Skout Establishes Itself As A Top Social Media App

Making connections and meeting new friends no longer has any limits. The arrival of the Skout app removes a host of barriers. Today, people are able to use the app on their smartphone and access a fun and engaging platform filled with people from all walks of life.

Skout is an iOS app that is fairly easy to acquire. The iTunes App Store offers a free download. Once the app has been downloaded, using the Skout app to connect with others is very easy.

Skout is known for having value as a dating site. Some have started new relationships thanks to being part of Skout. People also sign up for Skout for friendship and interest-related connections. The varied nature of the social network gives it broad appeal.

Interestingly, Skout has many features that enhance the ways people interact with others. A point system allows for accessing different functions. Special winks are sure to help with getting noticed. Once again, none of these features are too difficult to access and utilize.

A great deal of promotional work has been done with the iOS Facebook app, and this has helped draw more attention to the Skout community.  Right now, Skout is emerging as one of the top mobile-social networks in available for smartphones and other devices.

Once someone signs up for the Skout community, the profiles of others become visible on a clear and easy to navigate grid. Contacting other members takes very little effort. Overall, the Skout landscape is designed to maximize the experience for all members.

AdWeek has published an excellent overview covering many details about Skout. Read the entire article to learn more.

Venezuela Parliament Puts Forth Recall Referendum Agenda

The political landscape in Venezuela is shaking up a bit. In Congress, the opposition party is putting forth new rules designed for a referendum agenda. The country is currently struggling amidst serious economic woes. The current makeup of parliament is comprised of many who oppose the policies of President Nicolas Maduro. Such opposition comes, in great part, from a large portion of the population of Venezuela.
Specifically, the referendum which was discussed in an post is not only on the policies of Maduro. Parliament is working on a recall referendum. In Venezuela, it is possible to recall a politician who has served a set number of time in his/her term. Maduro meets the criteria and steps are being taken to remove him.

Maduro was picked as the successor to the late Hugo Chavez. During Maduro’s reign, various economic and other problems in Venezuela got worse and worse. Now, “things are at a crisis level” says Osio. A massive drought combined with the collapse of the oil market greatly exacerbated troubles in Venezuela.

Whether or not the recall referendum helps the situation is going to depend on who replaces Madura.

No matter what parliament does, the situation is going to be a difficult one.

Kate Hudson’s, Fabletics, Introduces a Swimwear Line

As, covered on Elite Daily, Kate Hudson’s brand Fabletics has recently released their 2016 swimwear line. The new releases include a variety of styles, cuts and colors that are applicable and easily suited for a variety of body types. Also, with this release for the 2016 Spring/Summer season, Fabletics have created a line of summer dresses. Hudson reports that Summer is her favorite season so, she wanted to come out with a collection that would encompass all of the best aspects of the season. The new collection of swimwear ranges in size, from XXS to XXL. Also, the new dress line is available in the same size range.

Her Pinterest page suggests that the price point of the Fabletics brand’s swim and dress line are consistently in the low to mid price range. The clothing is purchasable through the online retailer Justfab, where a new subscriber can get the first outfit for $25. If you signup for a JustFab/Fabletics subscription you will be billed just under $50 a month and receive a new outfit of your choosing monthly, think of it as the Blue Apron of clothing.

You will never have to worry about your swimwear or athletic wear getting worn and dingy with heavy or daily use – more details:

Originally, Hudson released the Wikipedia update to compete with popular sportswear brands like Lululemon and Nike in 2013. Since then, she has expanded her clothing line with the addition of swimwear and the casual spring/summer dresswear.

Her athletic clothing line is made with top quality material that is both flattering and stylish. Also, the swimwear and dresses are made with the same care to quality, as well as, chicness that the fans of Fabletics have come to know and trust. In conclusion, be sexy and stylish in these easy to wear new additions to the Fabletics brand as they are now providing them to fashion fans around the world.

Squaw Valley CEO Faces Death

Andy Wirth is the CEO and president of Squaw Valley on, located in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The popular ski resort was opened in 1949 by Wayne Poulsen, who was the star skier at the University of Nevada. Lawyer Alex Cushing, co-founder, became the chairman of Squaw Valley until his death in 2006, at the age of 92. Squaw Valley was owned by Cushing’s widow, Nancy Cushing, who was involved with many corporations. Andy Wirth on wsj took the resort over in the summer of 2010. Wirth has been around the mountain and hotel resort industry for a quarter of a century. His paternal grandfather was once a US National Parks Director. Wirth’s great-grandfather, Theodore Wirth, was designer of the Minnesota park systems. Prior to becoming CEO of Squaw Valley, Andy Wirth managed several ski and resort industries, including Steamboat Springs Resort and Intrawest. In more than five years as CEO, Andy Wirth made many upgrades to Squaw Valley on, including renovating the lodging and making improvements to the meals.

