Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference

The Texas Bankers Association holds an Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference that allows bank officials, advisers and experts to come together and share ideas on common topics. Participants and panelists explore intentional growth plans, and various panel discussions focus on the many challenges facing bank leaders today.

The 5th annual conference was held November 7, 2016, in New Orleans, Louisiana. John Holt, President and CEO of NexBank Capital, Inc., served as a panelist in the “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation” forum. Under Mr. Holt’s leadership, NexBank has not only achieved strong growth, but is now one of the largest banks headquartered in Dallas, Texas. In addition to John Holt, NexBank has an executive team that includes Matt Siekielski COO, and Craig Korbuly, CFO.

Although NexBank offers services to individual clients, the primary focus is serving institutional clients. Therefore, NexBank strives to offer customized solutions to help clients expand and grow their businesses. NexBank is the 13th largest bank in Texas as of March 2017. They were established in 1934, and have grown to 4 locations and 86 employees.

NexBank is a financial service institution that specializes in Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional Services. The Commercial Banking services offered include Real Estate and Corporate Lending, Specialty Financing, and Treasury Management. Mortgage Banking services include Warehouse Lines, Wholesale and Correspondent Channels, and Jumbo Solutions just to name a few. Some Institutional Services offered include Corporate Financing, Customized Deposit Services, and Property Management.

Securus Technologies Working at Keeping Criminals in Jail

When my fugitive task force gets the call to find a suspect, chances are this is a very dangerous situation. When violence is involved, you are talking about innocent people who should not have to be subjected to these fugitives, and it is my job to get them off the street as quickly as possible. This week we were on the hunt for a husband and wife team, stealing cars and burglarizing houses. On the last job, they beat an old man within an inch of his life.


The trouble we had right out of the gate was that this couple was not from the area of the last crime, and if they were only passing through, they could be anywhere. Then we had the issue of no one in this area knowing them, so no informants could come forward and help us to put the pieces together.


The local jail is where we headed in the hopes of getting some inmate to be able to identify the couple and help us predict their next move. Luckily for my team, Securus Technologies installed a call monitoring system used to listen in on inmates, and we were going to try and see if our being in the jail got anyone to jump on the phone and talk.


It didn’t take long for us to get a hit, and it was a big one. One of the inmates was recently arrested for fencing stolen property, and as luck would have it for us, he purchased items the couple had stolen. He was on the phone talking about another score they had planned on selling, and he need his brother to take the reigns. We decided to intercept the sale and put those two behind bars before they had the chance to hurt anyone else in the city.


Todd Lubar Narrates How Smart Homes are Taking Over the Real Estate Market

Smart homes have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years. They range from the ones that have modest features to the ones with fancy high-tech features.

The emergence of smart homes

Smart homes have become famous for a variety of reasons. One is the demand by homeowners to automate things. The other reason is safety in the household. For instance, if a homeowner forgot to turn off the stove and went to work, they can do so remotely. These systems work as personal assistants and more are under development. Various homes are being constructed using standard technologies. An example of a home built using this tech includes a modern property in Washington. Most companies, on the other hand, are constructing structures, such as caseta wireless smart lighting, Lutron automatic window shades, nest thermostats, and ring motion-detecting doorbells. This technology has been embraced in Seattle. This town has a variety of tech companies that are focused on developing the latest home gears. This trend has become popular across the United States. Studies indicate that in the coming years, smart homes will replace the traditional ones in the rural areas. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a businessman and the principal of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Lubar is an alumnus of Sidwell Friends School and the Peddie School in Hightstown. He pursued his higher-level education at Syracuse University where he earned a degree in speech communication. Lubar initiated his career in 1995 at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In a report by Hackronym, after serving for four years in this company, he joined the Legacy Financial Group, a financial institution based in Texas. He worked for this company for six years before he decided to take up another job with Charter Funding as a senior vice president.

Lubar has worked in the mortgage industry for over two decades. He has helped a lot of people to secure their dream homes. He has also worked in various sectors, including the entertainment industry. Lubar has a broad range of professional experience and enjoys working in collaboration with the local community. He also worked at Maryland Legacy Financial and played a significant role in enabling the company to generate millions of dollars.

Advice from Karl Heideck
Advice from Karl Heideck

Advice from Karl Heideck

If you are looking for legal advice from a lawyer that is credible and qualified to give it, Karl Heideck is your best bet. He is a lawyer in the Philadelphia area who has practiced for more than 10 years in the field. Heideck is a litigation attorney who is skilled at area of compliance and corporate law.

As a graduate of Temple University, he is a skilled professional who epitomizes handling legal matters the right way. To learn a little bit of the information that has carried Karl Heideck very far in his legal career, read on and apply these tips.

#1: Get in good with your classmates, colleagues and mentors

The time to make relationships is when you are in law school. It would never get easier and more convenient to make friends in the industry. You have access to a great pool of people who will become tomorrow’s legal professionals. Make yourself available and social, join some organizations and get some mentors. Be the people you will see many times throughout your life and career.

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#2: Put some thought into your specialty area

You also need to decide on what sort of specialty you want to focus on. This is the area of law that you will be dedicating your work weeks to, so do some research and choose wisely. Karl Heideck found his niche early and is an asset to Hire Counsel because of his clarity of vision about his specialty.

#3: Find a great associate’s position

Your associate’s position is the most important first step when entering the legal field. Make sure you get an Associates job at a firm that offers plenty of opportunity for growth.

Starting with these three tips from Karl Heideck, you will be well on your way toward a career as a successful attorney. Because of this, you’ll be in good hands and able to get all that you ever wanted out of your career.

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Orange Coast College Thrived In Sports

Orange Coast College has been producing a lot of college graduates since it was opened in 1948. This is the third largest college in Orange County in California, and a lot of people come to this college when they are interested in Studying the Arts or Science.

This is a college that has become a very big part of the higher education landscape in Orange County because it has such a large student body. Over 24,000 students are in attendance at the Orange Coast College, and many of these students go on to become productive citizens in California that obtain jobs in various fields of study.

Orange College also has athletes in place that are doing well in various sports activities. Orange Coast College has even had athletes that have been performing well enough to make it to the nationals. The athleticism of the rowers for Orange Coast College have the ability to help this college make it to the Nationals. It is one of the most popular activities for Orange Coast College because this is something that is very popular in California.

Orange Coast College has an activity for just about anyone that is interested in competing in a sports activity, but rollers have gained the most attention because this team has shown a competitive spirit.

The college has become known for a lot of different things, and producing championships is on the mind of the coaches right now. There is a large student body, and there are more than a few students that have interest in engaging in various sports to become part of winning teams for Orange Coast College.

This is the third largest college in Orange County, and the school is definitely getting recognized for the way that the students are able to stay engaged in their academic pursuits while they engage in sports. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

Orange Coast College has proven to be one of the best community colleges that students can attend if they want to have access to a well-balanced life where they can participate in activities and obtain degrees in a diverse number of areas.