Thor Halvorssen Fights For Human Rights

Of the many freedom fighters and human rights supporters, one individual stands out against everyone else for not only his strong passion for providing universal rights to people around the world, but for also exposing even the most closed-off countries. This young individual is Thor Halvorssen, an individual who has a multi-cultural background of both Northern Europe and Latin America. As a fluent Norwegian and Spanish speaker, this young individual has always had a passion for learning about different cultures and for helping people around the world earn the universal rights that they truly deserve. According to an article from The Weekly Standard, Thor Halvorssen, though a young individual, has had generations of human rights activists. The proud background is exactly what inspired Mr. Halvorssen to found the Human Rights Foundation, a foundation that is currently located in New York City. As New York City is the center for international diplomacy, Thor Halvorssen decided this was the perfect place to openly spread peace throughout the world.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded to show the world’s deep commitment what it comes to the promotion of universal liberty. This foundation is a non-profit foundation that has no political agenda. Rather than playing politics, this foundation has a humanitarian foundation to bring universal rights to even the most impoverished regions. This foundation strives to protect the rights of individuals around the world. Thor Halvorssen can even give personal statements of being thrown into jail or being beaten badly on many of his missions. As an activist, Mr. Halvorssen has visited countless oppressed countries and has narrowly escaped many dangerous situations.

As a foundation, Thor Halvorssen and his peers follow the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as their focus of work. With this closely in mind, Mr. Halvorssen will do anything if it means that he can ensure the safety of other individuals around the world. As an human rights activist, Thor’s motivations are truly selfless and brave.

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Blogger Samples WEN Cleansing Conditioners for Amazing No-Lather Experience

For years, most of us have used Amazon bought shampoos and conditioners with fancy ingredients, believing that the big lather was the ticket to healthy hair.

Not so, says Chaz Dean, the creator of the Wen no-lather shampoo experience. Mr. Dean knows a lot about hair, having been one of the most popular celebrity stylists on the L.A. scene. He developed the special cleansing conditioners that thoroughly wash, condition, entangle and add shine to hair of any and all types.

His holistic formulas do not include those harsh sulfates and other nasty detergents. Instead, your hair will have bounce, super shine and manageability.

Bustle blogger Emily McClure was one of those fine hair-challenged women who longed for Hollywood tresses. So, she took a personal 7-day WEN challenge to see what would happen.

Emily has shoulder length hair, and according to directions, 16-24 pumps of WEN product is suggested for thorough massage and cleansing. When Emily read that, she freaked and resorted to only the minimum 10 pumps for short hair.

Whether Emily’s misuse of the WEN system affected her 7-day challenge, we are not sure, but she still obtained great results, as long as she washed her locks with WEN every morning, followed by a blow-dry and styling.

Emily took photos of her hair and posted the selfies. These pics show a young woman with enviable hair. Even Emily’s friends were blown away by the shine, softness and overall appearance.

If Emily went off the WEN routine and used the product at nighttime, she claims she awoke to already flat hair. If she skipped the morning WEN wash, Emily also found her hair to get greasy and unmanageable all day.

Emily’s advice: WEN delivers radiant, strong hair if you can keep to the morning routine, blow-dry and styling. Visit the Wen YouTube channel for more info on this product.

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Tarallucci e Vino Crowns NY Restaurants With Personal Rooms

Restaurants With Great Private Rooms

Private restaurant event spaces are well kept secrets among upscale NY clientele, who become self-presumptive over great private rooms where you host uniquely special events like birthdays, an anniversary, wedding rehearsal dinner, or even the wedding itself. The following have one common thread: The food is great, with chefs par excellence, themes and ambiance gift wrap the occasion, and the excellent service means you can sit back and enjoy yourself while someone else does the rest.

Gramercy Tavern
42 E. 20th St., Gramercy Park

Two decades have seen this awesome Danny Meyer restaurant continually packed, thanks to the deliciously prepared local American cuisine, currently stewarded by chef Michael Anthony. The dining room has a Robert Kushner mural and a woodsy atmosphere. Their private room is classic for confidential get togethers. The Gramercy has always been a great spot for a private event or dinner.

