Building a career the Peter Briger way.

When Peter Briger was announced as the new Co- CEO of the fortress investment group in 2017 it marked one of the happiest days of his life. For a man who grew up in finance having begun his career as an entry-level banker at Goldman Sachs and now helping oversee assets worth more than 40 billion dollars, this was a dream come true. Despite him attending the Princeton University and the prestigious Wharton school of business, he would have never predicted this despite him working hard every day to advance his career and accord himself new opportunities every day. The Fortress investment group had tapped him from Goldman Sachs and tasked him with establishing a new department within the group that would cater for the credit side of the business. This was a task Peter Briger was well capable of having come from managing various credit facilities at Goldman Sachs. His greatest challenge, however, at the time was that financially the group was not yet a par with Goldman Sachs and he was thus expected to use fewer financial resources to achieve numbers similar to those he was achieving at Goldman. It did not take long for Peter Briger to put together one of the strongest teams in the entire organization. Today the team is composed of more than five hundred employees and is responsible for overseeing investments in more than fifteen different locations. Peter Briger has been able to transfer the skills he learned at Goldman Sachs over his 15-year career to Fortress and see them work at every level. His passion for supporting entrepreneurs has been another important factor in his life. This commitment was reflected when he accepted to become one of the three pioneering contributors to the Princeton Alumni fund. The fund is today responsible for financing a number of successful young entrepreneurs to the tune of one hundred thousand plus mentorship from other successful entrepreneurs. He is still a very committed Alumni of Princeton and continues to encourage others who went through the school to contribute towards the actualization of the Princeton entrepreneur’s dream which hopes to make it the country’s hub of high achieving entrepreneurs. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Whitney Wolfe Herd Treats Dating App Differently on Twice Attempt with App Development

Whitney Wolfe Herd is getting a lot of recognition for all that she is done in the business world. She has created an app that is giving many people opportunities to find more business-oriented people that they can network with. It is also the app that is creating more opportunities for college-educated women to establish relationships with men that have the same education level.

When Whitney Wolfe Herd was working to create Tinder there may have never been any type of thought process as to whether the app would be geared to Target professional singles. It was just an app that was created for singles that wanted to meet other singles within their same geographic location.

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For her second go-round with app development Whitney Wolfe Herd had a different perspective. She wanted to create an app by environment that was going to be much more intriguing for people that were looking for people with professional positions. It is not exclusive to college-educated men and women, but the audience for Bumble is typically much more mature than the audience for Tinder.

A lot of this has to go with the way that Bumble has been branded. It does not have the same audience that Whitney Wolfe Herd was connecting to during her college days because she is no longer in college. She did a lot of advertising for this Tinder app when she was younger. She is still under the age of 30, but now she has a different audience of women that have graduated from college. They have different goals and a variety of different needs. Some of them seem to make friends in different cities now that they are no longer bonded with college roommates and classmates. Others are seeking business partners now that they have put the books in classroom material aside and ventured into the workforce.

Some might say that Whitney Wolf Herd created a dating app that could also serve as a friendship and business networking app. It is a single application that ties up so many loose ends for the millennials that are multitasking with apps. Billion-Dollar Bumble: How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built America’s Fastest-Growing Dating App

How Sheldon Lavin’s Strategic Leadership Skills Have Aided the Global expansion of OSI Group

There are thousands of upcoming entrepreneurs who hope that the product they have in their pipeline will be the one that revolutionizes the market. It is unfortunate that the dreams of a large percentage of them fail to get actualized not because their products are harmful, but because they lack the managerial skills to navigate the world of entrepreneurship. Sheldon Lavin the CEO of OSI Group, offers some wisdom about business leadership.

Sheldon Lavin had very humble beginnings. He worked his way up to a position where he comfortably manages large-scale money operations which enable companies around the globe to sustain complex supply chains. The factors that Sheldon puts into considerations when tracking variables which affect these food chains are the shortage of resources, consumer-specific preferences, and changes in technology. He capitalizes on these factors because they are hard to quantify financially. Sheldon Lavin confides that the reason he is so keen on these factors is the fact that many other companies consider them finicky details, yet they always end up changing the bottom line.

