Helane Morrison: A Devoted Fighter for Justice

Many individuals often spot fraudulent business practices, but they do not take any action to discourage such activities due to the financial gains. Only a few individuals in society such as Helane Morrison have been able to maintain a stern ground against corrupt business entities and unethical corporate practices.

The economic crisis of 2007 still stands as a harsh reminder of the resultant effects of corporate manipulation. It is during this turmoil that most companies found themselves at the government’s mercy due to troubling economic situations. The unemployment levels at the time had skyrocketed due to the collapse of most corporate firms. Looking at such times, the relevance of more individuals such as Morrison becomes a reality.

Morrison’s Career

Working for Hon. Harry Blackmun made a huge ideological impact on Morrison since Blackmun stood firm for his decisions, especially on matters such as abortion. This had a significant impact on Morrison, who ended up becoming a champion of moral correctness as well as equality. Consequently, this ignited her battle against corruption and its perpetrators.

The government was one of the entities that noticed Morrison’s strong stand against corruption. This led to Morrison acquiring a new position from a law firm partner to the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission office in San Francisco. This must have given Morrison a new level of power in steering her pursuit for justice such as protecting businesses and individuals from fraudulent parties.

Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is preceded by her reputation and effort in the compliance division. Currently, she works at Hall Capital Partners LLC in the capacity of a Chief Compliance Officer, Managing Director as well as the General Counsel of the firm. Regarding academic matters, Helane is a proud holder of a Bachelors of Science degree in Journalism, which she attained from the Northwestern University. In addition, she possesses a Juris Doctor degree, which she acquired from Berkeley, School of Law (University of California). During her law school period, Helane Morrison served as the Chief Editor of the California Law Review.

Before joining the Hall Capital Partners LLC, she worked as a law clerk for Harry A. Blackmun, Supreme Court Justice. Later, she started active law practice after joining the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin law firm where she was made a partner in 1991. During her time in this San Francisco law firm, Helane dealt with various matters such as SEC matters, defense of private securities actions as well as business litigation. Currently, she holds membership positions on various boards such as Regional Parks Foundation.

Dick DeVos, Generous Funding to Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

The John F. Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts has exceeded their speculative fundraiser prospects regarding an imminent and approved amplification venture by a staggering $50Million.
This fundraiser began in 2013, with an initial projected objective of $125Million, however during the last three years the architectural development scheme has been altered, and the total estimated cost for design and construction has reached $119.5Million.
The outstanding contribution of $22.5 Million bequeathed by the benevolent and philanthropic Dick and Betsy DeVos is overwhelming.
Dick DeVos a native of Michigan is a renowned businessman and generous philanthropist. His father Richard DeVos is one of the creator’s of Amway in 1959, a multi-level marketing prototype company merchandising various commodities to consumers worldwide. Their main focus is on health, beauty, domestic products and dietary supplements.
Dick DeVos possesses a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University and prestigious accolades with doctorates from Grover City College, Central Michigan University and Northwood University. He also attended Harvard Business School and Wharton School studying executive programs.
In 1974, Dick commenced working at Amway Corporation in various capacities in the departments of research, improvement, manufacturing, marketing and assets. In 1984 he was appointed as Vice President of the company, and under his authority and control new prospering markets were formed and international marketing tripled and even surpassed domestic transactions.

In 1991 he purchased the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic and was named President and Chief Executive Officer of the team. In 1993 Dick DeVos returned to Amway.
In 2000, he supervised a dramatic overhaul of the company’s structure that created Alticor, the new holding company of antecedent Amway Corporation.
Dick pensioned off in 2002 from Alticor and became President of Windquest Group, a private expenditure firm with interests in technology, production and other interests.
The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, founded in 1990 donates liberal funds to American Education Reform Council, Choices For Children, Children First America and also appropriations to Christian Schools in West Michigan. There are also ongoing contributions to civic, artistic, educational, community, and promoting free enterprise and economic organizations.
In 2012, Forbes Magazine portrayed Dick DeVos as the 67th wealthiest individual in the United States, with a net worth of $5.1Billion.

Feed Your Dog With The Best of Beneful Dog Food Varieties

Beneful is among the most popular dog food brand by Nestle Purinastore in today’s market. The brand offers wet dog food, dry dog food and dog treats. Here are five different Beneful dog food varieties.

Beneful Originals
The baneful originals food variety includes few recipes,
• With real beef – offers good ingredients with real beef recipe. It contains a blend of real farm-raised beef with whole grains and accents of vegetables. It is best for adult dogs.
• With real chicken – its main ingredients are a blend of real farm raised chicken, with whole grains and accents of vegetables. Also suitable for adult dogs.
• With real salmon – a blend or real salmon with whole grains and accents of vegetables. These product got a 5 star Amazon customer rating.

Beneful playful life
It is a protein rich food that helps maintain strong muscles. It is very suitable for highly active dogs. It is a blend of purposefully selected blends with main ingredients being real beef and eggs. It is part of Beneful’s Purposeful Recipe’s line. This protein rich nutrition provides the taste every dog loves.
Beneful IncrediBites
Small dogs are very different from other dogs and at Beneful, we understand that for small dogs to be excited about dry food, it must be great.
Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies
This is a calcium rich nutrition that supports teeth and bones development. It also contains DHA, which is great for brain and vision development. Its nutrition formula is just meant for puppies.
Beneful Healthy Weight
It is a reduced-calorie dog food that helps keep dogs healthy with 10% fewer calories that the Beneful Originals.
At Beneful, we guarantee bowls full of healthy, happiness and joy. We offer dog food varieties made with good-for-you ingredients to provide your dog with tons of taste and texture that are highly nutritious. Our dog foods are 100% complete and balanced. We offer different varieties of dry dog food, wet dog food [https://www.beneful.com/products/wet-dog-food/], and healthy dog treats.