The Nomad
1170 Broadway,

Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park runs a menu here that is as incredibly delicious as it is elegant. Jacques Garcia designed the luxurious surroundings. Guests can choose clubby parlour velvet seats and Persian rugs, or in the alternative vein dine in the shimmering and exotic Atrium under a massive skylight. The Nomad offers several private rooms available of unique size and ambiance. I suggest guests opt for the rooftop dining, if possible. I actually scored a small table in the hotel’s iconic cupola!

Tarallucci e Vino
Union Square, see map

Tarallucci e Vin, situated on 18th Street at Union Square, was named perfectly, taking the colloquial expression of “small talk/biscuits and wine”. I first experienced The Mezzanine at a private Rehearsal Dinner the night before the wedding of Contessa Luciana Rosa d’Ville to Dr. Geoffrey Allen, cardiothoractic surgeon to New York’s celebrity circuit. The dinner party was beautifully served in the Mezzanine”s intimate ambiance. Everyone was comfortable and felt at home due to the staff’s excellent service. Afterward, the guests socialized within the large bar and lounge area. The decor was awesome with brick tables custom-built, antique mirrors, cabinetry and art. The host advised that the restaurant has a well-stocked wine cellar with special vintage collections I should see some future time.

The following day was the wedding, held upstairs in the elegant and huge 6th Floor Loft. That is the actual name of the wedding site! The enormous facility had been transformed into a coastline villa of Tuscany, the bride’s European home. When I expressed surprise at first sight of the accommodations, my usher said the area can be equipped for business, birthdays, or any type of special event, holding up to 120 guests at any time. The 6th Floor Loft also has its own bar, lounge,and spectacular antique mirrors and breathtaking chandeliers.

Of all the Special Event Hideaways I have explored, Tarallucci e Vino holds first place in my heart for its warmth, friendliness, and intimate persuasions for large or small events.

The Career of Adam Goldenberg

At the age of 13, Adam Goldenberg found his first successful entrepreneurial endover through an unusual source, this was through using his Bar Mitzvah money. With this money, Adam Goldenberg began an online bulletin board service, and after a couple years he turned this service into a gaming website, known as the Gamer’s Alliance. Through this website, the attention was caught of the intermix president and founder Brett Brewer, who would acquire the website in 1997, not realizing at the time that the founder was just 17 years old. After dealing with some deliberation, Brewer hired Adam Goldenberg, and at 19, he was promoted to the position of COO for Intermix, this making him the youngest COO for a public company. After a year, Intermix went on to acquire, which was a fitness and health start up, with Don Ressler as it’s founder. In 2005, when intermix was acquired by News Corp, it was then that Goldenberg and Ressler found themselves to be watching the successful and profitable company that they had built being ignored by media conglomerate. As they were not bound to the company and were becoming increasingly frustrated that all their work was being ignored, they left in pursuit of exploring new opportunities. With knowledge that they had the skills needed in starting and excelling in the field of online performance advertising, they created a brand building that they would execute autonomously. With a group former Alena team members, they would hold their first brainstorming session in the living room of Adam Goldenberg’s home. And two weeks after this, Brand Ideas, which later became Intelligent Beauty was born. And In 2010, Intelligent Beauty launched it’s third company, which was the subscription ecommerced fashion retailer known as JustFab. By the end of 2013, JustFab had over 3 million members all around Europe, and in August of 2014, JustFab had closed an $85 million dollar round of funding that would be led by the Passport Special Opportunity Fund.

Since beginning his entrepreneurial career, there have been many lessons that Adam Goldenberg has learned. And through this, within all of the ventures it has made them able to quickly adapt their own business, and while looking at the numbers daily, and even sometimes hourly, if they notice that something is not right, if they are able to catch it right away, then are able to make any changes that are necessary.  And when hiring individuals to work for their company, they look for individuals for passion, while someone may look good on paper, if they don’t have the passion for the brand or what they do then they will not thrive. What makes the company stand out is that most brands spend too much time focusing on how to sell their product rather than on what they are trying to sell. Source: