Eric Lefkofsky Contributes Actively in Precision Medicine

In 2015 Eric Lefkosky co-founded Tempus Labs to help break down the large sets of data available in the health care system. The technology firm runs DNA/RNA sequencing protocols that enable the addition of molecular data. Based in Chicago, Tempus Labs seeks to provide physicians with the information of cancer patients that can be used in developing customized intervention methods.

The firm hopes to take part in precision medicine that is gaining popularity among a lot of medical quarters. Data pipelines were created to have molecular and clinical data collected and analysed. This will enable the consolidation of the patient’s health data. The data gives physicians and health caregivers an opportunity to track the medication given to patients and their responses to the same. Better and more precise treatment options will be offered to the patients.

Its activities have seen Tempus be recognised among the top ten Chicago health techs. It has also partnered with academic institutions as well as health facilities including the Comprehensive Cancer Centers. Most of the patients from the health centers have their genomic material sequenced at Tempus. The results along with the clinical information of the patient are used to create a report that will guide the decision of the healthcare givers. The progress and effective mitigation of cancer mutations can be traced using this method.

Biological markers including brain alterations have recently been used to define Alzheimer’s disease. This is not similar to the symptoms like memory loss that were used in the past. The use of symptoms meant that patients started receiving treatment and special care when the disease was at an advanced stage. The new method will allow for early diagnosis that has great benefits. Brain scans will ensure that the accuracy of the diagnosis and prognosis of the disease are enhanced.

Eric Lefkofsky has made a name for himself among the entrepreneurs of Chicago. He has co-founded numerous firms including Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Innerworkings and Lightbank. He supports initiatives to better lives with the Lefkofsky Family Foundation that he co-chairs with his wife Liz.

The Steppenwolf Theatre Company of Chicago appointed him chair of its board of Trustees. He has authored Accelerated Disruption. He has also given generously to philanthropic work including to the Lurie Children’s Hospital.

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Nevo: Providing The Energy Boost You Need Today

There are some days in our lives when coffee just won’t do the trick. It is nice to have an alternative energy boost that we can get something out of available to us in the form of a canned beverage. Jeunesse Global offers a new energy drink that promises to do all of these things.

Obviously, this is not the first energy drink of its kind to ever be brought to market. It is easy to think of Monster Energy, Red Bull, and others. However, this is the first energy drink that promises to keep all of the artificial additives out of its can. Nevo does not have any artificial colors, flavors, or additives at all. Plus, the drink only has fifty calories per can. That is massively important because a lot of people who drink these things are on a diet and are trying to stick to that diet as best as they can. Offering them the chance to still enjoy their energy drinks while at the same time remaining on their diet is a godsend for them.

Jeunesse Global understands that this is a bit of a departure from their usual health and beauty products, but they do feel that it fits in pretty well with their overall mission of helping people to live as youthful and healthy of lives as possible. They include it in their Youth Enhancement System because they do believe that it meets some of their objectives for helping those who are trying to live healthy and happy and yet might still need an energy boost. That is how Nevo can help them.

There are sure to be some doubters with all of this. They think that a company that has worked in beauty products for so long could not possibly know what it is doing when it comes to energy drinks. That might be a reasonable thing to think, but Jeunesse Global has continued to prove that they are different from an average company. They defy the odds and continue to show those who doubt that they overcome all challenges. Their products are highly respectable and worth a look.,19.htm

Southridge Capital Improving the Future of Companies and Communities

Southridge Capital has invested an estimated $1.8 billion into the growth of companies for over 20 years. It is private equity firm that is based out of Connecticut. It was founded in 1996 by Stephen Hicks who sets the standard for the strategic direction of the Southridge group. The company also promotes philanthropic work within the community. Hicks along with his wife created the non-profit Daystar Foundation to support multiple charitable organizations. The Daystar Foundation promotes community service focusing on preservation, education, health and arts. Southridge Capital has donated thousands of dollars each year to charities and continues to encourage its team members to volunteer within their community. Check out LinkedIn to know more.


