How Three Graduates Revolved Sweetgreen to a $95 Million VC Dear

A while ago three graduates; Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru and Nicolas Jammet sat wondering what to do next after they had graduated. Little did they know that some eight years later they would be the owners of one of the sexiest startups in America. The current healthy and hip farm-to-table salad chain dubbed Sweetgreen begun with just a shop back in 2007 in Georgetown. The startup got funding from 40 relatives and friends. At the moment the chain has grown to 31 shops countrywide and still targets to expand further to hit 40 by the time the year ends. The business has also successfully fulfilled three rounds of venture capital funding that has hit $95 million. Peter Elliot, Bloomberg’s reserve interviewed Jammet, a co-founder and co-CEO using video from the Sweetgreen office in Washington.



The narrative about how the company started is delicious as the three young men were looking for some better food off-campus when the idea hit them and they worked towards achieving it. The three are also the children of parent entrepreneurs and hence the issue of where they would work after campus did not appeal to them at all. All of them did not want to get employed and this desire to build their own business and offer better food options around Georgetown helped them succeed. Jimmet also attributed their success to their discipline and their employee structure which is almost paternal and hip. The company has also thrived due to their goal which is selling a bunch of values that are aimed at doing everything in the right way, a brand, lifestyle and a vision.



About Nathaniel Ru



Nathaniel Ru is a BS Finance graduate from the Georgetown University: McDonough School of Business where he graduated from in 2007. In the same year, he and two of his friends founded Sweetgreen, a fast casual and seasonal kitchen that focused on local sourcing and sustainability. It started in Georgetown and has grown to over 27 branches in the six states it operates in. In early 2015; the company had planned to spread out to the West coast area.



The company believes in providing food that fits in the customer’s budget, tastes, values, imagination and community. In 2010, Nathaniel and his two partners launched ‘Sweetlife’ which is the region’s biggest food and music festival. This event attracts over 20,000 attendees and has high profile and cutting edge artists as well as food trucks, top chefs, farmers and local purveyors. Sweetlife also embraces a good living, well being, health, sustainability and community.




$95 Million Business Built with Salads

Nathanial Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Newman, three Georgetown University graduates had an idea and built on it. They have created a business for healthy farm-to-table salads which they named Sweetgreens.

They obtained their startup funding from 40 of their friends and relatives to open their first location in Georgetown in 2007. At present, the chain boasts 31 stores nationwide and have plans to open nine more by the end of the year. Their parents are all entrepreneurs but they were not really interested in working in the everyday world in a 9-5 type job.

They wanted to build a business of their own in order to find better options for food in Georgetown that was sustainable. They realized that the salad options open to people were not that good nor were they healthy and didn’t really have any nutritional value. Once they had a workable plan everything just sort of fell into place for them. Nicholas Jammet, co-Chief Executive Officer, said that he still looked back at their original business plan, upon occasion for direction.

Sweetgreens doesn’t just sell lettuce leaves,actually, they are selling values that in business means doing everything right and sustainable. This is reflected in the food they serve, the way they treat their employees and customers and even the farms that they work with in order to serve the best.

The salad dressing is an essential component and combined with the salad it can make a meal. They are continually looking for new combinations for the dressings. In short, they are selling as vision and a brand. By everyone working together their company is on top of the game. They have a healthy, delicious and sustainable product that sells.

Nathanial Ru, a graduate of Georgetown University in Washington D.C., along with two friends were always looking for a healthy place to eat. So why not create one of their own. They had their eye on a 560 square foot space on M street that had been a tavern right in the middle of downtown. Six years later this became a reality in farm to table style eating.

Mr. Ru believes that to be successful you need to think about “why” before thinking about the what you are going to do and that you really need to challenge the norm. He approaches marketing with the idea that they want to be social, smart and local.

How Attorneys Help SEC Whistle Blowers

It isn’t easy to blow the whistle on the things that go on in the SEC. It is difficult because the person who blows the whistle could be retaliated against, could lose their job or could even be subjected to losing their own money because of it. Many SEC problems come from within the commission and most people benefit from it on a level that is close to being extreme wealth. Blowing the whistle would surely mean that they would not be able to make that amount of money and, for that reason, most continue to just sit back and let things happen. For the brave few who have made the decision to blow the whistle, there have been rewards.


The rewards program was not always in place and is something that is fairly new to the commission. It is something that has encouraged people to come forward with information that they have about the SEC especially if that information involves bringing wrongdoings to light. There are many times when people are rewarded very handsomely for doing this but that means that they must actually start the process for it to happen because it takes a lot of courage.


To help with this courage, the Labaton Sucharow group has come together with information on how their clients can be helped by what is going on in the SEC world. They want to tell people how they can blow the whistle and how it will help others if they do so. The legal help that they provide is a great option for people who want to be able to tell on the SEC but who do not want to deal with the ramifications that come from actually telling on the commission. They are able to help them also find the right way to do it as the path is not always clear.


With the help that they provide Labaton Sucharow helped score the second largest reward in the SEC history. This means that the reward was given to one of their clients. The client came to them for help with whistle blowing and was actually able to win the case. It would likely not have been possible for him to even blow the whistle on the SEC if he had not had the help that he received from the Labataon Sucharow group that he worked with and who helped him with the information.

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A Guide towards Choosing a Suitable Medicare Advantage Scheme

Medicare Advantage plan is a healthcare insurance program that is provided by a private Medicare Advantage plan organization. Medicare Advantage plans include Preferred Provider Organizations, Private Fee-for-Service, Special Needs Plans, Provider Sponsored Organizations, and Medicare Medical Savings Accounts. All plans differ on cost and coverage restrictions on Zoom Info.

Some of the factors you should inquire from a service provider before selecting a scheme are;
1. The plans healthcare providers in their network. You can consider if your doctor is on the network. Good programs have an in-network of numerous service providers.

2. Most plans require that you use their in-network healthcare service providers. But in case you need to see a specialist; you have to be referred by a Primary Care physician. It is crucial to ask your service provider on who you can choose as your PCP.

3. Ask if the plan will cover for outpatient drug prescriptions and the types of drugs that are in a plan’s list of covered drugs.

4. Inquire on the cost of a plan’s monthly premiums, copayments, deductible and the annual out of pocket spending. Ask for the plans regulations concerning the expenses.

5. Inquire on the service areas where the program works and if the scheme takes effect when you travel out of the service area.

For this reason, it is vital that you get a service provider with affordable Medicare Advantage plans that suit your health needs. For Clients living in Puerto Rico, InnovaCare is the ideal service provider.

At InnovaCare Health, clients will receive healthcare models that are specially designed by their management team to cater for all needs of a patient at a cost friendly price. Their Chief Executive Officer, Richard Shinto, and Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides, have worked in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years. Their combined capabilities and leadership experiences work to boost the credibility of InnovaCare Health a provider of medical solutions to the diverse needs of their clients.

Moreover, InnovaCare Health runs two dedicated subsidiaries that provide Medicare Advantage plans that benefit an estimated 27,000 clients. The clients are able to benefit from the Advantage Plans through an in-network of 7500 service providers. InnovaCare has maintained a commitment to providing exceptional services that have been designed specifically to respond to the needs of their diverse communities according to Rick Shinto, CEO of InnovaCare. As a result of making this their culture, they have been honored severally as the best Medicare Advantage plan provider in the region.

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Make Money with Reviews

When it comes to managing a business his reputation or online presence, it is very important that the person in charge of handling this responsibility truly under stands just how important it is to not only project a positive image and wonder if it is cohesive with the company’s brand, but also that they understand the way that they handle something like a negative review for criticism is a huge reflection on the business and the business’ overall image. It is impossible for a company to please 100% of its customers all of the time. It is absolutely understandable that some people, despite getting great service or enjoying a great product, or simply unhappy at the end of the day no matter what you do. Often these are the types of people that will also take out the time from their day to go online and leave a negative review. The way that a company response to these negative reviews is a huge reflection upon them. Therefore you should understand exactly how to handle this situation when it comes up.
Many business owners or managers are offended when they see negative reviews left by a customer online. Although, this is very understandable, it is important not to lash back at the customer. Remember that other potential customers or current customers are likely to see not just the negative review, but also how you respond to it.

For example, if you run a restaurant and a disgruntled customer leaves a review saying something like The service was slow, you could respond with something like this:
“dear Sir or Madam, I am so sorry to hear that you were unhappy with your experience in our restaurant. Please be sure that this is not how we prefer to do business nor is it a representation of how we want our service to run. Therefore, we would like you to come back and see how it is that we really do things. Please except our invitation to return to our restaurant and enjoy a meal on us. Also, be sure to let me know when you plan to come in because I would love to meet you in person and make sure that your next meal is everything you hoped it would be”

However, it is understandable that constantly keeping up with reviews, whether they be positive or negative, can be a very demanding job. Again, that is why it is highly recommended that you enlist to the expertise of a professional marketing, branding, public relations, or online reputation is firm. They are best equipped to keep up with all of these matters in real time. They can also offer a very valuable advice as to how you can continue to grow your business in a positive way.


