Why the tech and fashion industries should work together

Christopher Burch, the CEO of Burch Capital investment, if for the opinion that that fashion and tech industry should learn to exist, and help each other grow. Burch looks at the current trends to justify his opinion.

He cites an example of Teresa Alstin and Anna Haupt. The two are fashion designers. They have come up with a neckwear for cyclists, which also serves as an airbag in case of an accident. The fashionable wear pops up, and protects the entire head from impact. What makes it better than a helmet is the fact that it allows one to clearly see what is in front. Furthermore, the neckwear looks fashionable.

Another example is the firefighter gloves, developed by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan. The gloves have been synchronized, and allow firefighters to communicate through hand signals and gestures. This enables them to convey important information, such as whether to flee a scene or to stay.

To top to this, Chris Burch gives a case example, in which designers have come up with clothes that generate electricity. Charging a cell phone will become easier with such technology. It is clear that fashion designers will play a huge role in developing it. The tech works by tapping kinetic energy, and transforming it into electrical energy. This way, as one runs or walks, electricity pulses that are sufficient enough to charge a mobile phone will be generated. This will come in handy in this era of smartphones.

About Christopher Burch

Fresh from college, Burch teamed up with his brother to form the Eagle’s Eye apparel company. The company dealt with the manufacture and sale of sweaters. Their starting capital was just $2000. This was in 1976. Twenty-two years later, the two sold the company to Swire group for $60 million. Burch’s entrepreneur skills are vividly outstanding. This is where his interest for fashion grew. He later came up with fashion label, together with his ex-wife. The company grew to be worth $3.5 billion. This is what got him to the Forbe’s list of billionaires.

Mr. Burch later proceeded to form Burch Creative capital, a company dedicated to offering financial and advisory services to startups. He is currently the CEO of the company. Apart from this, the investor has ventured into the real estate business, as well as the film industry. In 1992, Burch produced a romantic comedy film, which received good reviews from the entertainment industry.


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