Southridge Capital provides advice and structured finance for companies in the public sector. The company prides itself in offering its diverse clientele various innovative financial solutions. The team that makes up Southridge Capital has an extensive background that allows them to understand the marketplace. The management team at the firm includes Stephen Hicks as the CEO, Narine Persaud as the Controller and CFO, Laurence Ditkoff who holds several positions, including the Director of Research, Henry Sargent as the General Counsel, and finally Linda Carlsen as a member of the management team. Their background also allows employees to develop extensive financial plans for clients. The firm offers multiple services including financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, as well as services when working with mergers. Southridge provides its customers with “outside the box” thinking and works closely with the companies creators in order to provide the best possible advice. Southridge Capital personalizes each experience with clientele in order to provide beneficial advice to each company. Southridge bases its structure on the company’s current stocks. The finance group offers Equity Purchase Agreements (EPA) that allows its clients to raise their capitals based on their overall goals. You can visit their website




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TJ Cox Gets End Of Citizens United Endorsement For Congress

TJ Cox recently got the endorsement to run for Congress in the 21st Congressional district of California. Cox got this endorsement from End Citizens United (ECU). Cox has shown his commitment to bring drastic reforms to the rigged system that is currently operating in the halls of Washington. Cox announced that he is not going to accept corporate PAC money to fund his campaign for a slot at Capitol Hill. He has also said that he is going to advocate for accountability and transparency. As a sign of his commitment to bring change in the American political system, Cox said that he will support legislation that makes the lobbyers more accountable.

Such legislation includes the Government by People Act together with the DISCLOSE Act. End Citizens United has been encouraging political candidates running for different positions in the forthcoming mid-term elections to reject funds from corporations and special interest groups. ECU has also identified over 100 candidates who have made the sacred commitment to the course. The president of ECU, Tiffany Muller says that million-dollar donors have dominated the US Capitol Hill for a very long time. He added that big corporations and oil companies have a tight grip over too many legislators in Washington.

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Tiffany said that the status quo in the American political arena is leaving too many American families behind by soiling the system. Tiffany added that Cox is determined to sanitize the rigged system by limiting the influence of million-dollar donors from having too much influence in the halls of Washington. The ECU president said that they look forward to assisting TJ Cox to win the Congressional seat and in the remaining campaign period according to Cox said that the biggest threat to American democracy was the influent of the big corporations and American in companies in the US political system. TJ said that he would not be accepting any funds or donations from the corporate giants who he said would be wanting something in return.

He said that the companies would be waiting for payback from their donation-dependent allies in Congress. Cox said that he was extremely proud to stand with ECU. He added that he accepted the endorsement from end Citizens United with great humility and pride. He said that, if elected, he would work to take back control of the US Congress and reverse the disastrous decision taken by Citizens United. TJ said that he would also work consistently to retain the integrity of the American democracy.

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Talk Fusion

Talk fusion is new technology which makes business people who think they should appear on video to talk about their business think deeply, the reason being that video is widely used as vital part of online businesses. Most of small growing businesses are adapting to using video to improve their customer services and introduce new work.


The kale deign company by David Kale which makes high head credible effect graphic which their customers utilize in online, print and video. To attract more customers and make his products and to make his firm well known to his customers, David is continuously innovating new ways for his customers and firm to be in front line and get adequate attention.


Talk vision is an easy way of communicating business through video. David has been employing video services in his business in last December, and it brought in an enormous, wonderful result in the design and advertising area. Using talk fusion, you only need to record the message on either built-in webcam computer or use a flip camera or any other device is okay. After recording the message, you are supposed to open the talk fusion portal then search the saved file of the video and download it.


Talk fusion began in 2007 by Bob Reina the CEO, and it provides an income chance related to unique cutting-edge relating to the marketing business. Reina has 25 years working in the field of network marketing industry. He previously worked as a police officer in Hillsborough County in Florida. In 1990s Reina was working with network marketing which was known as direct selling or multilevel marketing since he had no experience on sales he created a four-step system which was a duplicatable and he became the highest earner. Talk fusion in comparison with other companies which has payment of commissions weekly or monthly it uses a moment payment compensating plan. The companies primarily priority is uniting the world with the ability to use video by providing solutions to people to make their dreams come real in their ways.