My Parents Got Their First Home!!!

I went into Nexbank all the time because I had accounts with them, but I never knew that they could make my parents’ dreams come true. The people at Nexbank have this special affordable home program that was made just for people like my parents, and it helps them spend less money on a home loan that they want for their dream home. The dream home that my parents have been looking at was on the market, and the loan was cheap enough to work with the budget my parents were working with.

They actually come over to the same branch that we go to, and they have worked with the manager to get the loan cone as quickly as possible. It was so much easier for them to get their loan application done, and they were also able to get it done quickly enough that they could put an offer in on the house. They are using Nexbank for their pre approval letter, and they also convinced the owner that they could buy the house. Everything went perfectly, and everything was simple so that my parents did not have to worry about the sale.

We have done the same thing shortly after what my parents did, and that is because their affordable home plan works for everyone. There is no one who is left out of the program because it is just for everyone. Nexbank’s program works great because it gives people a loan with a lower interest rate, and it helps people pay less money every month. the monthly payments were very low for my parents, and they actually go into the branch to make their payments. That is why Nexbank works better for them. They get that up front service that is very easy to appreciate when walking into the branch.

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Tips on How to Enhance Your Reputation Online

Every company or individual wants a good and positive reputation online. A bad reputation online can ruin your business and also your personal relationship with your close friends and relatives. With the change in technology, companies sell their products online. Millions of people worldwide have online platforms and websites. Thus, negative reviews on your site can completely ruin your reputation.

It takes years to build a good reputation but it can only take a few seconds to ruin the reputation if one is not keen. Therefore, individuals and companies should have clear strategies on how to push bad and negative articles down in the search results. A company with a good reputation will win more clients and forever maintain the current customer base. It is crucial to the well-being of every business.

To push down negative and harmful articles, you should create and manage your profile. Your profile should be personal and therefore, you should not allow people to manage it for you. If you do this, you can control everything happening in your profile. It will enable you to suppress negative articles and push them down.

Always be positive in what you post. It is good that you post good and non-offensive comments on your online platform. It will grow your reputation positively and minimize webmasters from giving your website bad, harmful and unwanted reviews. Your search result will, in turn, display a positive image about yourself or your company.

Avoid negative keywords. The keyword you should use for your business should always be active. The keyword helps in minimizing bad results when someone searches you or your firm by use of those keywords. Therefore, it is advisable to take down negative keywords and replace them with positive ones.

Bury bad articles is an online reputation manager who helps companies to push down bad articles down the search engine. They believe the bad press, negative reviews, and damaging awful feedback can play a huge role in destroying any company’s customer base. They offer services to make your reputation clean and positive. Bury bad articles are reliable their services are exceptional. If you have problems with a bad reputation, these are the experts to consult.

Enemies and competitors will always be happy when your reputation is at stake. Thus, it is important to ensure that those bad articles do not destroy your image. That keeps your reputation clean and positive.

Mike Baur Supports Entrepreneurs with Opportunities from the Swiss Start-Up Factory

Mike Baur is a Swiss based businessman and entrepreneur. Mr. Baur holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Rochester New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. His business background includes working in the banking industry for most of 20 years. Even as a teen, he found the banking and finance industry fascinating and followed that passion and interest to a career. Baur began at the bottom of the banking ladder beginning as an apprentice and continuing the climb to executive board member of a large private Swiss bank.

With a variety of banking experience under his belt, Baur took off on the entrepreneurial path and co-founded the SSUF (Swiss Start-Up Factory) in 2014. The entity is an independent start up accelerator in Switzerland and focuses on helping energetic and thriving start-ups in the digital industry. SSUF is financed privately and offers start-ups exciting opportunities through their strong Swiss network and around the world.

Baur is responsible for fundraising and financing rounds at SSUF. He also works as a mentor to the Swiss youth entrepreneurship programs, as well as supports a variety of Swiss Start-ups financially. Baur is proud of his role with the SSUF and believes providing support opportunities to young entrepreneurs will strengthen the business world as well as the economy, as the start-ups continue to deliver better products and services.

The SSUF is also partnering with Geneva based fintech accelerator called Fusion. The philosophy of the company is to provide greater opportunities and widen the reach of the SSUF. Such start-ups will be evaluated and those with potential will be allowed growth opportunities including financing and mentoring support.

Baur and the Factory will offer mentoring, coaching and office space in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland in a three month long program. Start-ups will also have access to an entrepreneurial network with those that have similar goals and ambitions. The Factory will also partner potential start-ups with appropriate investors and continually evaluate their progress to make sure the start-ups stay on track and continue to move their companies forward and headed for success.