Andy Wirth isn’t all business. Andy Wirth enjoys skydiving. The CEO took up skydiving in 2011. In October 2013, Wirth and two friends headed for Davis, California to go skydiving. Andy Wirth landed in some area where there were vines. He grabbed onto a pole to keep from falling further. That pole held up the vines and severed Wirth’s arm off on Another skydiver responded to Wirth’s cries for help and used the strap to his altimeter as a tourniquet. Until professional, medical help arrived, Andy Wirth on kcrw stuffed his right fist under his arm to stop the bleeding.

Madison Street Capital Gains Recognition In The Very Competitive Industry

One of the top professionals from Madison Street Capital Anthony Marsala has received recognition with an award from as an emerging distinguished business leader. Anthony has received a great honor from a very highly competitive sector that awards independent business leaders. The forum has expanded to recognizing young global leaders and has also expanded to the United Kingdom and Europe. Young experts in finance, management, mergers, and acquisitions are awarded and connected to a variety of networks. Anthony appreciates the whole assistance of other professionals at Madison Street Capital to the point of receiving this great recognition and the award.

It is great how he has managed to scoop the prize from the very competitive industry accelerated, mostly by his accomplishment with Madison Street Capital a global financial boutique experts in investment banking. Anthony Marsala co-founded Madison Street Capital and is the organization’s chief operations officer. For 15 years he has been very participative in investment banking / mergers and acquisitions. As part of the M&A advisory team, he will be among other M&A advisories celebrating their achievements with the gala awards this April. Indirectly his prize is a show of great achievement with Madison Street Capital forums for the firm and any client who has had an interaction with Madison Street Capital.

Located in Chicago Illinois Madison Street Capital is a famous mid-sized company with experience in mergers and acquisition and valuation. They are experts in connecting great buyers to great sellers I addition to establishing a great relationship with small and already established businesses to esteemed creditors. Madison Street Capital has seasonal professionals who are there to act as the third opinion in financial transactions for small businesses; mostly the transactions that bring a shift to the whole of the company. They have connections with highly trusted creditors like private equities and hedge funds which play a great role in maintaining stability for startup and midsized businesses.

For mid-sized businesses undergoing through financial disasters Madison Street Capital professionals are there to help through a smooth recovery. Also, they will offer advice on mergers and provide the accurate valuation of firms without being biased on either side. Their opinions are valued especially with companies with the vision of developing to greater heights through precise and working recommendations and advisories on taxes.

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Get Great Hair With Wen by Chaz

With all the commercials and advertisements on QVC for shampoos and conditioners it is difficult to tell which will work for you. There are so many hair types all of which need specific care. The only way to know if something will truly work for you is to try it out. In a recent article from Bustle an author from their fashion and beauty team decided to take a popular hair care product for a spin to see how it worked on her fine hair. (Original article can be found here,

WEN has been making headlines for its unique formula and innovative take on what hair care actually means. Instead of selling separate shampoos, conditioners and styling products, this company offers it all in one bottle. The cleansing conditioner line makes showering and styling less time consuming and much more convenient. The blends of herbs, oils and extracts cleanse hair and leave it looking shiny and healthy.

The writer from Bustle, Emily McClure, used Wen for seven days and tracked her results to let her readers know how this product works on real hair. She was impressed with how much body and volume her normally thin hair had after showering and blow drying.

WEN is a great product for getting beautiful, healthy hair. Gorgeous models showing off their perfectly styled hair are nice to look at, buy often difficult to trust. The proof that this product works lies in use by actual people who show real results. Check out Wen on and give it a try today, your hair will thank you.


What Happened After Using WEN Cleansing Conditioner for a Week

User Emily McClure, posted on the fashion and beauty section of the result of what happened after she used cleansing conditioner, specifically Wen hair by Chaz Dean Brand on her fine hair for one week straight. Original article can be found at As a woman who has seen the infomercials about the product and describes herself specifically as a “die-hard haircare fanatic,” she decided to experiment with the product and see if it would really live up to its guarantee of giving women a transformation from their regular locks into TV-worthy improved hair. Emily makes a point to readers to keep in mind that she has thin hair and started using the product on her hair when it was already greasy and frizzy, pretty much at its worst state. She shares that within just the first use of the product on her hair while in the shower it had already felt thicker and healthier overall just by rubbing it through her strands and on her scalp- it was also said to be clean and looked shinier overall after blow-drying. Her overall thoughts about the product is that in her opinion, it is great for the user with fine hair such as herself who plans on showering and both washing and styling their hair on a daily basis. WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner also seems to give hair a lot of added shine after using, but wouldn’t be ideal for a lazy user because it seems to make hair oily at the roots and slightly unmanageable, a problem that women with fine hair find themselves already having to struggle with.

Wen hair is a brand of several different cleansing conditioners that claim to work very well on any hair type, and overall are an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment.

The WEN hair products are very popular on amongst women who love experimenting with different beauty products, as on different sources like amazon online there are both positive and negative reviews of the products, with the ratio of positive reviews being much higher than the negative. There is also a very popular infomercial of the different WEN by Chaz Dean Products.

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