OSI Group started in 1955 as Otto and Sons. At the time, the founder was setting up a simple meat processing plants to serve the needs of his locale. In 1973, they opened a unique plant dedicated to processing products for McDonald’s. Later on, Sheldon, who was a financial advisor to the company joined the two brothers and became a partner. He helped steer the company to heights of even greater success. In the following decade, they expanded their operations into India, the Philippines, Germany, and Australia. Currently, the company is working on mergers and acquisitions that will see it establish a presence on all five continents.

All this wouldn’t have been possible without Sheldon Lavin and his transformation leadership. At the age of 85, he does not plan to stop shaping the future of the country any time soon. Lavin is committed to environmental sustainability in all the operations of the company. When he is not working, Lavin donates to local charities, colleges, and Jewish organizations. Sheldon is a leader with a difference.

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Roseann Bennett: A Therapist You Need To Know

With the recent high-profile suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, Mental Health has been thrust into the national spotlight, and rightfully so. Long neglected in favor of other more concrete forms of medical care, Mental Health and the mental wellbeing of the population at large is finally get the respect and attention it deserves. Read more Why Self-Care Is An Important Part Of Any Business Strategy


Focusing on topics ranging from depression, to marital conflict, Roseann Bennett, a Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist from New Jersey is a Therapist that you need to know. With over 10 years in practice, Roseann Bennett is dedicated to helping individuals from all walks of life heal. The Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Center of Assessment and Treatment, Roseann Bennett is responsible for the day to day operations of this New Jersey based treatment center and is particularly focused on areas ranging from intern supervision to effective treatment of childhood and adulthood trauma.


Along with her partner, Dr. Todd Bennett, Roseann Bennett is on a mission to ensure that regardless of financial circumstances, individuals can receive the care and treatment they need and deserve for their Mental Health needs. With both an M.A. and E.D.S. degree from Seton Hall University, Roseann Bennett is a well-trained professional with experience in multiple treatment modalities. See This Article for additional information.


Since becoming a working mother, Roseann Bennett has taken a particular interest in helping similar working mothers balance the demands of motherhood, being a partner/spouse, and a career. Not one to overlook technologies increasing influence in our society, Roseann Bennett has recently become a go to expert on the various issues that can arise through using telemedicine for therapeutic purposes. Roseann Bennett is a versatile therapist and a therapist that you need to know.




ClassDojo Protects Your Info

Today, classrooms are looking for ways to change how they work and do business. It’s not always easy to come up with different strategies to make sure that students are working hard and parents are coming together the right way. ClassDojo is the newest app that is changing how classrooms organize their classes. With their technology, they bridge the gap between school and their children. Today, teachers work together with the students capturing their work via pictures, videos, and messages, and they can then relay that onto the parent through the app. Now, parents don’t have to wait such a long time to find out how their children are doing in the classroom. It’s incredible to see how the students over the years are responding to this kind of classroom change.

Many people, however, have been looking in to see how they are setup with personal private information and how well the app does to help secure this info. What’s been recently shared by the ClassDojo creators and app developers is that indeed they are doing everything they can in their power to work together and ensure that information of every student and parent is protected. The truth is that this information is very private and something most people don’t want to have leaked to hackers and other random strangers. The creators of the app have worked tirelessly to make sure their servers are secure. They promise to never sell or give away any information of anybody who uses the app.

The nice aspect about this app is that it does not ask for any information that is sensitive to their existence. Things like their gender, social security number, address, email, or even their student ID information are not at all asked to be able to use this app. There are also no third party collaborators involved either, so Facebook and other social media apps don’t relate at all to ClassDojo, making this app as secure as possible. They strive to work together so that you don’t ever have to worry about trying too hard to protect anything you share on the app.

