Nevo: Providing The Energy Boost You Need Today

There are some days in our lives when coffee just won’t do the trick. It is nice to have an alternative energy boost that we can get something out of available to us in the form of a canned beverage. Jeunesse Global offers a new energy drink that promises to do all of these things.

Obviously, this is not the first energy drink of its kind to ever be brought to market. It is easy to think of Monster Energy, Red Bull, and others. However, this is the first energy drink that promises to keep all of the artificial additives out of its can. Nevo does not have any artificial colors, flavors, or additives at all. Plus, the drink only has fifty calories per can. That is massively important because a lot of people who drink these things are on a diet and are trying to stick to that diet as best as they can. Offering them the chance to still enjoy their energy drinks while at the same time remaining on their diet is a godsend for them.

Jeunesse Global understands that this is a bit of a departure from their usual health and beauty products, but they do feel that it fits in pretty well with their overall mission of helping people to live as youthful and healthy of lives as possible. They include it in their Youth Enhancement System because they do believe that it meets some of their objectives for helping those who are trying to live healthy and happy and yet might still need an energy boost. That is how Nevo can help them.

There are sure to be some doubters with all of this. They think that a company that has worked in beauty products for so long could not possibly know what it is doing when it comes to energy drinks. That might be a reasonable thing to think, but Jeunesse Global has continued to prove that they are different from an average company. They defy the odds and continue to show those who doubt that they overcome all challenges. Their products are highly respectable and worth a look.,19.htm

EOS Brings Out The Best Chapstick

When it comes to lips, it is important to have something that can take care of chapped lips. Among the products that people use are lip balm. However, the traditional way of shopping for lip treatment was going to stores and looking for chap stick. Fortunately, stores have handled the placement of these products in a way that makes it easier for people to buy the products. However, not all lip balm products are equal. There are some people who have persistent problems with chapped lips and the effects that come with it. People have had options as to how they want to experience the active ingredients of chap sticks. While they had the tasteless original, there were also other options for different flavors.

Even with a lot of the benefits of chap stick, there was something missing from the product. Fortunately, Evolution of Smooth ( has began to fill the shelves of Walgreens with their own lip balm products. These products were very unique from the typical lip balm products. They have also come with a lot of new ingredients that add to the benefits of the lip balm products. They eventually started expanding to Walmart and Target. They have then gone to other stores that will accept these products.

One thing that makes EOS stand out from all of the other brands of lip balm is the flavors that are product. They have a ton of different flavors available for the customer. This gives them a lot of different ways to have fun while enjoying smoother and more moist lips. Also, certain celebrities like Christina Aguilera have been seen with EOS lip balm. EOS goes way beyond flavors. These products are actually very effective in keeping the lips from becoming chapped. EOS has experienced a lot of growth for its own company while bringing in a growth for the oral care industry.


A Nice Alternative: WEN haircare.

Wen hair care products have been around for several years now. If you have watched TV then surely you have seen them. But there is so much more to this wonderful hair care company than you see in the infomercials. All Wen hair care products are made without the harsh sulfates that can be harmful to your hair. This is what separates Wen from the other shampoos and conditioners that you find on the shelf at your local store.

When you order a Wen kit you are not only getting great products, you are also making a conscious choice to improve the life and health of your hair. You get four products in your kit from Wen. The first is a five in one product that not only cleans and conditions your hair but also detangles deep in conditions but also acts as a leave in conditioner. You also receive a nourishing mousse and a styling cream which are made with the same great formula as the five in one product. The last goodies you will get with your kit is the re moist intensive hair treatment which will help repair your damaged hair and is comparable to the expensive hair treatments you would receive at a high dollar spa. The products are available on Guthy-Renker and Sephora beauty stores.

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Perfect hair Solution With WEN Cleansing Conditioners By Chaz Dean

The majority of people have probably seen an infomercial about WEN by Chaz Dean at some point. The product acts as a 5 in 1 replacement. It can be used in place of detanlgers, shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, and leave in conditioners. It has also been designed to work well with any kind of hair type, and work with any hair issues, like dry or oily.

