Infiltration: A Big Failure in Enter Soros’ OSF

Listen as James O’Keefe “trips over his own shoelaces” in a clumsy attempt to infiltrate the Open Society Foundations. An attempt to infiltrate George Soros. The full reasons behind these criminal acts haven’t been fully disclosed. Yet, as you’ll come to understand in a bit, the person attempting the act tells on himself.

It’s a story worthy of telling.

The results are inevitable though: utter failure. James O’Keefe completely sabotages an undercover effort to “get into” this group. If you didn’t know, Open Society Foundations is an organization funded by the self made billionaire, George Soros. A name that is recognized world wide for sound insight in the financial industries.

But here’s a little more about James O’Keefe: He’s a conservative activist and filmmaker. The person posing in this failed operation. His most notable achievement was in exposing the ACORN company by posing as a pimp and using a hidden camera. His films are seen on NPR. His organization is called Project Veritas.

From political targets to businessmen, James exposes illegal acts in places no one can. But success isn’t all James O’Keefe is known for. Sadly. A 2010 case saw James plead guilty to entering federal grounds in false pretense.

His accusations for tampering with his videos in a way to mislead has also been highly criticized. Likely accurate also considering his track record. This is the same individual recently caught on audio tape describing the plot of how he would heist the Open Society Foundations. To get to George Soros himself.

The foundation provides international grants. The group’s mission is to advance independent media, education, justice and public health. It was started in 1993 by George Soros and has a current endowment of $1,590,570,302. You did read that figure correctly. This company has offices in over 35 countries and ongoing success.

In his failed attempt at infiltration, Jame O’Keefe called this foundation under the guise of “Victor Kesh.” He was forced to leave a message on, but while speaking to someone with him, he then forgets to hang up the phone. This is when Mr. O’Keefe was captured in the act of detailing his plans in a clear recording.

That was a 10 minute stint where James, believing things to be clear, elaborates on his intentions. Stating that he would use the contact he reached to get into the Soros brand. That didn’t work of course, and now James is the center of ridicule as we speak. It’s all across the media.

As for the billionaire, George Soros was not effected by the undertaking. Soros is known world wide for his status in today’s society. It all started with a lowly education in the London School of Economics.

George will always be known for his success. Today, James O’Keefe is know for his acute failure.

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