William Saito and his expertise with computers

William Saito was ten years old when offered an internship computer programming position. That was the start of his computer career and his adventures for creating new technology along the way. He grew up in Walnut, California and had always loved to find out how things worked, which explains why he took his first computer apart and then put it back together.


Others started to also believe in William’s skills and during his high school years he was offered a paying position with Merrill Lynch. He would help the company sort through mathematical models, which involved their stocks.


As his desire and career for computers grew, so did his mind for business. During college William had several interest including creating his own newspaper that provided news of college life and other topics. It was during this time he created his company called I/O Software, which among other things, involved finger recognition.


In 1997 William Saito was recognized and received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his work with the finger recognition software. Then in 1998 he was recognized again with Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.


Later on in his exceptional career William convinced Sony that they needed his software for their own security purposes. With Sony’s agreement, he started installing finger recognition as part of their security system. This later became the stepping stone for the Biometric Software that is used by companies today. Microsoft became interested in I/O Software when William was in his thirties and he made the decision to sell the company.


William Saito is not only considered an expert in building software for others, but he is also an expert in cyber security. He understands the operations of a computer and how companies can benefit from the use of them. The businessman is watched by his peers, due to his insight in the future and the use of computers.

Kamil Idris: An Author and Professor of International Law

According to Professor Kamil Idris, the World Intellectual Property Day was started about eight years ago. He says that the popularity of the World Intellectual Property Day has been increasing day by day. Most importantly, many organizations, as well as governments, are joining WIPO.

Some people may wonder why so much energy is spent on the intellectual property. Others will want to know how patents, copyrights, trademarks, and industrial designs relate to global warming. Well, the answer is simple. The intellectual property rights support the success of new technologies developed to solve some of the global problems.

During the Intellectual property day, people celebrate the power of human being’s creativity and intellectual property rights that play an important role when it comes to fueling the force of cultural, economic as well as social development. Professor Idris says that technology has played an important role in promoting sporting events.

The World Intellectual Property Day is usually celebrated in the remembrance of artists and inventors who have improved the quality of life through their innovative thoughts as well as creative vision. During this day, people emphasize that innovative ideas are actually e artists’ intellectual property rights, which are acquired through their individual as well as collective talents and require our respect, our admiration, as well as our protection.

About Kamil Idris

Kamil Idris, a Sudanese statesman, worked at WIPO (Intellectual Property Organization) from 1997 to 2008. Professor Idris teaches International Law as well as Intellectual property law. He holds an important position at United Nations International Law Commission. In 2010, he was one of the presidential candidates in his home country, Sudan.

Kamil Idris was born in 1954. He attended Khartoum University where he earned a degree in Law. He then went to Cairo University, Egypt where he got a degree in Economics, Political Science, and Philosophy. He also attended Ohio University, the United States where he acquired his master’s degree in International Law. He holds a Ph.D. from University of Geneva, Switzerland. Professor Idris holds several honorary degrees in Law from more than 19 universities. He has written several books specifically on intellectual property, economic growth as well as a personal memoir.

The Vegan Beauty Brand Lime Crime

Vegan makeup are beauty products that do not contain any animal ingredients and are manufactured and created in a completely cruelty free and humane manner. How do you find out if your makeup is Vegan and cruelty free? This is easier than you might expect. Beauty products that are Vegan and cruelty free have symbols on the label to allow people to easily know whether the beauty products they are interested in purchasing meet the customer’s requirements. The Vegan symbol on beauty products is the same as the Vegan symbol on food products. It should be an upper case “V”. A human and animal cruelty free beauty product should have a rabbit on the label. One beauty brand that is both cruelty free and Vegan is the LimeCrime beauty brand.

After perusing the bright colors sold by the LimeCrime company, it may be surprising that the company uses only Vegan ingredients in all of the cosmetics. Many Vegan ingredient beauty products have underwhelming color results. The makeup chemists who work for the brand managed to craft highly pigmented makeup products in the lab.