Reina narrates that talk fusion is for all the people who want to their businesses on foremost line and be provided with results when they are connecting online using video which is very productive in marketing. He also adds that the introduction of webrtc (real-time communication) technology is going to huge move to the marketing industry of using video. Talk fusion is expecting approximately above 24 percent in each year, currently up to 2025 according to WebRTC World article and that is believed to be the quickest developing of video. On the Go app fusion is coming with convenient features and works as an additional affectivity to aid your businesses to be firm in the world of businesses competitions. the fusion app is found in play store of iPad, iPhone and iPod touches Learn more:

How Clay Siegall Developed Seattle Genetics for Targeted Therapies

Being the chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall is highly revered for his tremendous contribution to the development of drugs that are often targeted therapy for diseases that barely respond to conventional treatment. For him to have been able to hold such a position in the medical industry, Clay Siegall pursued a relatively relevant course in Bachelor of Science in zoology from the prestigious University of Maryland and later on a Ph.D. specializing in genetics from the prestigious George Washington University.

Background Data

After acquiring the relevant academic credentials, Mr. Clay Siegall decided to establish what is now his success story; Seattle Genetics. Established in 1998, Seattle Genetics has been led to the frontline of targeted therapies. With Clay in charge, the company has managed to develop a leading and one of the prominent FDA-approved antibody-drug conjugate. Since it was developed, the drug conjugate has earned multiple approved indications. Besides, it has developed a pipeline of over 20 drugs. This is solely attributed to the fact that Seattle Genetics has partnerships with some of the world’s leading drug manufacturers. Just to mention a few, some of these manufacturers include Genentech and Pfizer.

Additional Information

Clay Siegall’s excellence in leadership has manifested in his roles in growing Seattle Genetics. From a humble beginning of a boutique research firm coupled with various power players that featured in research, Clay Siegall has now turned the company into one that has a bright future. Of course, this is reflected in the ever-expanding sequence of drugs primarily in the ever-transitioning industry. But most importantly, Clay Siegall has established an impressive drug portfolio that has attracted various partnerships to the company. Consequently, Seattle Genetics is now strategically positioned to conquer the 21st-century industry of drug development.


Dr. Siegall’s journey to Seattle Genetics dates to when a family member was suffering. The patient was devastated by the roughness induced by chemotherapy. Watching the patient suffer in pain, he made up his mind to somewhat, end the suffering of most patients by developing a facility that would create efficacy in finding treatment and therapies. Until now, he holds onto the opinion that the right treatment for cancer entails targeted therapies as systemic chemotherapies are non-effective.

Learning How to Be Resilient With Talkspace

There is one trait that is very helpful for people to function. This trait is called resilience. One of the reason it is important to be resilient is that there are moments in time where one can go through something unpleasant or even traumatic. One of the most important things for people to do is make sure that they are able to recover from it so that they can move forward with their lives and take care of everything that they are responsible for. However, not everyone is equal when it comes to recovering from adversity or anything that can cause harm physically or emotionally.

Fortunately, Talkspace has laid out methods and steps one can take in order to build resilience. People who take these steps will see how effective they are. One thing that can help them overcome is if they are knowledgeable about trauma and other issues that can cause them physical, emotional or other forms of harm. Another thing that helps them is that they are not alone in what they are going through. Therefore, it can help them to reach out to others that are going through something similar. They can learn from others and improve their own lives.

One of the most important things for people to have towards themselves is compassion. It is common for people to want to beat themselves up for even the smallest mistakes. When something bad happens to them, one of the things they will experience is shame. Fortunately, Talkspace has the right techniques for people to process these feelings. One of the most important steps to processing these feelings is allowing the experience of such feelings. To try to repress or run from those feelings will bring about worse consequences somewhere later down the line. Therefore, allowing the experience of these feelings is important for healing.

The Reasons behind Proficiency of Rodrigo Terpins in Rally Competition

Rodrigo Terpins is a respected person who has demonstrated a lot of skills in rally competition. He has emulated his father who was good in basketball. Jack Terpins, his father, received many awards while active on the basketball team. Rodrigo has also ventured into various businesses, but he enjoys rally competition more than the business. He participated in various rally competitions in Brazil.

Rodrigo Terpins has cultivated his talent in rally competition for many years. He has won numerous awards from the competition. He has followed the footsteps of his father. jack Terpins retired from basketball and invested in real estate business. His sons Michael and Rodrigo Terpins replaced him in the sport industry. They have participated in Sertões Rally categories competitions and won several awards. His father has contributed a lot towards the success of Brazilian Cross Country Rally which he established with his brother.