WEN cleansing conditioners are also good products for those with very thin or fine hair, that like to style their hair every day. This conditioner will make thin hair look great after a shower, providing copious amounts of shine and making it look and feel fuller.

Chaz Dean, the maker of WEN cleansing conditioners, has had a life long passion with hair. It was during his attendance to his photography classes that he was inspired to dedicated himself to cosmetology schooling out in Los Angeles. After a while, his passion for hair turned into a thriving business in hair care for tons of people. While he gained more experienced and collaborated with other companies, he gained interest in developing products of his own as well. He saw a great deal of success in the field, and his products did well too. He ended up being able to expand, purchase a salon, and build a large client base. He earned many celebrity clients as well, which cause him to move over to Hollywood to work with the stars.

Today, Chaz continues to develop new products for his customers, and has become an inspiration for many people around the world with his amazing products and the results they can bring. WEN cleansing conditioners, along with all of Chaz’s other products, can be found on eBay, Amazon, Guthy-Renker and Sephora exclusively.

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Best Lip Balm Options for Cold and Flu Season

It’s a common experience everyone has had: runny nose, dry lips, and all of the other unpleasant feelings that accompany a cold or flu. The misery can usually last days beyond the actual illness, as chapped, sore lips and noses linger. During cold and flu season, the right lip balm can be your best friend when it comes to eliminating this pain.
So which lip balms are best for cold and flu season? Here are a few top lip balm brand recommendations to get you through this year’s cold and flu season:

Evolution of Smooth (EOS)
With numerous flavors, organic certification, and a soothing blend of moisturizing ingredients, Evolution of Smooth (also known as EOS) lip balm is a top choice for cold and flu season. The sphere shaped lip balms are made with shea butter and vitamin E, and are free of phthalates, parabens, and gluten.

EOS also offers a medicated tangerine lip balm, which is an excellent choice for the dry, sore lips a cold can cause. Some of the ingredients found in the medicated tangerine lip balm include: green tea, beeswax, and pomegranate seed oil. Check out their products on Ulta.

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Burt’s Bees – Ultra Conditioning
Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning lip balm is another excellent option for cold and flu season. This lip balm uses kokum, cocoa, and shea butters, is made with 100% natural ingredients, and is free of parabens, SLS, and phthalates.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula
One more top choice for cold and flu season lip balm is Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula lip balm. It’s unique blend of ingredients provides protection and hydration for chapped lips. Additionally, this lip balm is PABA and fragrance free.


Blogger Samples WEN Cleansing Conditioners for Amazing No-Lather Experience

For years, most of us have used Amazon bought shampoos and conditioners with fancy ingredients, believing that the big lather was the ticket to healthy hair.

Not so, says Chaz Dean, the creator of the Wen no-lather shampoo experience. Mr. Dean knows a lot about hair, having been one of the most popular celebrity stylists on the L.A. scene. He developed the special cleansing conditioners that thoroughly wash, condition, entangle and add shine to hair of any and all types.

His holistic formulas do not include those harsh sulfates and other nasty detergents. Instead, your hair will have bounce, super shine and manageability.

Bustle blogger Emily McClure was one of those fine hair-challenged women who longed for Hollywood tresses. So, she took a personal 7-day WEN challenge to see what would happen.

Emily has shoulder length hair, and according to directions, 16-24 pumps of WEN product is suggested for thorough massage and cleansing. When Emily read that, she freaked and resorted to only the minimum 10 pumps for short hair.

Whether Emily’s misuse of the WEN system affected her 7-day challenge, we are not sure, but she still obtained great results, as long as she washed her locks with WEN every morning, followed by a blow-dry and styling.

Emily took photos of her hair and posted the selfies. These pics show a young woman with enviable hair. Even Emily’s friends were blown away by the shine, softness and overall appearance.

If Emily went off the WEN routine and used the product at nighttime, she claims she awoke to already flat hair. If she skipped the morning WEN wash, Emily also found her hair to get greasy and unmanageable all day.

Emily’s advice: WEN delivers radiant, strong hair if you can keep to the morning routine, blow-dry and styling. Visit the Wen YouTube channel for more info on this product.

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