cares about assisting other people. He possesses enviable instructional abilities. He, because of that, has the ability to relay in-depth investment knowledge to people who are interested and dedicated.

Investment can be daunting and frightening to people who are brand new to the concept. Mampilly, however, can make entering investment a lot less worrisome.

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OSI Group Makes Several Acquisitions in Various Countries

Based in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group is a leading supplier of value-added proteins. It deals with an array of meat products such as beef patties and sausage links. It is a privately held company with more than 60 plants in 17 countries. It is using its local-solution and global-efficiency strategy to expand its markets in China.

Joint venture in 2014 in Germany, the UK and Canada

OSI Group got into an investment with Pickstock in the UK. It was a beneficial venture for the Group because it enabled it to expand its beef distribution throughout Europe, and it also offered an opportunity for Pickstock to expand its growth. OSI Group also entered into a venture with Select Ready Foods in Edmonton, which enabled the Group to increase into value-added meat products in Canada. It even offered a tremendous growth opportunity for Select Ready Foods, which deals with pork, chicken and beef products. OSI Group expanded to Germany through a joint venture with EDEKA, a well-known supermarket chain. The opportunity offered EDEKA the chance to increase its production and the access to affordable, high-quality meat products.

UK flagship Europe acquisition in 2016

Flagship Europe deals with the distribution of large products in Europe and the United Kingdom. It distributes frozen poultry, Oliver James pies, and sauces. OSI Group presented the perfect opportunity that Flagship Europe was looking for because when it was sourcing for more resources to increase product base. The Group expanded beyond frozen meats to marinades, food supplies, and other products in the European market. OSI plans to add food safety initiatives and green enhancements at those plants.

2016 Baho Food controlling stake acquisition

Baho Food distributes and produces a wide variety of foods and convenience meat products in Germany and Netherlands. Baho Food is a successful private company, which attracted OSI Group. The acquisition of Baho Food gave OSI Group a broader continental reach to deal with quick snacks and deli meats. The Group acquired a controlling stake into Baho Food, which offered an opportunity to venture into new markets in Germany. OSI Group has plans to enhance operations to make them efficient for the processed meats.

Acquisition of German Hynek Schalachthof GmbH in 2016

The company has its headquarters in Germany. The slaughterhouse is closely located to Frankfurt, which offers access and a strategic site to new raw meat. It has provided Foodworks, an OSI Group’s division in Europe, the opportunity to widen its distribution of fresh meat and meat products in Europe and throughout Germany. The slaughterhouse collaborates with local livestock producers in the locality, and it came at the right time. OSI Group opts for local sources because the company commits ensuring sustainable supply chains and green practices.

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Roberto Santiago-Making Manaira a Better Place

Sometimes shopping can be very tiresome and time-consuming. In some cases, we have to schedule different days to go for shopping before completing it. This is because of the many places we have to go to get the items we need.

Roberto Santiago saw this problem and decided to solve it for his community. Fortunately, the Santiago people are beneficiaries of Santiago’s project. With the presence of The Roberto Santiago Manaira people, it is possible to have everything you need under one roof.

Many times, people do not get a chance to relax even when they need time to recharge their mind. The whole idea of a weekend is to have a break from tedious work and report fresh to work. This is not possible because many people use this time in doing their shopping. With the Roberto Santiago mall, the Manaira people can multi task. You can have both the fun and shopping at the same time. There is nothing to worry about because everything you need is under one roof.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall is a home of entertainment. However, this is not the only part that it plays to the manaira people. The mall has brought along, a lot of positivity to the people.

For example, the Roberto Manaira mall has attracted many investors in the area. This means additional amenities, good infrastructure. The Manaira people are also having a variety of goods and services to choose from when doing their shopping. The manufacturers in the area, have no choice but produce quality and unique products. This competition has improved the products they receive.

The other beneficial factor that the manaira people have got is the employment opportunities. Unemployment is a global challenge. The employment opportunity is, therefore, a big boost to the society. The increase of the job opportunities has increased the living standards of the manaira people. This has improved the Manaira economy.

Other people have moved to the Manaira individuals in search of employment. This has, in turn, provided the investors with labor. Labor is a significant factor of production. The employees are the backbone of every company. The investors are therefore lucky to have that environment.

Final Verdict

The Roberto Manaira Mall is an investment that has set the level of its economy to another level. Everyone is a beneficiary of this scheme. The investors can have adequate labor, and the community enjoys the availability of labor.

The Roberto Santiago mall has also allowed the people of manaira to enjoy the real meaning of weekends. This is because the manaira has given the people a chance to shop and have fun at the same time.

Other entrepreneurs should follow the footsteps of Roberto Santiago and develop their communities. At the end of the day, everyone is happy.