Rodrigo Terpins was motivated to venture into rally competition by his family members. The passion that he had forced the family to support him in achieving his dreams. The members of Sertões Rally have celebrated him for his achievements in rally competition. MEM Motorsports have also praised him for the passion in the competition. His skills and experience in rally driving have contributed to his success in competition. His proficiency has propelled him in his career.

Rodrigo Terpins was raised in a family that enjoyed sporting activities. The environment inspired him to venture into rally competition. He was also supported in his endeavor to achieve his dreams. Rodrigo is currently working for the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. He serves alongside his brother, Michael, who is also talented in rally competition. The two brother have exemplary reward awards from the competitions. Check out agenciaoglobo to see more.

Rodrigo Terpins has attracted a lot funs due to his competence in rally competition. He performed successfully in the competition that was organized by Bull Sertoes Rally Team. He completed 2600 kilometers in the race. Rodrigo will be considered as a legend in rally competition due to what he has achieved in the race. He has been emulated by many sportsmen due to his passion and commitment to excellence in his endeavor.

OSI Industries Excels In Food Services

OSI Industries; Food Services

The leaders in the food industry have long since been responsible for putting a nutritional meal on the table of millions of families. Based in Aurora, Illinois and established in 1992, the OSI Industries has several years of experience in the food network. They were one of the few food facility plants willing to comply with the tough rules diet by the FDA and international laws without sanctions and fees. They have been able to lead the industry with over 55 facilities in 16 countries. Learn more about the OSI Industries Ltd., food group online.

Secures Acquires Tyson Foods

Tyson foods is a very popular household name for many food and frozen food products. OSI is only willing to partner with the best and they were able to make a successful bid for the Chicago plant estimated to be worth millions. OSI was able to purchase the Chicago plant and save the jobs of hundreds of dislocated workers. They have been able to include them among their successful businesses in the United States. The Asia food market has also been among their successful businesses. Partner with the OSI Industries food group today.

Recent News About OSI Industries

Their CEO and professional business partner, David McDonald, has allowed thousands of people to sustain their families by creating over 3,000 jobs worldwide. McDonald was able to receive the Global Visionary Award for his career initiative. Their stockholders back their efforts with over $65.4 billion in assets. McDonald understood the need to help the impoverished communities they serve. He is invested in the improvement of the socio-economic status worldwide. Get the details on their most recent acquisitions including one with Flagship Europe and Baho Foods in the Dutch food market. They currently process hot dogs, meat patties, frozen poultry, dessert, pie, sandwich fillings, and a signature line of organic vegetables.

You can also find a unique job opportunity with the OSI food group by visiting their web portal to learn how to apply. Join the OSI Industries food group and feed your family and customers a safe diet.

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This Halloween I’m Going Pumpkin Chunkin With A Trabuco

Halloween is the season for pumpkins. This is the time of the year that pumpkins are being sold everywhere. People love to carve them up to make jack-o-lanterns, to use them for fall decorations and they like throwing pumpkins just to watch them splatter on the ground. The latter activity is my favorite reason for liking pumpkins. I love to go pumpkin chunkin in the fall. I love to see large pumpkins fly through the air and then splatter from a trabuco.

Trabucos are strange weapons by modern standards. However, they were powerful weapons back in the day. Many kingdoms in Europe used them to fight against their enemies according to The trabuco in those days was used to destroy things and hurt people. Now, these mighty sling weapons are used for pumpkin chunkin contests and I love it very much.


While I am not a part of the World Punkin Chunkin Association I do view the events whenever I get the chance. I also know a couple of guys who have some DIY trabucos that they built from scratch. We assemble these bad boys out in large fields throughout the fall season and then hurl pumpkins for hours without end.

It is so much fun to watch the pumpkins rise high into the air and splatter like an explosion all over the ground. We also hurl pumpkins to see who can get the longest distance. I tried to beat my pals but they are little more experienced than I am. The larger the pumpkin the better the splatter. We try to find really big pumpkins.

People have been known to grow pumpkins in the 100 pounds range according to However, these pumpkins are small in comparison to the large 2-ton variety. Normally, those pumpkins are grown for competitions. Still, the large sized pumpkins are a blast to burst. Next Halloween, my friends and me will be planning a pumpkin chunking event for the locals. That way they can see how to really have some fun with pumpkins.

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