The Vegan makeup products that are available from the business includes lip colors, eyeshadows, hair color, and face highlighter. The makeup company is primarily known for their Vegan Unicorn Lipstick and Velvetines liquid to matte lip colors. They sell nearly every color under the sun from their lip color selections. Every season the company manages to create some new and unique colors to sell. The eye makeup colors that the brand sells are made up of bright pastel hues, smoky effects, and neutral tones for more subdued makeup.

Vegan and cruelty free focused consumers can find LimeCrime products online and at select retailers. This might be the right brand for you if you like Vegan and high colored makeup. Check out the website and the cosmetics brand’s social media pages for more information.

Michael Burwell Is The Relentlessly Positive New Chief Financial Officer Of Wilson Tower Watson

Michael Burwell is the Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson, and he believes that one of the best things that people can do to in life is to listen intently to others. He works his hardest at being present, in the moment, when he is communicating with people and feels this is the best way to truly get to know someone. When someone in his company has what could be the next great idea, he works to ensure that it gets looked at so it doesn’t simply vanish without ever of having the chance to see the light of day.


Michael Burwell has always worked with companies to get more from less, and he is a believer of technology and how it can help people to become more productive. Coming from this place, he always shares apps with others that he has found useful in his life, and he also tries to find out what apps they use to help them out. When it comes to finding success, Michael Burwell believes that being relentless and positive are two important traits that always help.


During the month of August in 2017, Willis Towers Watson made an announcement that Michael Burwell would be taking over its Chief Financial Officer. With more than three decades of experience in the financial services industry, he took over for the former Chief Financial Officer of the company, Roger Millay, who voluntarily retired. Burwell has served the companies he has worked for over the years in different roles, and many of them have been financial roles where he has taken up a leadership position. Burwell also has worked as an auditor as well as a transaction services advisor who has worked with valuation and pre-merger due diligence.


Michael Burwell studied at Michigan State University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration. He is also a certified public accountant and was given the title of Alumnus of the year in 2010 by Michigan State University. He worked with Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. (PwC) for many years and served the company as a business advisor. In the late 1990’s, he took over in a leadership role for the company’s central U.S. transaction business, and he became its Chief Financial Officer in 2009 as well its Chief Operating Officer in the United States. Before his current role as Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson, he served as the Vice Chairman Global and U.S. Transformation for PwC. Visit This Page to learn more.





Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Go In Depth About The Chainsmokers

In The summer of 2016, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of the group the Chainsmokers, sat down for an interview with Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview Magazine. The interview covered all sorts of topics, from how the duo started working with each other to what it was like working with Halsey on “Closer.”

Pall, half of the duo, noted that he was a DJ growing up. For him, it was a hobby, and the hobby became a “little career” as he went DJing around New York City. He stated that eventually, dance music began to take over his life; and when his manager introduced him to his current colleague, Andrew Taggart, he explained that things really started to take off.

During the course of the interview, Taggart and Pall were asked if they thought being a DJ duo and being in the electronic genre made it tougher to create a strong identity as artists. Taggart had a mixed reaction to the question, saying that regardless of the genre, there’s always a plethora of artists competing to make music that stands out. However, he also explained that the duo broke through the pattern of formatting themselves, and instead began creating songs that weren’t just typical dance music.

Rosenzweig found it quite different that the Chainsmokers actually sang their own songs, especially songs that were about their actual lives. Pall’s attitude towards this was pretty much a feeling of “Well, why not?” He goes on to mention how most of these artists don’t actually write the lyrics to their songs, and that even if the Chainsmokers sometimes work with songwriters, they will constantly be working alongside them.

Towards the latter end of the interview, Rosenzweig had to know what it was like for the duo to work with Halsey on “Closer.” In his answer, Pall simply stated, “She’s incredible,” and among other kind words, noted how she’s the type of artist that the duo enjoys working with.